The Armchair Patriot and Freedom


by Ron Ewart, ©2012

(Sep. 16, 2012) — “Men fight for liberty with hard knocks.  Their children, brought up easy, let it slip away again, poor fools.  And their grandchildren are once more slaves.”  — D. H. Lawrence, Classical American Literature, 1922

Words never won a war.  Wars are only won by smart generals, a winning strategy, by many boots on the ground and a commitment of time, energy and money by individuals and groups of individuals who strongly believe that the outcome of the war will lead to a better place.  In some cases of war it is necessary to commit your own life so that victory is achieved.

The war to preserve freedom is no different than any other war.  If freedom cannot be won by peaceful means, then if freedom is to be preserved, violent war is the only other viable alternative.  The third choice, which is the preferred choice of those with no backbone or on the government dole, is to capitulate to enslavement.

When freedom is on the line, each individual who believes in freedom must make one of those four choices: do nothing while resting comfortably in his armchair, win freedom peacefully, win freedom by violence, or capitulate to being a slave.  That is the precipice upon which every American who cherishes freedom is now perched.   Without action and involvement, all the rest is empty words, talk, hot air and yes ….. BS.

Thousands of articles and millions of words fill print, airways and cyberspace every day about what we must do to preserve freedom.  Thousands of armchair patriots echo these “words” of freedom while they sit in their comfortable chair and wave a flag, or tune out and change the channel.  But unless millions of undivided Americans decide to commit to preserving freedom by whatever means and at whatever cost, freedom will slowly wither and die an agonizing, writhing death, as enslavement fills the gap left behind.  It’s almost dead now.  History is filled with nations that let freedom drift into slavery by apathy, indifference, or lobbying government for goodies, which government is only too anxious to deliver, in return for a vote, undivided loyalty, or obedient compliance.

For over eight years now we have put out our words of freedom in our weekly articles and in information we insert on our websites.   But that is not all we have done.  We have developed initiatives in which people could involve themselves in an effort to preserve that freedom.  Each time we have floated an initiative to take on our domestic enemy, it is met with deafening silence.  Now that is our fault because we “assumed” that there were people in our reading audience who were truly interested in defending freedom.  We “assumed” that people would get up out of their armchairs and relish the chance to make a difference.  But our assumptions were wrong each time.  Most people have no intention of getting involved, especially if “work” is required.

We hear this lament from other activists who bust their butts in not only getting out the message, but putting untold hours of unpaid time and effort (and money) to actually do something about it, while they are timidly applauded by those who are afraid to lift their heads above the noise level.  This defines the stark dividing line between the hero and the coward.  For this very reason government doesn’t fear us; we still fear them.

Meanwhile, the enemies of freedom (socialists, radical environmentalists, the one-world-order crowd and the government itself) have millions of followers who shower millions of dollars on the enemy, a paid staff from which they can lobby government and emit a constant stream of propaganda, academia that gives birth and importance to their false and flawed ideology and a media that hangs on and propagates the enemy’s every word.  Most freedom groups are starved for money and can barely keep the lights on.  God knows why they even bother when so few care about freedom, or are ignorant of the cost to preserve it.  With a couple of exceptions, our contributions have fallen to virtually zero and the only thing that keeps “the lights on” are the sales from our powerful, legally intimidating No Trespassing signs.

Our attempts to get people interested in becoming a Citizen Investigator for the Open Resistance Defense Council of America (ORDCA) to root out political corruption, fell flat on its face.  It took us several months to develop the ORDCA plan, but not a single individual contacted us in the first 4 days after the launch.    Consequently, all references to ORDCA have been deleted from our websites.  Nevertheless and even suffering under the dilemma of declining resources, we will continue to write hard-hitting articles under the Parallax Prophecies column.

Interestingly, one person did contact us on ORDCA, after we had removed it from the website.  He was noticeably disappointed that we had done so and said this:  “Just got to your article and tried to sign up.  Like a shock from a lightning strike, the website says “canceled for lack of interest”!   Good grief, is that accurate?  Your plan is exactly what is needed. The elite control of our political system will just get worse if people don’t commit some of their time to exposing corruption from all levels.”

