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September 10, 2012

Dear Governor Romney:

In a saner world with a far better educated group of younger citizens, saving our country from its now imminent destruction would not have been necessary. In that world far…far away, a US presidential candidate could present the logical and much better alternative to dissolution of our liberties–both economic and in every other feasible aspect–with both calm words and a quiet deportment. These are not those days and this is not that world. This world requires a fighter who can and will overcome the current Chicago Menace.

Our economy is in shambles and the very fabric of our Republic has almost been completely unraveled in a little over 4 years by a committed Marxist Community Organizer who subscribes to the teachings of the openly Luciferian Saul Alinsky and a Congress that was controlled solely by Democrats from 2007-2011. The Obama syndicate–yes, Sir, it IS a criminal enterprise–has already destroyed much of what We-the-People originally fought and many died for during the American Revolutionary War and all subsequent ones. Our fore fathers and mothers established the then-revolutionary documents the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution…both of which honor and acknowledge the individual’s right to live his and her lives in liberty–safe from an all-encompassing government tyranny–and to worship God.

At the recent DNC convention, we heard constant rhetoric from the speakers that would overturn what we fought for in our country’s first and founding war and all other wars since then; wars in which our blood has been shed over and over again for ourselves and others. The new Marxist Democrats had removed God and Jerusalem (aka Israel) from their platform, indicating they are now–truly–a godless Party…godless, except for Lucifer. When God and Jerusalem were “reinstated” protests against it were loud and the final vote to do so went against the bulk of those Democrat delegates shouting from the convention floor.

Sir, you must begin now–today–acknowledging the great jeopardy that we are currently in under the Obama syndicate. You can no longer tread lightly lest you offend the dictator. Yes, he is a dictator and will fully and officially establish that dictatorship if he manages to pull off a second term.

Obama is now almost daily issuing one Executive Order” after another in an attempt to supplant what’s left of the US Constitution with “ObamaLaw.“ A second term of Obama will bring a darkness upon our country and its people that they have never before experienced and will bring about the end of the United States of America.

You MUST, Sir, begin showing us that we are not the only ones who recognize the horrible situation we are in. We are willing to fight but, we need and require a true leader. You must begin to address the real problems with passion and then deliver it to the American people in order to let them know that you are well aware of what’s at stake.

We cannot withstand another John McCain non-campaign any more than we can another 4 years of Obama.

Governor Romney, we are looking for a leader–a leader who is strong and who believes as strongly in our country as do we. Please, if not for yours and you family’s sake, do it for We-the-People and our country’s sake. Otherwise, we will not survive…at all.

Democrats Reinstate ‘God-Given’ And Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital To Party Platform:



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  1. Fraud is the major problem in America right now. Voter fraud is just one of innumerable fraudulent things happening – synonymous with the Democrat Party. Where the Republicans are committing fraud is by way of them not upholding their Oath of Office and not reporting this deranged, rampant Democratic fraud. This crap is not going to solve itself and is rapidly destroying America. What an unmitigated disgrace. Mitt Romney – you had better STAND UP NOW, or you too will be thrown out with the bath water, look at the polls – we have a sick bunch of voters out there. ENOUGH BS…lets correct this situation now; SOMEONE HAS TO LEAD, OR ELSE THIS FRAUD WILL CONSUME US ALL.

  2. The corruption started longer ago than 4yrs. Imagine a relay race if you will. Each runner represents our POTUS and House chipping away then handing off the baton to the next batch of politicians to further destroy the Republic. The few who refused to play the game get taken out, JFK style.

  3. PS: Hey, Mitt, OPOVV here. Me? Naw, I’m not holding my breath, but, then again, I’ve been wrong before and, Man oh Man, would I ever like to be wrong now. But I don’t think so.
    My take on it is that you are the lesser of two evils, I mean, you’re a wimp, face it. You’re not fooling me, but, as I said, I’ve been wrong before.
    Here, I’ll lay it out for you:

    ONE: Do you think you can mention the Birth Certificate issue? Really now, don’t you think that all the candidates should, at the minimum, meet the standards of our Constitution. Maybe you don’t care, maybe you don’t think the Constitution is important anymore, just an “outdated document”, huh? So bring up the Birth Certificate, okay? Be a man.

    TWO: Mention that Obama has numerous aliases and has used numerous Social Security numbers, and that he’s committing a felony RIGHT NOW for using a Social Security number that isn’t his, okay? Do you think that you can call Obama a felon, well, can ya?

    THREE: If you, or I, lied on our Selective Service Registration, we’d be arrested. Obama lied on the one he says is his, so let’s get the bum arrested, how’s that work for you?

    FOUR: I haven’t heard you saying anything abort deporting illegal immigrants, what’s wrong, Mitt, the word “illegal” too complicated for you?

    Five: Mitt, what you going to do, allow Muslims in our military? Allow the Joint Chiefs of Staff to railroad another Patriot like they did LTC Terry Lakin? Are you going to deport the enemy (Muslims), or are you going to lay down and give up America? What, what? You never served in the US military, you were never in combat, and we’re supposed to trust the future of our country to you who hasn’t ONCE mentioned abolishing the Federal Reserve Bank, abolishing Homeland Security and the IRS, or anything that will actually SAVE OUR COUNTRY.

    So, I ask you, Mitt, are you going to continue to go through life AS A WIMP, or are you, for once, GOING TO STAND TALL AND BE COUNTED?
    I Want to Know,