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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2012

Will it be Obama/Biden…

(Aug. 15, 2012) — Multi-dimensional lies against Romney in ads run by the Obama team are coming back to bite him.  How many ways can you lie about someone?  Romney caused cancer, he ruined a family and the cancer victim had no health insurance.  The real facts regarding Obama’s attack-cancer ad are everywhere now. Romney hadn’t been at Bain Capital for years when the female developed cancer. She also had health insurance.  Romney must look like a miserable Satan who hates people, families and apparently loves physical suffering.  Lies, lies and more lies.

Thankfully, Romney and now his VP Paul Ryan are standing up tall and speaking their minds with passion and courage on the issues.  They must stay focused,  Constitutional and conservative in their discussions and positioning.  Americans do not want or need ’50 yard line;’ we need real God-inspired vision and leadership.  Been there, done that with McCain…and we lost.  Our country must be liberated from a dangerous anti-American tyrant who is systematically transitioning America into an international, Marxist dictatorship.

We have 2½ months before the most critical election this country will ever face.  The battle for power will get ugly, even frightening.  The Black Panthers are making bold noise about their plans for whites now.  It wasn’t enough that they were brandishing billy clubs and convicted of threatening voters at precincts with Holder looking the other way.  Now, threatening to beat people with clubs is not enough.  Now their rants are going to the next level.  Commentator Sher Zieve forwarded me some of their inspired rants she found on www.visiontoamerica.com.  In Tampa, Florida, one Black Panther member was blaming all violence going on in the city on the GOP.  She said, “Feet Will Be on Your Mother f****** Necks.”  Another enlightened soul, Carl Oblesby, the president of the radical, leftist Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), stated:  “Revolutions do not take place in velvet boxes…Nuns will be raped and bureaucrats will be disemboweled.”

The head of the Black Panthers, the KKK of the black world, espousing murder and violence to whites, has said:  “We must murder white babies and skin white people.”  He has urged his KKK–Panthers to build inner-city militaries and is telling them to storm into the nurseries and murder the white babies,  then slaughter whites on the street.  Now, imagine the voting climate, threats and violence coming at our voting precincts in November!

If buy-offs, lies and disinformation campaigns cannot manipulate your vote to the fascist in the White House, threats of violence and murder will…so Obama and his progressives hope.  EVERYONE must vote this November and any freedom-loving person, liberal or conservative,  black, white or Hispanic, MUST vote for freedom  and Constitutional values again or our country is over.  If Obama is re-elected, re-education camps will start collecting folks, forced work brigades will start in,  forced and rationed health care will destroy the best health care in the world and freedom of speech will be a thing of the past.

There is no liberal, conservative, or political party reflecting what is real right now.  There is only American and Constitutional slaughter happening.  We are seeing the eradication of our Judeo/Christian history, morals and way of life.  Obama and his goons expect our revolt and revolution coming in the next few years inspired by their actions against us.  This was confirmed by Doug Hagmann’s DHS informant.  They are getting ready for the battle, ordering massive rounds of ammunition, doing military drills in cities all over America and inviting foreign military to join them.  They are planning for our re-education,  control or demise.  Do you get it yet?

or Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan in November?

When you vote in November, go with someone else and have cell phone cameras ready to document any threatening and illegal activity.  Be armed in some way if you can and be a person of courage.  We will win.

This is no time to stay home and not vote.  This is no time to ride the wave of an independent cause.  THIS IS THE TIME TO WIN, THROW OBAMA OUT AND SAVE AMERICA.  Romney is not my favorite, either, yet he made the right decision and picked a boldly conservative and Christian running mate with Paul Ryan.  Their growing passion and message is right for America this time.  We must win.  Join me each day as we talk the issues:  www.therothshow.com

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  1. The thought for today… Obama’s bogus ad depicting Ryan pushing Granny over a cliff; well the truth really is, Obama will soon have us all over that cliff when the USA starts breaking down like Greece is. We are now out of money http://www.usdebtclock.org/ when we should be having a balanced budget. Politicians who don’t keep a balanced budget should be incarcerated.