Atty. Orly Taitz: Updates on Cases and New Actions


by Sharon Rondeau

Atty. Orly Taitz has filed a new challenge to Barack Hussein Obama’s placement on the ballot in the state of California

(Sep. 12, 2012) — Atty. Orly Taitz has two hearings scheduled for the last week of the month:  one in the state of Mississippi on September 24 and one in Indiana on September 26.

The hearing in Mississippi is scheduled for Monday, September 24 at 9:30 a.m. at the Federal Court Building in Jackson, with U.S. District Judge Henry Wingate presiding.  On the 26th, the Indiana hearing will take place in the Marion County Superior Court building in Indianapolis, with Judge Sherry K. Reid presiding.

Taitz told The Post & Email that Judge Reid granted her motion for a preliminary injunction hearing.  “This is important because this judge has ruled four times in my favor,’ Taitz said.  “She ruled that I can proceed on the three causes of action:  fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and negligence.  She also denied the motions by the assistant attorney general for sanctions against the plaintiffs.  She found there was no reason for that.  She granted me pro hac vice to represent plaintiffs in Indiana and she granted my motion for preliminary injunction,” Taitz explained.  “I provided all of the documents and the evidence and I’m saying that there has to be at least a preliminary injunction to get Obama off the ballot because she did not have any valid documents.”

She continued:

When I filed my second amended complaint, I added four more defendants:  Indiana Deputy Attorney General Jefferson Garn and Asst. Attorney General Kate Shelby, because they had evidence in front of them of Obama committing election fraud and using forged documents.i  They are law enforcement officials and had a duty to act upon it.  Not only did they not act upon it; they did not file any charges against Obama to prevent him from being on the ballot or using forged documents.  They became complicit by defending the Secretary of State and the Elections Commission and by attacking me and other plaintiffs with demands for sanctions.  It is really time for us to start holding the U.S. Attorneys, judges and Attorneys General accountable.

I also included a defendant, a talk show host in Indianapolis, who slandered me.  He said I am a “bigoted birther” and that I’m crazy.  Hopefully this is something that will stop corrupt members of the media from being complicit and defaming people for speaking the truth.  I found another action, as I stated, and I included a number of Secretaries of State as defendants:  of Georgia, New Hampshire, California, and West Virginia.  I would like to do more than that, but I don’t have a staff.

I had a case for election fraud  filed in California in state court.  As more people wanted to pursue this issue, I joined them as additional plaintiffs and additional defendants.  I had to remove the case from the state court to federal court because there was no longer jurisdiction to proceed in the state court.  So I removed the case that I already had for election fraud in California where Obama was a defendant and other candidates for U.S. Senate were defendants and went to federal court.  I added more plaintiffs from West Virginia, Georgia, New Hampshire, and of course California.  I added more defendants, among them, members of the media:  CNN; MSNBC; Chris Mathews; Clear Channel Radio; John Colbert, radio talk show host; a host at the KFIM radio station, and also Forbes Magazine for writing a defamatory article; a writer from The Daily Disc; John Avlon, who wrote a book, Wingnuts, and included me after he came to my office and spent about two hours and I gave him all the information.  These are corrupt members of the media.

CNN showed a microfilm in a story about Obama giving the impression that it belonged to Obama, but when you looked closely, it was evident that it belonged to someone else.

In California, Taitz has filed an eligibility challenge on behalf of Keith Judd, a federal prisoner at the facility in Texarkana, TX, who challenged Obama in the Democrat primary in the state of West Virginia last spring and garnered 41% of the vote.  Additional plaintiffs are Thomas G. MacLeran and Leah Lax, both presidential candidates; David Farrar, a private citizen; and three New Hampshire state legislators.  The First Amended Complaint names Secretaries of State Debra Bowen of California and Natalie E. Tennant of West Virginia as defendants in addition to Barack Hussein Obama “in his capacity as a candidate on the ballot for the US President in 2012 election.”

Taitz told us that California California Elections Code 2150 mandates that a registrant to vote must provide specific information without which his application cannot be filed.  The place of birth must list the state and country of birth.  “This would prevent people from voting in multiple states,” Taitz said.  “We found out that some 756,000 voter registration forms where the applicant did not put the place of origin at all.  Then we found nearly 700,000 registrations where there was no state listed; it was just written ‘USA.’  But if you were born in the U.S., you have to put the state.  We also got an email from an employee of the Los Angeles registrar who said that when people say in their application that they’re registered to vote, they just fill out themselves, ‘USA,’ which is clear falsification of an official record.  They have no right to do that.  I’m a citizen, but I was born in Moldova.  This is important because those areas are there so that we can identify election fraud and weed out people who are filling out bogus voter registrations.  I have already found about 1,500,000 invalid voter registrations where specific information was filled out wrong or was missing.”

The Post & Email asked if those invalid registrations would be removed from the voter rolls, to which she replied, “That’s what I’m asking.”

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