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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2012

(Aug. 26, 2012) — In 1729, English essayist/satirist Jonathan Swift authored “A Modest Proposal.”  The essay satirically suggested a solution to the “problem” of Irish poverty, hypothetically proposing that the “…impoverished Irish might ease their economic troubles by selling their children as food for rich gentlemen and ladies.”   The essay sought to criticize and satirize Irish policies which had produced profound economic distress in that country. Sound familiar?

Fast-forward 283 years to 2012 in the United States of America.  The artificially skewed unemployment rate here now stands at 8.3%.  Even after “cooking-the-books” by the regime to distort the rate, 8.3% represents a 20% increase from the 6.8% unemployment rate when Obama was elected and up from 7.8% when he was installed in January 2009.  The “real” unemployment rate is close to twice the latest figure if you add back in those who want to work but have just given up looking because of despair and the dismal state of the economy.  Anyone see a trend here?

Moreover, the national debt now stands at nearly sixteen trillion dollars, i.e., $16,000,000,000,000.00.  That figure is up from $10.2 trillion when the tenant now occupying the White House was elected.  It translates to a 64 percentage point increase and a $5.8 trillion Federal Reserve note increase in the nation’s debt.  Oh, yeah… and in only 46 months.  Stated otherwise, since seizing power, the regime in charge has added over $120 billion additional debt per month, payable by your children and grandchildren and their great-grandchildren for as far as the eye can see.

On energy, when Obama was elected, the average price of a gallon of gasoline was $1.61.  Thanks to the poseur’s energy independence-killing policies (e.g., Gulf drilling moratoria and Keystone Pipeline blockades), coupled with bone-headed eco-cronyism (e.g., Solyndra, Fisker and Volt), as of the end of August 2012, the average price of that same gallon of gasoline had jumped to $3.72, an increase of over 230%.

At this point, one is compelled to pose the by-now laughably rhetorical question: “How’s that ‘hope’ and ‘change’ thing workin’ out for ya?”  Ready to move “forward” to four more years of even more toxic economic catastrophes?  Or worse?

But I digress.  While it is clear that there is a broad and extraordinarily fertile field of reasons documenting why Obama has been an abject and categorical failure, there remains one issue which, had it been properly managed prior to his election, could have spared the nation what can only be described as its worst nightmare since the founding of the Republic: a presidency likely usurped by a person constitutionally ineligible – not to mention patently unfit – for the position.

Yes, it is that pesky “eligibility” issue again.  Despite all the efforts of Obama’s party sycophants, his Hollywood comedians and his media sock puppets, the question of his status as a “natural born citizen” remains unresolved.  By posting to the White House website the image of a “document” claimed to be a picture of his original Hawaiian long-form birth certificate, the regime had decreed that the issue is resolved (in his favor, naturally… no pun intended) and that any and all suggestions to the contrary are heretical.  Move along, there… nothing more to see.


Eligibility doubts are heretical only if uttered by the “birthers” and folks like Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Unless you have been living in a cave for the last year, you know that Sheriff Arpaio’s “Cold Case Posse,” aided by expert computer forensic image analysts, has concluded – with a claimed 100% certainty – that the image posted on the White House website in 2011 is a forgery.  Counterfeit.  Fraudulent.  Fake.  And the media yawns.

But when a joking reference is made by the next president of the United States, Mitt Romney, to the issue, the regime machine goes apoplectic and accuses Romney of buying into birther blather, which act should “… give pause to any rational voter across America.”  Or, in Obamaspeak: “If you dare to question the emperor’s eligibility to the office after the posting of the Internet image of what we claim is his original birth certificate, you are irrational.”

And so the debate goes on, Arpaio vs. Obama; Carney vs. Kinsolving; Trump vs. Will, all inexorably and logically leading to the following, updated “Modest Proposal.”

