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by Alan Bates, MD, ©2012, blogging at Gulf1

(Sep. 10, 2012) — As predicted,  the DNC resembled a freak show staged by Hollywood liberals and diehard socialists.   It was a liberal’s fantasy,  short on attendees (20000)  and truth and long on dividing America along racial, gender, ethnic and economic lines.  Even the liberal lamestreet media could not ignore the campaign button of hypocrisy worn by some DNC delegates which read:  ‘Once you vote black,  you never go back’ (racist or colorblind?).  Can you imagine the national media charges of racism had such a  button been displayed by RNC  delegates?   The most embarrassing moment had to be the three failed attempts by the mayor of  LA  to restore the mention of GOD and acknowledgement of Jersusalem as capital of Israel to the DNC platform after these items had been removed;  the nays had the vote each time though he pretended the ayes had it on the third round—quite a mudpuddle the DNC stepped into!   The DNC  lineup of speakers had one goal—to hide the reality of Barack Obama’s  lack of qualifications and his failed leadership,  while trying to hard sell America that  the narcissist dictator and his clan should be able to continue their wanton destruction of America  for another four years.  Most Americans including many Democrats this time around don’t buy into the lies, distortions and demagoguery eructated by the Left.   To be sure, if you have enjoyed your sinking home values,  higher fuel and food prices, and had to purchase a welcome mat for your unemployed college graduate back into your home,  you cannot wait for another four years of  Obama.

Obama’s  campaign motto ‘FORWARD’  means a continued march of  his methodical  anti-American ideology  which will  destroy our Constitution and place Fedzilla and its elites in charge of the People.  If elected to a second term,  he will have the opportunity to replace several retiring Supreme Court justices with Leftwing liberals, thus converting the High Court to a Leftwing attack group on our Constitutional rights.  To those of us who know better, FORWARD is really BACKWARD!   I recall the animated clip of a couple of years ago showing thousands of  Obama supporters following each other like lemmings into a deep dark hole, mesmerized by his false promises.  That clip is worth a thousand words.  Americans who have not yet made up their minds for whom to vote in November might as well be brain-dead since they must be blind to the reality of where Obama  and liberal Democrats have led our nation.

Townhall.com just published an article which sums up a few important omissions by the Democratic National Convention:

1.    No mention of controlling the national debt which ticked past $16 TRILLION during the event,  5 TRILLION of which Obama alone added.  An Administration official  has even indicated that Obama has no intention of restoring the national debt to a sustainable level.
2.    No mention that the number of Americans on food stamps climbed to a record 46.7 million this summer, twice as many new recipients as new jobs created.
3.    Obama touted the growth of manufacturing and jobs under his Administration while a Tuesday report noted that the manufacturing sector shrank faster than at any time during the past three years, while the net number of jobs lost since Obama took office is about 4 million with some 368000 Americans dropping out of the labor force in August (four times higher than the paltry number of jobs created).
4.    No mention in Obama’s acceptance speech of his greatest ‘accomplishments’:  Obamacare and the ‘stimulus’ (why not?).

Those who have hijacked the Democrat party have unfortunately built much of their campaign theme  around  race (skin color) in order to create a divide in We the People.   Criticism of  Obama is always construed by the Left as a racial attack.  In their minds blacks cannot be racists or bigots because whites are the majority and therefore only they qualify for the label.  Sadly,  most blacks have put race over their moral convictions.  It is well-known that the majority of blacks don’t approve of abortion and atheism, and most are Christians.  But  most wear black-colored glasses and therefore miss the Left’s  political incongruity with their  beliefs.  They have bought hook, line and sinker the Left’s false mantra that upward economic and social mobility is hindered by race alone.  And competing with “Vote Black” was a button worn proudly by women at the DNC that said “Sluts Vote.”  What has happened to Martin Luther King’s dream?  Obama reflects the ideology of the more radical element of the Democrat Party. That was obvious with the outspoken rhetoric of  DNC delegates with their preoccupation with unbridled abortion,  taxpayer-funded contraception, and their vocal allegiance to atheism.  And still most conservative blacks cannot see the reality that the Left wants to make them subservient to Fedzilla.   Wake up!

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  1. In a way, I’m privileged in having a spy right dead center in the Obama camp. It would be actually an impossibility to have a better spy than the one I have who reports to me, not on their “future destruction of America and her Constitution”, but on the World View mind-set they have on what they believe.
    And they believe that America and her Constitution should be thrown under the bus, it’s that simple.
    They believe that America should have let the Germans win, or maybe the Japanese, no, wait, the Russians. Uncle Joe! They don’t know squat about history, for they are in perpetual “Holocaust Denial”, just as they are about American History.
    Obots firmly believe that there should be no borders between Canada and Mexico, that we should speak Spanish, and that America was built on “Guest Worker” labor.
    My spy is an Obot, a Native born American, and, believe me, there’s no need to “Wake up!” if there’s nothing to “Wake up!” for, this person believes.
    One of “Our Lost Americans”, unsalvageable. And there are millions of them, mindless zombies parroting whatever the mainstream media pounds into their head, day after day: if you are against the de facto usurper president, you are a racist. End of discussion.