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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2012

Dr. Laurie Roth was a presidential candidate during this campaign cycle but is now urging constitutional conservatives to unite

(Sep. 11, 2012) — There are all kinds of blood, body parts and ruination.  The attacks are just beginning; get used to them.  Pray to God Obama is not re-elected.  This is no time to build an ‘independent’ tower of Babel and feel unique and powerful in your cause.  “Let’s vote for this guy who will get 1% here and 2% there.  Look, there is another great guy running who will get ½ percentage.  He is so nice.”

We are not electing a preacher or saint but someone who will stop the Obama machine of destruction and terror.  We must rebuild our economy, freedoms and influence.  We are  in an F-5 tornado of destruction that must stop.  Romney was never my favorite due to many compromises in his career with gay marriage, health care and abortion.   We know all this…boring already.

I went after Romney hard on my national radio show and articles.  Nevertheless, at this late stage in the election cycle and our country, Romney is the only guy we really have who can compete and win.  Obama must be a little worried since his goons are suing Gallup, demanding polling details.  Other pollsters are becoming intimidated and ticking up Obama.  Obama is approaching this election cycle as a dictator would, not a normal guy.  He needs you to think things are better then they are.  They are not and Obama is not.

Romney is listening to conservatives and showed great wisdom and intelligence to pick Paul Ryan as his very conservative running mate.  He is listening…maybe not who we want him to be…yet…and not the right religion for some. The tale has yet to be told.

Last Monday I was doing my regular radio segment with Sher Zieve and she agreed that Romney was not our favorite but he was the appointed man of the hour who can beat Obama and start the conservative and healing process.  He is the ONLY one who can beat Obama.  We will need to be involved in Government again…guide our leaders with faxes, calls and guts.  We must demand they protect the people, America and our Constitution.  Then,  if Romney and Ryan do not act conservative and loyal enough to the people of America,  we have time to find real conservatives and boot them out.

Romney may not be good for some…I get that, but he is what we have.  I have heard from many of you who are mad at me for dropping out of the Presidential race and not jumping on the Ron Paul bandwagon.  I respect you but boldly disagree with you.  How does it serve America to run for President just to further an Independent party, knowing it is impossible for you to win?  This is no time in our country to sit in your 1% corner and scream until you are hoarse about any issue other than survival.  Get it?

Some injuries heal quickly and others never heal.  America is in the 9/11 intensive care room as we speak and our heartbeat is getting slower and slower.  What will it be…recovery, death, slavery or liberation?

Obama and the progressive Communists who surround him plan slavery for us and total control if he is re-elected.  Obama’s enemies will be targeted with neon and he will attempt in various evil ways to destroy them all.  One of Sher Zieve’s to-the-point quotes:  “Romney might not be our favorite, but he will not kill us.”

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  1. I have a number of concerns about this election.

    If obama believes he will lose, he will possible (likely) do what every dictator does, and simply cancel the elections – right after another false flag attack on U.S. soil.

    If the elections are held, and the election fraud is as extensive as, or worse than, it was in 2008, obama will ‘win’ again.

    Absent those two options, the American people have a choice of electing what they view as the lesser of two evils (a process that history shows us simply breeds more evil) or not voting for either of the two primary candidates.

    Another alternative is for the people to nullify the election by not voting at all. Why should a people participate in the signing of their own death warrant as a country? Both prime candidates are one world government advocates, and even Romney, who has an extremely volatile voting record when it comes to subjects like obamacare, has not identified himself as an eligible candidate. I keep getting whacked on this subject, but I am tired of being lied to and deceived by people in government, and our rule of law is being ignored by both parties and by the candidates.

    This election may be the most important in our history, but there is no clear pathway provided for Americans to choose from. The whole process has been distorted by fraud and deception, and I fear the elites will have their way, regardless of how we vote.

  2. The Lunch Counter has been Closed;
    Expecting a tiger to change its stripes is asking for a bit much, as is to expect ANY of those in Congress to suddenly get a conscience and start to do what’s right over “as long as I get my thirty pieces of silver” is over the top, way over the top.
    Your solution is fine, but it won’t work. You see, the system is broke. I don’t mean money-wise, I mean it just can’t be fixed with the people who you want to fix it. They’re the problem to start with. Every election board in the United States, every Secretary of State, and the list is virtually endless.
    And what about ALL of the courts, judges, policemen, FBI, Secret Service, what, they going to wakeup and say “Oh, today I’ll actually do my job”? Or Homeland Security, will they all of a sudden do their job? No, of course not. The policies that are in place will continue to function as they‘ve been: “politics as usual”, and Romney isn’t the guy for the job, heck, he’s just another “dime a dozen” politician who is, without a doubt, clueless and worthless as far as getting the job done that needs doing.
    Oh, sure, Romney be better than Obama, maybe it buy us a couple of months, tops.
    So dream on if it makes you feel good, as Fran says, you keep on doing the same thing you can’t expect different results. Define the enemy, and Obama is one of them. What, Romney trying not to use the word “Huusein”, as in Barrack HUSSEIN Obama? We wouldn’t want to offend anyone, now would we?

  3. It is not the “Obama Machine of Destruction”, but the “DC Machine of Destruction”. This includes BOTH the Republican and Democrat Party. Allowing an illegal to sit in the White House is not something that should be rewarded by voting for the people/party that does that.

    I am finished voting for the lesser of two evils. It has never resulted in a positive outcome for our country and will not this time. If one keeps doing the same thing they will get the same results.

    What is the soltuion? It is to get the truth about the usurper out there and then bring to justice everyone that has aided him. Tha tincludes everyone in congress and the judicial system.

    Yes, this is a tall order but we must do it. The American Public needs to stop being such wimps and speak up. So what if you are called a “racist”, at least we will have our country back.

  4. America IS in a strange and awesome time.

    As the High Holidays approach, the Days of Awe, one is reminded of the ancient Jewish insistence that YAWEH is “in the field” id est, the Lord is nearer to His people in this period, tangibly and spiritually, than at any time during the year.

    From a symbolic view of 9/11 and terror, one might say that 9/11 was the “FORERUNNER” of what terrorists plan for the USA, ISRAEL, and the WEST.

    Indeed, September 11 is 9/11 on the Gregorian Calendar, but is the 29th of August on the ancient JULIAN calendar used by one half of Christendom, namely Eastern Orthodox churches and some Byzantine Catholics.

    It is on this day that the Church commemorates the ancient Feast of the DECAPITATION of ST JOHN the BAPTIST, “FORERUNNER” of the Lord. It is a day, especially in the small villages of Carpatho-Russia, to go to Confession, receive Absolution, and take Holy Communion. The Sermon always revolves around the EVIL of SATAN in the world which resulted in St. John’s martyrdom, and which will be palpable until the Second Coming.

    Would it not make sense to a mindset still working within the reference of the Era of the Crusades to use the time when the LORD is HERE, “in the field,” to reign terror on Israel and Judeo-Christianity?

    If “9/11” (or 29 August if we use Julian) is the time of the FORERUNNER, then the Days of Awe, the High Holidays, when “the Lord is in the Field,” would be the next and more intense time of attack.

    God protect us, but the Lord does NOTHING without letting His servants the Saints/Servants/Prophets know beforehand. (AMOS 3:7)