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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2012

Has the Bill of Rights been superseded by an Obama dictatorship?

(Aug. 24, 2012) — Obama and his goons are making everything back to front and upside down.  Good is bad and bad is good.  If you are Christian and a gun-owning patriot you are mentally ill, dangerous and should be taken away.  This week we heard and followed what felt like the unbelievable in our country, but the stories were true.  Sane people practicing their 1st amendment rights are being identified as ‘risks,’ ‘mentally ill,’ or ‘dangerous and needing treatment.’

Just some of these evolving cases of mental illness and danger

Doug Hagmann, Director of Northeast Intelligence Network and veteran private investigator, exposed how one of his listeners and callers had been literally picked up by cops after a ‘mystery’ friend called in a mental health concern.  This led to Jason Egroff being forcibly whisked away by cops,  probed, questioned, humiliated and searched for 18 hours, then released.  Hagmann found that the alleged friend who turned him in was far different than represented and Jason was not mentally ill or a danger at all.  The only apparent danger and crime Jason committed was exercising his First Amendment rights and daring to share concerns about the government and 9/11.  So what?  Many people have concerns about 9/11 who are not insane.

Another mental health nightmare was experienced by Marine Corps veteran  Brandon J. Raub, 26.  He was also ordered forcibly held for 30 days out of a concern for his Facebook postings.  He said things like “Find and rediscover the ideas of liberty and freedom” and “Those are the ideas that make us great as people.” He also wrote, “Your leaders are planning to merge the United States into a one-world banking system,” “They want to put computer chips in you…these men have evil heats.  They have tricked you into supporting corporate fascism.  We gave them the keys to our country.  We were not vigilant with our republic.”  He also wrote, “I am standing against a great evil.  I will do it all by myself if I have to.”  Thankfully, a judge ordered his release and said his commitment was invalid and there was no basis to hold him.

Cases like this are starting to appear all over.  Doug Hagmann said they are growing.  Patriots, simply daring to confront Obama in print or on air are being set up to be a mental health risk and carried away.  It is classic dictatorial intimidation and strategy.

Enemies must be identified, taken away, reeducated or silenced.  That puts a huge target on the foreheads of any real Christian,  patriot,  Tea Party member or Veteran.  Most citizens with any backbone see that Obama is busy transforming America to a socialist/Marxist regime and trying to establish a dictatorship.  Otherwise, why have over 40 Czars bypassing Congress and answering only to Obama.  Why have a sea of unconstitutional executive orders spelling out martial law controls and takeovers.  Why turn the Secret Service on people who are exercising their right to peacefully assemble in protest against Obama?  Why have 30,000 drones flying over our heads?

Given the forced health care with threat of fines, violation of our Miranda rights with the NDAA, the illegal war in Libya, slaughter of our 1st amendment rights,  shredding of our economy and energy industry, you would have to be extremely mentally ill not to be concerned and a coward not to open your mouth and be heard.

Obama is simply doing what most classic dictators have done when starting to apprehend, threaten and terrorize the people.  He is hiding behind ‘mental illness’ concerns.  That way, he can quiet some and intimidate others into silence while apprehending guns and freedom.

My Ph.D. is in counseling and mental health.  Judging by how Obama works and views Americans, we are all considered mentally ill and expendable.

“This isn’t just any ‘bitter clinger’ writing this, Obama.  It is ‘Dr. Bitter Clinger’ to you.”  I love the Lord,  my Constitution, country, freedom and my family.  I think Obama is a Marxist, Communist Usurper who hates America.  He is a narcissistic, evil man who pretends to be a Christian.  Where is the mental illness, folks?  Join me and my bitter clinger self each day at:  www.therothshow.com

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  1. Thank you, Dr. Roth.

    I, too, believe Obama hates America, and thousands more will understand why he does after viewing “2016:Obama’s America.” I went to see it yesterday. It must have been the feature for The Gray-haired
    Brigade, because they came with their walkers and canes,and was filled to capacity, with a line waiting for the next feature.
    You could have heard a pin drop, it was so quiet during the movie, and at the end everyone stood and applauded!

    We owe Dinesh D’Souza a debt of gratitude for this well made documentary.

    I do not believe the MSM will be able to ignore this one!

    To find a theater near you