Now we can re-start the program if there was sufficient interest, but as it stands right now, ORDCA has been discontinued.  If however, after reading this column, we get a significant e-mail response showing interest in reviewing the details of ORDCA, we will indeed re-start it.  If you are interested, send us an e-mail at with your full name and location and request the archived ORDCA link.

Ladies and gentlemen, America and freedom will not be saved by only voting on election day, like so many flag-waving, armchair patriots believe.   However, there are Americans who know what is at stake and take action when threatened.  Perhaps then it is doubly appropriate, these few days after the 11th Anniversary of 911 that we share the story of the passengers on Flight 93 that went to war with an enemy that not only took away their freedom, but threatened their very lives as well.  Even knowing that they could lose their lives in the process, they charged the cockpit doors and attempted to take over the controls of the airplane from the hijackers.  They failed in that attempt, but as Winston Churchill said:  “….. you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves“, which the passengers of Flight 93 did.  We can only stand in awe of their courage.

It is true that our lives are not threatened by what is happening in America today like the passengers on Flight 93 ….. at least not yet!  However, our freedom is in grave peril.  Will we be sitting in our armchair waving an American flag when armed members of the police state haul us off to jail or concentration camps, or will we get up out of those comfortable armchairs and strike a blow for freedom, even though we may endanger our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor by so doing, as did our Founding Fathers and the ragtag bunch of irregulars that followed them into war?

This isn’t fantasy ladies and gentlemen, it is already happening.  People are being hauled off for trumped up charges and imprisoned or committed to a mental institution, without due process and without warrants.  In Los Angeles County, rural landowners are being hauled off to jail or court at the point of a gun, Gestapo style, if they don’t respond quickly enough to draconian environmental code violation notices.  An Oregon landowner was fined and hauled off to jail for collecting rainwater on his property.  EPA fined a couple over $30,000 per day who were trying to build a home on their vacant city lot in a north Idaho subdivision, because the EPA said their lot was designated a wetland and yet every lot in the subdivision had a home built on it.  Another man was thrown in jail for 150 days and fined $20,000 for cleaning out a ditch on his property that was later designated a wetland ….. after the fact.  As we speak, tens of thousands of Americans are facing the intransigence, arrogance and enforcement of draconian laws at the point of a gun, by an uncaring government that has thrown the Supreme Law of the Land into the trash heap and has descended into the dark shadows of the rule of men.  You just don’t hear about these cases that are happening every day in America, as freedom slips ever deeper and deeper into the black hole of a police state and ultimately fascism.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are only one author writing articles on freedom, liberty, the constitution and pressing issues of the day.  There are thousands of authors doing what we are doing.  However, if we were to go away tomorrow, very few, if any, would morn our absence.  The gap will be filled with more talk and more hot air that will fall on the ears of those who just can’t find the courage to get their hands dirty to preserve freedom.  Well folks, you get what you deserve if you aren’t willing to fight for what is right and what you get is slavery.  Will you fight for freedom before slavery is fully entrenched, when the fight is fairly easy, or will you fight after being enslaved, when the fight may be impossible and the “fight” has all but gone out of you?  The hero charges the enemy without regard to his own safety.  The coward hides in the shadows, turns tail and runs, or sits in the perceived safety of his armchair.  The questions are, 1) will the armchair patriots get out of their armchairs and become heroes and 2) are there enough heroes to preserve freedom and save America from itself?  We may know soon.

