Walter Fitzpatrick to Challenge Legitimacy of County Grand Juries in McMinn County on Tuesday


by Sharon Rondeau

Book containing Tennessee Code through 2009. The laws passed in 1984 referred to here and in other articles are designated as “current” through the 2011-2012 legislative session in the online version of Tennessee Code found in Lexis-Nexis.

(Aug. 20, 2012) — On Tuesday, August 21, Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III plans to go to the “McMinn County grand jury” with evidence of corruption within the Tenth Judicial District of Tennessee.

The grand jury is scheduled to convene at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, and Fitzpatrick plans to arrive at 9:00 a.m.  Anyone wishing to bring evidence of criminality to the grand jury for possible examination is encouraged to attend.

Last week, The Chattanooga Times Free Press ran a six-day series on public corruption within the district and specifically mentioned undue influence alleged by two McMinn County grand juries on the part of then-grand jury foreman Joe Riley.

Fitzpatrick had named Riley as “a problem” in April 2010 when he identified public officials who he stated were guilty of treason by operating the grand juries and courts illegally.  Like the former Monroe County grand jury foreman, Gary Pettway, Riley had served multiple consecutive terms in the position, having been appointed by various judges.

Fitzpatrick has been jailed numerous in Monroe County for pointing out government corruption which the Times Free Press has now appeared to confirm.  In exchange for standing up against the same misconduct on which The Times Free Press has now reported, Fitzpatrick has been labeled a “sovereign citizen,” in the same category as criminals who murder policemen and blow up buildings.  The FBI believes that the “movement” is growing.

The Times Free Press did not report on the 1984 laws which ordered the reorganization of the Tennessee criminal courts but were ignored by the judiciary.  “I’m going to the grand jury next Tuesday morning,” Fitzpatrick said.  “Nobody else has given any thought to taking this to a grand jury, which they can do.  The first thing we have to get past is the legality of the country grand jury.  I have a lot to tell them.  If anybody else wants to show up, so much the better. I’m going to give them a copy of the Sovereign Citizen DVD and give them a brief of it, then stand by to answer any questions that anybody might have.  I hope that we have thousands of people who show up with copies of the newspaper under their arms wanting to approach the fake county grand jury to say, ‘We have to take care of this problem, which is not reported in these news articles, and is the fact that our county grand jury is operating illegally.’  That has to be the first order of business:  to notify the people who think they’re on a legitimate grand jury that they’re not.

“The first challenge to this group of people on Tuesday will be to determine whether or not they’re operating lawfully.  Then we have a tremendous amount of information that is allied to this six-day set of articles that appeared in the Chattanooga Times Free Press and was reported in other papers by the AP in the Post-Athenian.  “We have information to bring to a grand jury.  Are you the grand jury to which we can bring it?  No. What are we going to do about that?”  The first order of business is to demonstrate to these people that they are not a legally-recognized assembly as a grand jury.  They’re operating unlawfully, and I’m going to go in and tell them that.  And them I’m going to say, ‘Once you get squared away, I’m prepared to come back and tell you the rest of the story.’  It’s going to be a brief appearance.  I’m going to have this information in my hand and say, ‘These articles are out there.’  We’ve challenged the integrity and lawfulness of these grand juries, and I’m going to tell them, ‘You’re not legal.’ And if they continue to go on after that, we’ll just have a field day: ‘McMinn County Grand Jury Refuses to Acknowledge its Own State Law.'”

Trial juries convened by counties continue to convict people, and “McMinn County Criminal Court Judge Amy Reedy” continues to preside over county criminal courts in the Tenth Judicial District.

Fitzpatrick said that because of “the government,” including prosecutors, clerks and judges, cases have been blocked from being presented to a legitimate district grand jury as ordered by the legislature in 1984. “They never did that, so where do they find their authority?” Fitzpatrick asked.  He continued:

They have a copy of the Tennessee Code Annotated in the courthouse, I’m sure.  I will bring a copy of the volume and say, “If you do not agree with me, here it is from the law book which is in the law book someplace in this building.  It’s in the green book, Vol. #4.  I’m going to give you a copy of the page.  If you want to confirm it for yourself, check me out.”  That’s where we talk about the district grand juries.  You’re calling yourself the “county grand jury.”  It’s a large set of books.  And I will say to them, “If you don’t agree with me, show me in any of these green books where it says anything about the legitimacy or lawfulness of a county grand jury.”  Invite the press to this thing; I’ll be happy to talk to anyone there, and I’ll give them the same challenge.  “Here’s the green book published in 2009,” the same copy that you got.  “This is where it says that you shall have a ‘district grand jury.’  Are you guys a district grand jury?  This is the law.”  And if anybody comes back with any kind of a challenge, I’ll say, “OK, you go get the green book where your position can be found.”

