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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

Is our military being allowed to defend us, as they say they can and will?

(Sep. 18, 2012) — Okay, now, this is how it was. First of all, my generation was raised with the knowledge that, in their immediate neighborhood, every kid knew what every male adult did during World War II. We grew up on John Wayne and Audie Murphy, throw in a little Hop-a-Long and Flash Gordon, and you got the cast for a Saturday afternoon Guadalcanal reenactment at the empty corner lot. This was “Before the Age of Girls.”  This was a boy’s “Rite of Passage.”  It didn’t make any difference what side you found yourself on.  There was only one thing you had to be concerned about, and that was, under no possible circumstances, were you to be taken by surprise, or to be taken prisoner.  You watched your buddy’s six, and you trusted him to watch yours.

Fast-forward a little over ten years, and you can’t even to begin to imagine the thrill of standing guard duty, REAL guard duty, with an M1 carbine rifle for the first time. Now I know just about all the rest of the guys didn’t particularly cotton to guard duty, but not this boy, oh, no.  To me, guard duty was a challenge that I excelled in:  no way was someone going to get the drop on me.

My guard duties required the aforementioned M1, or else it was a Colt .45 M1911. Even though I was issued ammo, at some locations around the world I was not required to have a clip in, and at no time, ever, was I to have the clip in, a round chambered with the safety “ON,” which I always did. I  can hear it now:  I was breaking the rules, not following orders. What are you going to do, Court-Martial me? No, I ALWAYS stood my guard duty with a full clip, round chambered with the safety “ON.”  That was my rule, and it should have been the rule of everyone and the heck with the “Powers that Be,” the Admirals and Generals, and everyone in the Pentagon. I was the one out there, it was MY responsibility, and I did it the way it SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE.

Listen: I wasn’t the only one, as I recently discovered during a reunion a few years ago. All I know is that I was stroked, ready as I could ever be, when I stood guard duty. I could tell you stories, but you wouldn’t believe them anyway, so what’s the point? But there is a point, and this is it.

Something happened to our fighting men and women in the last 40-60 years. I remember the reports that the Florida National Guard, after Hurricane Andrew, patrolled the streets without ammo and that the guards on the USS Cole were not issued ammo. Excuse me, but what’s the point of having a weapon if you don’t have any ammo? It’s not a weapon UNLESS it has ammo. People don’t scare as easily as the armchair Admirals and Generals believe.

If I’m an embassy guard, and I see someone attempt to climb the wall, in a heartbeat, I flick the safety “OFF” and, PRESTO! I’m safe, Uncle Sam’s embassy is safe, and I’ve successfully watched everyone’s back because, you know what? The dude on guard is riding point. You heard me; the sentry is the Point Man when the column isn’t moving.  It really is that simple. You’ve an embassy that needs guarding? ALL your sentries are riding point; THAT’S WHY THE ROUND IS CHAMBERED, FULL CLIP, SAFETY “ON.”

Our Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens and three others who were recently murdered were not issued the weapons they needed to protect themselves. I’m sorry, but the Secretary of Defense, Panetta, needs to look after the troops, and he’s failing miserably.

I’m sorry again, but State does NOT TRUMP OUR MILITARY. PERIOD. If we have an embassy somewhere, anywhere, that embassy needs to be protected 110%, and if it’s not feasible, or doable, then I guess we do our embassy services via the internet, or some other way.  At no time, EVER, should one of our fighting people be sacrificed because the de facto president, or Hillary, or Panetta, DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO DO THEIR JOB. We’ve got FOUR DEAD because of complete incompetence at the top.

Guard duty, from Great Lakes to anywhere, FULL CLIP, ROUND-CHAMBERED. SAFETY “ON.”  Got it?  I know what I’m talking about. Been there, done it.





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