In Obama’s America, Those Who Report Government Corruption are Now “Sovereign Citizens”


by Sharon Rondeau

The state of Tennessee has ignored the civil and constitutional rights of its citizens for at least 60 years

(Aug. 16, 2012) — On Tuesday, Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III attempted most of the day to reach someone in management at The Chattanooga Times Free Press regarding its publication of a six-part series on public corruption within the Tenth Judicial District of Tennessee and its claim that “no one else” would report on it.

Fitzpatrick has been reporting systemic corruption in the district since 2009, after he attempted to have a treason complaint against Barack Hussein Obama reviewed by the county grand jury.  In May of this year, Fitzpatrick discovered that county grand juries had been outlawed in Tennessee by the legislature in 1984.

On Sunday, The Post & Email had contacted Managing Editor Alison Gerber in response to the editorial she had released making the above claim, but we received no response.  Fitzpatrick and The Post & Email have been reaching out to Judy Walton and others at the newspaper for more than two years about the corruption within the grand juries, trial juries, the judiciary, law enforcement, and the “Sovereign Citizen” campaign which some of their reports might have helped to fuel.

We have also contacted employees at the Knoxville News Sentinel about the government corruption in eastern Tennessee, including prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, court clerks, and court reporters violating state laws.  We have informed them and the Times Free Press about the “Sovereign Citizen” training program without a response.  The News Sentinel is reporting on the Jim Miller murder trial.

On Wednesday, Fitzpatrick tried to reach Mr. Walter E. Hussman, Jr., chairman and publisher of The Chattanooga Times Free Press; or Mr. Jason Taylor, President and General Manager.  After remaining on hold for about 45 minutes, he finally was able to reach Tonya Williamson, Executive Assistant to Mr. Taylor. Fitzpatrick said he recorded the entire 55-minute conversation.  When she asked Fitzpatrick what he wanted her to “do with the information,” he told her, “This information is for your newspaper to use as you decide.”

The Post & Email received no attribution for our research, and while in 2010, The Chattanooga Times Free Press had represented that Fitzpatrick and Darren Huff were what the government later characterized in a training program as “sovereign citizens” without interviewing them, the corruption Fitzpatrick was reporting has now been affirmed by the very same newspaper.  “Where were they when I was getting locked up over and over?” Fitzpatrick asked.

Fitzpatrick reported to the TBI, represented as the lead agency in the murder investigation of Jim Miller, that three men were paid to commit the murder by members of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.  Jessica Kennedy Powers has been charged with the crime and jailed for the last two years.  A report in the Advocate & Democrat said that Powers has given conflicting statements about her role, if any, in the murder.  Powers issued a confession but then retracted it, naming Boonie Stokes and Brandon Steele, two of the same three men named by Fitzpatrick more than a year ago, as the killers.  Powers is the only person charged in the crime, although media reports indicate that most people do not believe she “acted alone.”

“You and I have been talking about Boonie Stokes and Brandon Steele and Ronnie Hilton for well over a year,” Fitzpatrick said.  “I’ve never been questioned, and other people who should have been questioned were never questioned.  And Darren Huff was standing up against the corruption in Monroe County.  In the meantime, police officials, while they were ignoring us, then turned against us, and working under Obama’s Justice Department in a program funded by Obama to condemn us as “sovereign citizens.”  It has now been confirmed that you and I, over a year ago, had very important, actionable intelligence in the investigation of Jim Miller’s murder that should have been pursued, and it was not.  This comes back to the question about the information that we were prepared to provide to The Chattanooga Times Free Press.”

Although Fitzpatrick was in the Monroe County jail at the same time as Jessica Kennedy Powers during the early winter of 2011, Fitzpatrick said he never discussed the case with Powers, having met her only briefly in passing in the jail at one point.  When The Post & Email asked Fitzpatrick where he obtained the information about Stokes and Steele, he said, “From ten different directions.”

Kennedy Powers’ trial began on Tuesday and is expected to take this week and possibly go into next week.

Fitzpatrick continued:

At that point in time that we put those names out publicly, we could have discussed this with Pam Sohn or Judy Walton or with anybody else at the Chattanooga Times Free Press to tell them that we had the information, and no one is asking us any questions about it.  Moreover, we had the information about the bloody clothing that was found on Saturday afternoon, the 17th of July 2010.  To my knowledge, Ms. XXXXXX has never been questioned by anybody.  There has been no response or report of that information and turned in to the Sweetwater Police and then ignored.  And all the time, we have been saying that we have our theory of the case that Mr. Miller was murdered because of the information he had regarding the corruption in Monroe County which has now, again, been completely vindicated and confirmed.  They’ve only touched the surface here.

Jim Miller had access to that kind of information.  We believe that he was motivated by the arrest of Gary Pettway back on the first of April.  Both you and I have received death threats in this thing.  At no time was there ever any serious investigation into any of this.  What I’m saying to you is that Mr. Obama has a hand in keeping information that was actionable a year ago buried. 

