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from Chelene Nightingale, former candidate for California Governor

(Aug. 11, 2012) — The We The People March On Sacramento against government corruption will hit the streets of California’s capitol city on August 29 to deliver pink slips to state officials accused of not representing The People.

Organizers of the We The People March On Sacramento say they are fed up with unconstitutional bills being signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, the erosion of their rights and individual liberties, and big government intrusion into their lives.

The message of the We The People March On Sacramento aimed at a number of California state officials is — “YOU ARE FIRED.”

Thousands of Californians have reportedly committed to marching in California’s capitol city on Wednesday, August 29 from 1pm to 2pm.

Numerous signs and banners have been made with messages like, “Don’t Tread On Me,” “Final Warning,” “We The People” and “You Are Fired.”

The We The People March On Sacramento will begin in front of the Crocker Museum at 216 O Street, then progress north on 3rd Street to Capitol Mall and the Capitol Building.

After the march concludes at the California State Capitol, speakers will be featured on the north steps at 1315 10th Street, from 2pm to 4pm.

The speakers will include state lawmakers, political candidates, book authors, a radio talk show host, a filmmaker, a political commentator, and former candidate for California Governor Chelene Nightingale, who will serve as emcee of the event.

Nightingale had some things to say about the motivation behind the large public event at the state capitol.

“The time for Californians sitting around waiting for things to get better is over.  Our liberties are being stripped from us, one after another.  Jerry Brown is about to sign a flood of unconstitutional bills into law next month, so Californians need to rise up and loudly object.”

“California is not the Soviet Union nor communist China but, evidently, there are those who would like to see our state turn into an oppressive tyranny, where big government takes everything the people work for.  Like it was said in the movie Network, we are mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore.  We are in the middle of a statewide emergency.”

“When I was running for governor of this state two years ago, things were pretty bad.  Now they’re ten times worse, and it doesn’t look like things will get better without direct action from the citizenry.  I am rallying the troops like never before because this is our last chance.  We must take a stand in Sacramento.”

“We The People cannot afford not to take action now.  Silence equals consent, so we must scream.  This march is a protest all Californians must attend.  Our children will suffer if We The People do not take back our free republic immediately.  Invite your neighbors, put on your marching boots, and let’s hit the streets.”

Featured speakers following the We The People March On Sacramento will include:

  • Chelene Nightingale – Former candidate for Governor of California and Constitutional activist
  • Tim Donnelly – California State Assemblyman
  • Brian Jones – California State Assemblyman
  • John Dennis – 2012 candidate for Congress running against Nancy Pelosi
  • G. Richard Arnold – Political commentator and former candidate for Congress
  • Marcus Ruiz Evans – Author of California’s Next Century and policy activist
  • Alicia Lutz-Rolow – Author of The Plane Truth and political activist
  • Jerry Pearce – Radio talk show host and political commentator
  • Anthony Hilder – Documentary filmmaker, actor and journalist

Chelene Nightingale and organizers of the event encourage all Californians who are concerned about their civil rights to participate in the We The People March On Sacramento, regardless of political philosophy or party affiliation.

(Plus New Facebook Page to Promote Event – Please Join: http://www.facebook.com/WeThePeopleCalifornia?ref=hl)




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  1. I pray that gazillions of people show up to support this event !!! Heaven willing,they will. Had I not moved to Texas last year, I would have been delighted to join in. Best Wishes !