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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2012

Where is the authentic birth certificate of the man who calls himself “Barack Hussein Obama?”

(Sep. 2, 2012) — The White House has just disclosed one of its heretofore most highly-guarded secrets: the recipes for two White House beers, Honey Ale and Honey Porter.  The ingredient recipes, along with mixing and brewing instructions and an “inside look” video, are posted here.

A cursory examination of the recipe image posted on the White House website by Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse computer forensic image experts confirms that the recipe and instructions are, in fact, genuine and authentic.  Moreover, the experts confirm that the recipe will, in fact, produce the genuine and authentic article: beer.

Stated otherwise, if the posted image of the recipes on the Internet are genuine and authentic, the conclusion is compelled that the beverage produced in the White House kitchen is, in fact, the real thing.  It is equally important to note that what is confirmed to be produced under the recipes is “beer” and not “near beer,” an inferior, watered-down concoction that, while looking and tasting like beer, is not genuine beer.

Accordingly, the White House has set the precedent of posting to the Internet genuine documents confirming the authenticity of the White House commodity being documented (i.e., the Honey Ale and Honey Porter beers).  Thus, it must follow that there can be little remaining legitimate reason or excuse – other than cover-up, of course – for the White House to continue stonewalling and refusing to produce the genuine, original documents purporting to confirm the authenticity and the eligibility to office of the commodity being documented, i.e., Barack Hussein Obama, under the Constitution.  Images of counterfeit documents posted on the White House website prove nothing other than that a felony has been committed by someone.

Any other response from the regime can only confirm what everyone (other than Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Chris Matthews) already knows: the nation is being led, at minimum, by a “near-president” rather than a “president.”  Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution requires a “President,” not a “near-president” masquerading as the genuine article.  Or to put it in the vernacular, “near beer” is not “beer.”

There is a “real beer” TV commercial now airing that ends with the actor, portrayed as being the “most interesting man in the world,” saying “Stay thirsty, my friends.”  There is also a parody of that commercial now circulating on the Internet where Monsieur Obama is portrayed as being “the most arrogant man in the world,” ending with his advice to “Stay ignorant, my friends.”

Well, if staying ignorant is facilitated by becoming inebriated, the White House beer recipes should help further the regime’s increasingly desperate re-election strategy. One is reminded of “The Buffalo Theory” of beer as explained by Cliff to Norm in an episode (unconfirmed) of “Cheers.”

However, as November 6 approaches, there is a better admonition for those in the electorate who care about their nation: “Sober up, my friends.”

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