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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2012

Dr. Laurie Roth hosts a radio show from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. PT Monday through Friday

(Aug. 17, 2012) — I have been serving you and the country on national radio for over 12 years.  This has been a 3 hour a day appointment with Americans.  Thank you for listening and for your support all these years. I have been honored to represent the issues and fight for what is truthful and right no matter what.  In 2008 I broke the story of the link with William Ayers of the Weather Underground and his dealings with Obama.  Because of this, I was nominated for the Ronald Reagan Award in 2010 by CPAC — the largest conservative conference in the country.

When my life and show were nearly destroyed in August 2005 – due to my near fatal motorcycle accident — I fought, prayed and worked my way back to you and my radio show.  This meant building back from financial ruin and rebuilding it from scratch.  I have never fought so hard in my life to make a comeback.

My vision is to take my national radio show to the top 5 and make a real difference, representing American issues and concerns in my entertaining and ‘Annie Oakley of the Airwaves’ style.   I refuse to be manipulated by political and monetary agendas.  I am a classic conservative.  I love freedom my/our country not because I care what any politician or ‘important person’ thinks but, because the United States of America has –for over 200 years—been the bastion of freedom and liberty for and to the entire world.

Now, my biggest challenge—if I am to continue my national radio show–is financial.  I currently do not receive enough contributions, donations or advertising revenue to pay my hard costs and show bills each month.   Without your bold help this month, August 2012, I cannot continue. 

If you think it is important for my show and message to continue to be broadcast to the USA and the world please go immediately to  www.therothshow.com  and click on my paypal button.  Give generously and tell your friends to do the same.   You can also give by making a check out to:  The Roth Show  LLC   Mail to:  Laurie Roth P.O. Box 787 Philomath, Or 97370

Other than needed donations I am also looking for new advertisers to pay show bills and continue.  If you have a product or service, you would like to promote email me at drljroth@aol.com.   My growing audience will get you a great response and build your business.  This will also help keep me on the air.

Below is the real cost for me to stay on the air and grow.  Someone reading this and listening could write a check for $100.  Someone else could give a donation each month for $50 or $100.  If a few of you gave $2500 or $5,000 that would catapult me forward and allow me time to grow stations and markets.  That means stability, which I do not currently have..

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