Ron Ewart, President


P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027

425 837-5365 or 1 800 682-7848


3 Responses to "The Armchair Patriot and Freedom"

  1. OPOVV   Sunday, September 16, 2012 at 10:15 PM

    Dear Emerald Wish,
    These are indeed perilous times, and not only for Patriots, but for thinking people everywhere. If you’ve been reading my Editorials, then you know that I’ve been warning about Iran surrounding Israel by the takeover of Egypt and every other country that they can lay their grubby hands on. It’s no coincidence that Muslims are in our military.
    The Court Martial of LTC Terry Lakin was the most grievous blow that our Constitution has ever taken. In one round the Constitution received a knockout punch from the Joint Chiefs of Staff by not insuring that proper court procedures were followed: they were not, and the reason given was that it “might be embarrassing for the (de facto) president”.
    Nobody is above the law in the United States, but all of a sudden we have an illegal alien who is using a stolen Social Security number, has shown a fake Birth Certificate, and is clearly, beyond any doubt whatsoever, ineligible to hold the office of president, let alone Dog Catcher in San Diego.
    But Obama can only get away with the crime with the assistance of our fellow citizens who are willing to sell their country down the tubes for money, or else for some misplaced sense of accomplishment by aiding and abetting a felon.
    People like Holder and Napolitano come to mind, but there are thousands of other traitors, down to and including people on your local Election Commission, where they failed to vet Obama in 2008, and are, again, failing to vet him in 2012.
    For some strange reason, Obots seem to take great glee in having Obama as the de facto president, and see Islam as a “religion”. Obots take even greater pleasure in bad mouthing me for my warnings about Sharia Law and the dangers of renewing the charter of the Federal Reserve Bank.
    One would have thought that ALL Americans would have come together in a show of solidarity by now, but Obama is still the de fact president.
    England and Europe are slowly being subjected to Sharia. The facts about Islam are too horrible to ignore, but Americans continue to turn a blind eye to disfigurements and “honor killings”, burning schools where girls are taught. What is happening overseas will happen here, if we let it, and the Republican party hasn’t said ONE WORD about the BIRTH CERTIFICATE, which tells you that Romney isn’t going to do zilch for us.
    We MUST deport each and every Muslim from our military and from our country if we’re to have any chance at all to save our Constitution.
    Thank you for commenting.

  2. Emerald Wish   Sunday, September 16, 2012 at 8:14 PM

    OPOVV, Thank you for your service. I like many many others will be proud to join you and other vets. in taking back our country. I have seen this fraud taking over our country well before he became fraud in chief. As a matter of fact I saw him for the first time when he gave a speech at the DNC for John the treasoner Kerry. We are in deep dodo. I believe that there are Millions of Patriots out here that want something done now……..they just do not know how to go about it. I have always said that it will be the Vet. that stands up and defends this country but, this time the American Patriot will stand shoulder to shoulder and thank God for the skills that you bring with you. I am an American, I am a patriot and I would give my last breath defending my country. I will never be taken hostage, I will never give up the Freedom that I have been entrusted with by those who have fought to give it to me to safe guard. God is my copilot. I can not be defeated.

  3. OPOVV   Sunday, September 16, 2012 at 11:34 AM

    Dear Ron,
    The Americans who weren’t “brain dead” knew something was wrong when the mainstream media didn’t report on Obama’s Birth Certificate issue, his use of multiple aliases and Social Security numbers, and his failure to produce records of any kind. And when candidate John McCain apologized for someone using Osama’s full name, as in Barack HUSSEIN Obama, we knew that the Republican Party and the Democratic Party were, in essence, one political party with two faces.
    And then the lawsuits were filled in various courts throughout the country, challenging Obama’s Constitutional eligibility, only to be thrown out due to either intimidation of the judge or else the judge’s complicity in the cover-up of a Federal crime, where we all learned the new definition of “no standing”: case dismissed on no grounds.
    The last straw was the railroading of LTC Terry Lakin in a military kangaroo court, when the Joint Chiefs of Staff collectively turned their backs on their Oath, the Constitution and their country.
    So the citizens of the United States started to arm themselves and, since Obama Show started on Jan. 20, 2009, guns have been selling at a record rate, for one reason, and one reason only.
    The United States citizens who have remained “brain alive and well, thank you”, know the score. They practice with their weapons and they encourage others to be armed, and they go, proudly, by the name of “Sovereign Citizen”, “Veteran”, and “Patriot”.
    You’d be surprised at how many of us out there who are willing, ARE ANXIOUS, to take our country back. The vast majority of Vietnam Vets are at the upper part of longevity, have been tested in combat (killed and didn’t get killed themselves), have been well trained (Boot Camp back then wasn’t anything like the Summer Camp they run nowadays), know what targets have more value than others, and, here’s the catch, have nothing to lose.
    “Have nothing to lose” is the trump card. To paraphrase Jack London, “Better to live your life as a Lion than a sheep”.

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