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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

Have most Americans read the founding document which, along with the Bill of Rights, was written to preserve their freedom?

(Sep. 1, 2012) — The percentage of Americans who actually read a book a week is as miniscule as, well, let me ask the question another way. Out of 300 million people in our country, minus the 60 million illegal immigrants (“Guest Workers.” Right. How about “Guest Thieves,” “Guest Lawbreakers,” people who have no respect for our laws and, therefore, no respect for us), minus another 50 million who are verbally illiterate (“I’s just took a short drove.”), minus all of our sport announcers and previous and current employees of the NBA, minus another 80 million who never finished high school, and we’re left with a little over 100 million, and out of those, 90% are glued to the idiot box for news and, for some weird reason, believe their minds need to be “entertained” in lieu of, say, learning something.  that leaves us with about, roughly, just a miniscule number of us who read a book – any book, fact or fiction – at least one a year.

And speaking of fact or fiction, for ten straight years I read every book on the Times Best Seller List and came to the conclusion, and I’m not making this up, that there’s more truth in the “fiction” books and there’s more fiction in the “fact” books.

Moving along, we’ve established the indisputable fact that most Americans, an extremely high majority, almost all, don’t read, for a number of previously documented reasons: don’t care, can’t read English, too busy, require instant gratification, and if “War and Peace or any story by Franz Kafka were to be submitted for the first time to any of our book publishers today, they’d be rejected. Today, if your book doesn’t read as a movie script, you’re asked to do a rewrite.

World War II, the complete book: Germany and Japan ticked off a few Americans. Ticked-off Americans kicked butt. The End.

But, ask any American, and they’ll have an opinion on something, anything. I’m not saying it’s their opinion, but they’ll have an opinion, and you can bet your bottom dollar it’ll be as if some parrot told them to say “But I didn’t see it on television” or “Are you a Birther?”

Today’s truth isn’t the truth of yesterday. Time marches on; conditions change. The world, instead of being a safer place, has been going in just the opposite direction. The pen is no longer mightier than the sword, simply because most of us swallow the garbage that spews out of the idiot box rather then spend our time more productively. LTC Terry Lakin was stripped of his rank, his pension and thrown in prison for asking to see a government employee’s (de facto Obama) birth certificate, while the mainstream media, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Congress, and everyone else in the military look the other way, bury their heads in the sand, denying the truth: yesterday’s truth gone and forgotten. The road of destruction is paved with the regrets of opportunities lost, chances squandered, honor washed over, integrity overlooked, until all that’s left marching on the road today is but a distant memory of what used to be. The Oath to the Constitution has become a faded memory for our public servants, military included.

So, what is mightier, the pen or stupidity? Only conquered people give up their freedoms. Only vanquished governments steal the civil rights from the citizens, and we end up with rogue government departments which answer not to the Constitution but to the whims of expediency of destruction whose ultimate master is THE BIG LIE, ruled by the Master of All: STUPIDITY. Birth Certificate, anyone?



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  1. THE Problem IS, Perception~WE, as Human Animals born with the faults that befall us all, tend to hang different labels on what is “REALLY THERE”, what we end-up with from the results of our Senses.
    Some cannot perceive or understand Steven Hawkings in his “Rants about God and the Universe”.
    Some are unable to understand Shakespeare’s Hamlet or McBeth and words like: “Where Gotest Thou that Goosed Look?”, or “Dirnum Wood comes unto Dunsanine!?”
    Some cannot perceive that “WE the People” have 535 TRAITOR “People’s Representatives??” or 45 Illegal Czardomships!
    Some cannot/will not accept the 41st. TRAITOR Congress that in 1871 created the Monster~”The Corporation of the United States of America” in the District of Columbia-(CRIMINALS)-as the most significant beginning of the DEMISE of the Constitutional Republic, which Franklin warned: “What You have here is a Republic, IF, you can keep it!” What has replaced it now is the 1871 Illegal, DeFacto, CABAL that is RULING and RUINING America, Destroying our GOD- given “Freedoms, Liberties and Pursuits of Happiness” with Socialism, Communism, Serfdom, and Despotism that is leading U.S. down the Dark Road to TOTAL DESPAIR!!
    “YOU Have but to ASK, and ‘YE SHALL RECEIVE!!”
    Sorry, I Digress, I have written these words many times before, to NO AVAIL!