Fitzpatrick said that the prosecutors “have been lying to these people all along,” referring to their interaction with grand jury and trial jury members who believed they were acting lawfully, not knowing about the 1984 laws. “If you want to send a shock into the community, have 1,000 people at the courthouse on Tuesday.”

Fitzpatrick said that he will notify the McMinn County Sheriff’s Department that he plans to go to the courthouse tomorrow.  “This is exactly how things were on April 20, 2010, except that people already knew I had to be at the courthouse that day.  I went there, but I didn’t invite anybody else to go. ‘If you show up, great.’ Same thing now.  We’ll see if we have the same thing repeat itself in McMinn County as we saw on April 20, 2010 in Madisonville.  I told Tonya Williamson of the Chattanooga Times Free Press that I’m going to be there on Tuesday morning.  I told a local radio station, ‘You can put this out as a public service announcement if you choose,’ but he just giggled and said, “Good, good!”


Editor’s Note:  “When governments fear the people, there is liberty.  When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; Thomas Jefferson, one of the first “sovereign citizen” of the United States of America.

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  1. meyerlm   Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at 11:09 AM

    ROGER, THAT, Message received, LOUD ‘n CLEAR!!

  2. gigclick   Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at 7:01 AM

    You asked to test the integrity, loyalty to duty and Constitutiton, ability and intelligence of a seasoned Naval Academy Graduate and Officer. What purpose will this serve for the ignorant and stupid, for the people that wonder what it’s like to be a Veteran that have never really done anything in their life to give to society or nation, only to take? What other queer punishments will you attempt in your quest to cover the truth and inetgrity of the LAW? The written LAW is the LAW, whether Military or Civilian. If you BREAK the LAW, you have violated the LAW. Though these “public trustees” are serving themselves, it is amazing how stupidity and ignorance blinds fools and the greedy. Read the Old Testament AND The New Testament, it’s FILLED with the stories AND fate of the same types of people because they are STILL doing the same things, only now we have cell phones-and STILL can’t get it right! Did these public trustee’s actually THINK they could get away with all these flagrant violations of Federal, State and County Laws without discovery AND continue the violations for 28 years?? Look at the “crew” we have running Washington?! Walt tried to legally serve ALL government offices, the press/media AND was TOTALLY IGNORED to protect what, an illegal POTUS AND all it’s criminal associates? It has allowed the biggest money heist in American history and crony pocket lining success but why? At the sacrifice and loss of the country? We have taken stupidity to new levels and heights, just watching the news every day certifies that new inventors are working 24/7 at stupid. Monroe County has reached high levels and unfortunately it’s time for mom and dad to teach some lessons to stupid. It’s scary to see “adults” with minds of a child, thinking they can steal and do what they want if mom and dad don’t see. Awful strange how that seems to carry over into adolescence where the body grows but the mind doesn’t quite make it, yet these “people” keep on doing what they’re doing just like little kids that don’t get it. Kind of reminds you of people like Obama/Soetoro/Shabazz, Hillary and just criminal Democrats and their criminal associates, a new cult of corruption. It is time to teach some lessons, obviously they didn’t get them from GOD so they will have to get them from other people that have paid the price to know the difference between right AND wrong. The LAW was written for all the people but thinking you are “entitled” doesn’t mean you can break the law or be above it whether you work in it or not. There are many “public trustee’s” sitting in jails as we speak that never seemed to have learned that. Hopefully there will be MANY more of these “public trustees” going to jail very soon IF the Constitutional Nullification rules are removed that were replaced by Hillary and other Democrat Operatives to continue Obama’s usurpation. Maybe we will see the “law” returned to honest judicial “trustee’s” that will follow their “sworn” duty and carry out their jobs for what they are “paid” to do AND prosecute the “internal departmental corruption” that is now endemic at all levels. “Carry On” LCDR and know that Navy Veterans are standing by and with you. “Flank speed, load all ordinance, battle stations, this is not a drill!” As Veterans, we were also sworn to uphold the written law. People that are working in it and getting a paycheck had better remember that. Not only do we expect justice, release of Walt and Darren from all wrong charges but we want LEGAL action against ALL the “trustee’s” that have carried out the extension of illegal POTUS obfuscation! DONE YET, HOW ABOUT NOW!

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