First, since Romney has reopened the eligibility discussion, he should reiterate that his comments were made in jest, a joke poking some fun at a really thin-skinned chief executive.  Obama should remember what President Harry Truman said: “If you can’t stand the heat, get out the original, certified hard copy of your birth certificate.”  Actually, Truman’s advice was a little different, but for purposes of this discussion, it presents a good analogy.

Second, Romney should double down on his joke by actually obtaining a few dozen certified copies of his own original long-form birth certificate and not the short form reproduced here,   When he was flirting with the idea in 2011 of running himself, Donald Trump did that same thing.  Memo to media marionettes: an Internet image or picture of a birth certificate is not a birth certificate.  It proves exactly zero as to constitutional eligibility.  The Romney and Trump Internet posted images are no better than the image of the first “short-form” certification Obama posted in 2009 when claiming it was “the only one available.”

If Romney doubles down, in order to be effective he should make seal-embossed, safety-paper certified copies from the Michigan Department of Community Health available to reporters. He should also waive any confidentiality he might otherwise claim to allow copies of the original microfilm or microfiche records of his birth created in March 1947 to be made as well and similarly sent to document examiners with a request to confirm whether they are genuine or not.

Third, let us then sit back and watch for the reaction from the Obama camp.  Will they also now be willing to disclose and produce seal-embossed, safety-paper certified copies of the document they claim is the same one as posted on the White House website?  Will they waive confidentiality so that the original Hawaiian Department of Health microfilm records of August4, 1961 can be made available?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Do not hold your breath.  The regime will fuss, fume and fulminate…, but disclose?  Get a grip.

Indeed, Sheriff Arpaio himself might do the issue (and the nation) a favor by specifically asking Romney for just such a certified copy of both the long-form original and the microfilm or microfiche record.  After all, there have been certain questions raised as to whether Mitt Romney himself is constitutionally eligible to serve, since his father (George Romney) was born in Mexico. If Mitt Romney’s mother and father were not both U.S. citizens on March 12, 1947, then, like Obama, he too may be ineligible to the presidency.

While that issue goes to still unresolved legal and constitutional questions, if Mitt Romney were to place into Sheriff Arpaio’s possession hard copies of these documents for review and examination, it would be most interesting to see if Obama suddenly “got religion” and instructed his attorneys to get additional certified copies from the Hawaii Department of Health.  After all, was it not Judith Corley, a partner in the Washington, D.C. office of the Perkins Coie law firm who obtained what are claimed to be two certified copies purporting to be the ones from which the April 2011 Internet images were prepared?

Don’t bet the farm, because Romney already appears to be backing off from any such “double down” strategy… too “dicey.” Moreover, the smart money says that if Romney were to actually take that course, the fury of the regime machine and its army of media troopers would be turned loose. Romney would be lampooned, excoriated and caricatured as the King of the Birthers for having the audacity to… to… wait… all Romney will have done is actually remove doubts over his place of birth and eligibility. Priceless: the regime objects to Romney proving his eligibility because it may put renewed pressure on Obama to prove his own.  Only in America.

And if, in fact, any lingering questions remain as to whether Mitt Romney’s father, George Romney – having been born in Mexico – was (or was not) naturalized as a U.S. citizen before March 12, 1947, when Mitt Romney was born, then the issue that has dogged Obama – literally, since his birth, wherever that took place – may yet come to dog Mitt Romney as well.

But guess what.  That is the way it is supposed to be.  Since the Supreme Court has been “evading” the issue and cannot seem to find the backbone to squarely address the question, a different approach is needed. After all, can we really rely any longer on a branch of government willing to metastasize and contort a “penalty” into a “tax” in order to reverse-engineer the federalizing of one-sixth of the nation’s economy?

Neither Mitt Romney nor Barack Hussein Obama nor, for that matter, Donald Trump or anyone else should be “given a pass” on the issue of constitutional eligibility.  Each should be required to prove “natural born citizen” status under the Constitution.

And what’s wrong with that?


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