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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2012

The U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya was attacked on September 11, 2012 and four employees murdered.

(Sep. 17, 2012) — Well, now that BHO is into his fourth year after inauguration as POTUS, it is pretty clear that he was correct when he said in 2007 as a Senator that “… the day I’m inaugurated, the world will look at us differently….”

Yes, in fact, the world – including the Muslim world and the Western world in general – now views this nation as being a feckless, leaderless country, adrift and rudderless in a sea of growing turmoil.  Obama owns this mess and has no one… repeat, no one… other than himself and his army of amateur yes-men and yes-women to blame.

Worse, what once was a bastion of reason and curbing on the excesses of governmental power and executive abuse of power – a free and independent press – has in large part become under the Obama regime a part of the “forward”-looking dogma advocated by Obama and his apparatchiks: the restriction upon and, instead, curbing of free speech.  Others, of course, are encouraged by the American media’s sycophantic abdication of responsibility to temper the base impulses of a chief executive seeking to “make friends” in the Muslim world at all costs instead of leading the United States as the last best hope for freedom on the planet.

The latest evidence of this takes the form of the disgraceful and disheartening reaction of both the regime’s leaders as well as its compliant marionettes in the mainstream media in connection with the rioting and murder of U.S. diplomats, embassy and consulate aides and security personnel.  U.S. embassies abroad – said land in the foreign country being as much U.S. soil as the foreign lands’ embassy soil in Washington, D.C. is foreign soil – are stormed by enraged protestors, a U.S. ambassador is assassinated, the U.S. flag is torn down and defiled and the black flag of al-Qaeda raised…. and Obama’s reaction: departure for another campaign fundraiser.

Adding insult to injury, he then blames an Internet video posted last June for the rioting instead of his own regime’s failure to articulate a coherent foreign policy or to heed specific prior warnings of the impending, premeditated Islamic “celebration” of the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on America.  Tell me again how this charlatan is going to lead the nation “forward.”  If by “forward” he means in the direction of submission and intellectual servitude dictated to him by the mullahs, imams and ayatollahs of the Muslim world, in turn guided by the “peaceful” precepts of Islam and the Koran, then his plan makes sense.  Un-American sense, of course, but “sense” nonetheless.

Muslim countries and Islamist-leaning governments are now ratcheting up efforts to demand that American journalists and media outlets “toe the line” in making sure that only “favorable” reports relating to Islam are in the future allowed and that unfavorable or unflattering reports are censored and forbidden. Translation: Stop exercising free speech under your Constitution, or 1.5 billion Muslims will be offended and will again resort to bad behavior to get their way.  Really bad behavior.  All over a video lampooning the spiritual affixation of the Islamists?

Mind you, of course, that the exhibition of a crucifix of Jesus Christ in a glass of an “artist’s” urine is worthy of praise by critics and awards funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts as a pinnacle of free expression under the First Amendment.  And yet a video having but tangential relevance to the acts of war now being waged – and, by the way, without meaningful response by the charlatan – is somehow off-limits.

And, speaking again of the double standards being utilized by the press and 1600 Pennsylvania regime these days, where is the criticism by American journalists and rioting in the streets by Islamists over the 2008 film Religulous film by Bill Maher mocking, in addition to religion in general and Christianity in particular, Islam?   Might the double standard be invoked because Maher is a leftist who donated a million smackers to a pro-Obama Super Pac?  Once, the acronym “MSM” was used as a shorthand reference to the mainstream media.  An updated, more accurate acronym now is “MPM”: mainstream propaganda media.   Goebbels would be very proud.

And, speaking of the affinity between the “pacifist” rioters in the Middle East and our “forward-looking” charlatan, did anyone notice the uncanny similarity between the BHO red-white-blue circle logo and one of the pacifists’ symbols on a protest banner in this video clip at the 4:23 – 4:24 mark, courtesy of Townhall.com and Fox News?  What is up with that?

There once was a president in this nation who, when confronted with an act of war by Islamist thugs who had overrun our nation’s embassy in Tehran, Iran under the “leadership” of an utterly feckless and incompetent predecessor chief executive, issued a statement to the world between his election and his inauguration.  The message was simple and easily translated into Arabic, Farsi and other Middle Eastern dialects.  In essence it said: “To the enemies of the United States, I will warn once….”

Instead of warning our enemies at all, the current usurper of the office employs a different strategy: “To the enemies of the United States, I will apologize as many times as you want….”

Yes, the world looks at the United States much differently since Obama was inaugurated…, and not in a positive way.  Obama has become the Enabler-in Chief for those in the world who seek to destroy liberty, freedom and this “shining city on a hill.”

November 6 is now less than 60 days away.  Think carefully on what your vote will mean.



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  1. The world has a very odd view of Obama.

    While many in America are ready to throw him out of the White House,much of Europe seems to still adore their “idea” of him.

    On online poll in the German BILD ZEITUNG (it is a low brow publication with latest scandals, but “fun” to read)has 86% for OBAMA!

    Today a headline that Romney has been “caught” making an embarrassing comment about the electorate.

    A March 2011 article in the High Brow “SPIEGEL” magazine (German) says that Obama’s B/C is LEGIT and that all protests against IT and Obama are based in “racism.”

    There is no OBJECTIVITY either in the “high brow” nor the “low brow” press in Germany.

    It is a shame that a nation which already made ONE HUGE mistake by being monolithic is tending to act like lemmings again.

    Heinrich Heine, a beloved German poet, once wrote “Denk’ ich an Deutschland in der Nacht, dann bin ich um den Schlaf gebracht.” (When I think of Germany in the night, I am woken out of sleep).

    One wonders how GERMANY will react when Israel moves to protect itself with a petulant putative Potus in the White House who openly shows his disdain for Israel, Jerusalem, and Netanyahu.

    Germany’s press is aligning itself again in historically damning ways with a a two bit actor…just like in the 1930s.