I’m the guy who brought the treason complaint against Mr. Obama, and then I’m the guy in the community who finds out about Mr. Pettway.  Then I’m the guy who then discovers information about the murder of Jim Miller as it is connected to the corruption in Monroe County, and at this point, we started seeing the counter-offensive against you and me in reporting on the corruption.  The counter-offensive brought against Mr. Miller was that they shot him dead.  You and I have been threatened just as these witnesses are being threatened in this day in the courtroom.  [Editor’s Note:  An Associated Press report circulated as far as away as Florida stated that a man was arrested for allegedly threatening witnesses in the Jessica Kennedy Powers trial now ongoing.]  All of these threats are out there.  The government is working aggressively and frantically to block any reports coming out in public about who was behind the murder of Jim Miller.  More than that, the government is motivated to silence you and me and anybody else who has information about the corruption in Monroe County or Mr. Obama’s treason because Mr. Obama has committed treason.

So we are being counter-attacked in an offensive to maintain our silence, just as these witnesses were being threatened.

It’s all hanging together.  You and I brought this information to the fore; we have been threatened.  We’ve reported the death threats against us over the years, and nobody has acted against those.  Nobody has acted on any of the information that we’ve brought forth.  Instead of acting on any of the information, they’ve tried to destroy you, and they’ve tried to destroy me, and they’ve tried to destroy Darren, and anybody else.  And the information that we have to bring forward includes the treason complaint against Mr. Obama, the murder of Jim Miller, and corruption in Monroe County, TN.  We have a lot here to talk about, and we are being counter-attacked by the government and the press working with them as evidenced by TIME Magazine on September 30, 2010.

[Editor’s Note:  The Post & Email reported a death threat against Fitzpatrick on August 14, 2012, and again today, with no response.]

I know this much:  I know that we had information about Jim Miller’s murder.  We have information about Obama. We have information about the wide corruption in the Tenth Judicial District, and we have information about the corruption throughout the state of Tennessee which takes the state to its knees because it’s been violating its own laws for at least 28 years.  If they can stop you or stop me or Darren and destroy, condemn and marginalize us because of the counter-attacks that they’ve been making against us, then all of this actionable intelligence goes away…”The accusers are nut cases.  They’re white supremacists; they’re domestic terrorists…They’re bad people.”  Jim Stutts pointed to you and me and others like us and said, “These people are really dangerous” and that we were trying to take the law into our own hands.  I told the FBI over a year ago that Jim Stutts had no business prosecuting this case; he’s too close to it; but he’s prosecuting Jessica Kennedy Powers today.  We have put this out far and wide.  The reason we are being treated the way we are being treated is that all of the information that we have come to command is that it is actionable and it is dead on target.

That’s why the article by Michael Thomasson yesterday is so important.  The names “Boonie Stokes” and “Brandon Steele” are not new names.  We had that over a year ago.  The FBI never came to us; we went to them.  And instead of reacting to the information we were bringing to them about the murder, they started looking at you and me as domestic terrorists, which is why both you and I have had encounters with the FBI’s Regional Terrorist Task Force:  you in Connecticut, and me here in Tennessee.

The Terrorist Task Force came to you to recover those documents which prover that Judge Amy Armstrong Reedy committed a felony offense in plain view, and the Terrorist Task force here in Tennessee is making us out to be terrorists.  Anybody who is coming forward with information that is now proven to be credible, cogent, compelling…if it had been acted upon in the day, would have resulted in a much different outcome than we are seeing today.  They’ve been trying to kill us in a professional way, or character way, or physical way…that’s what all these threats are about.

We’ll see how this trial unfolds.   I do believe that Jessica Kennedy Powers was involved, if only because she knew about it, through her meth-head boyfriend, Brandon Steele.  We talked about Brandon Steele and Kennedy Powers a year ago.  Boyfriend-girlfriend…whatever their relationship, it was also a drug co-dependency relationship.  But nobody talked to us about that.  Instead, they’re looking at you and me as if we’re domestic terrorists.

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  1. meyerlm   Thursday, August 16, 2012 at 4:26 PM

    “I am, NOW, always have BEEN, and will FOREVER BE, a SOVEREIGN CITIZEN of The United States of America!!”
    I do NOT recognize the 41st. TRAITOR CONGRESS and their creation of the ABOMINATION called “The U.S. CORP.” The 1871 Illegal, DeFacto, “District of Criminals-(Columbia)-” Corporate Government that STRIPPED the Citizens of the Republic of their GOD-GIVEN “SOVEREIGN CITIZEN” status and made U.S. into “Corporate Straw-Men”, Forever INDEBTED to this CABAL that is RUINING and RULING America, and has been doing so for 140+ years.
    I have, in previous comments, expounded-(in my Humble Opinion, for what ever it is worth)-the DIS-Honorable virtues and actions of the “Corporation of the United States of America” and it’s Crimes against the Constitution, the People and the Republic and “For That for Which SHE STOOD”, I will not do so, further, suffice to say this: “The Proof IS in the Pudding!”
    The Misunderstanding, Ignorance and UN-willingness of the Citizens will prove to be the DEMISE of the Republic, the “Freedoms, Liberties and Pursuits of Happiness”, guaranteed to us by the “Founding Fathers” when they created “This Nation, Under GOD” for our Prosperity, and REPLACED by the SERFDOM, SERVITUDE and SORROW of Communism, Socialism and Despotism as “WE the People”, become:
    “‘DA United SOCIALIST STATES ov AmeriKa!”

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