“Conservative” Media Blocked from Accessing Democratic National Convention News


by Sharon Rondeau

Current DNC Twitter activity at publication time

(Sep. 4, 2012) — Breitbart has reported that “conservative” talk show hosts and other media have been passed over for interviews with attendees to the Democratic National Convention and that top Democrats are afraid of making “a major mistake.”

John Podesta, White House Counsel to President Bill Clinton, was one of those who would speak only with “liberal” talk show hosts this morning.

In light of this news, The Post & Email is convinced that it was purposely blocked from accessing the registration form on the DNCC website after attempts on both Monday and Tuesday resulted in an endless spinning wheel and lockup both times.  The Post & Email considers itself neither “conservative” nor “liberal,” but rather, a watchdog on government specializing in investigations into government corruption.

A spokesman for the DNC said that the its goal at the Charlotte convention would be “to make it the most open and accessible convention in history.”  It has been reported that MSNBC has “the biggest presence.”

Reporters who attended the convention in Charlotte, NC have reported today that the hotel accommodations they were “assigned” were unclean and featured criminals carrying out business in plain view.  Some were deemed by one journalist to be “unsafe.”

Earlier today, Donald Trump tweeted that “The media can track down @PaulRyan‘s old girlfriend and marathon time but can’t find @BarackObama‘s college applications or other info.”  Trump has emphasized Obama’s unwillingness to release the applications and cited the possibility that Obama might have attended college with the assistance of aid designated only for citizens of foreign countries.

While Obama claims that the Romney campaign is “running against a ‘fictional Barack Obama.'”

Is “Barack Obama” fictional?  What about “@InvisibleObama,” who has said that he will release his “undoctored” birth certificate?  While a team of Obama campaign strategists said that they tweeted the photo of Obama with the caption “This seat’s taken” after Clint Eastwood’s monologue at the RNC with the empty chair, many in the press are reporting that the comment came directly from Obama.

What is Obama’s “vision” for the future of America?

Although it appears that many have been blocked from accessing direct news about the convention via email, the UK Daily Mail, which has a reporter on the ground, has reported that Obama’s Thursday night speech will most likely be relocated to a smaller venue to avoid the “embarrassment” of a low turnout with many empty seats.

The Time Warner arena is where the convention speeches will begin this evening and where Obama could be speaking on Thursday.

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