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by Sharon Rondeau

LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III (Ret.) has been the target of retaliation on the part of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department and Tenth Judicial District prosecutors’ office since he began exposing deep-rooted corruption more than three years ago. Fitzpatrick perceives the oath he took to support and defend the U.S. Constitution as a lifelong commitment.

(Aug. 10. 2012) — A Facebook page initiated following the beating, tasering and arrest of LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III in October 2010 has been reactivated and updated.  In the near future, a Paypal feature will be established to transfer donations to the Justice Fund established by Michael Lermen, Trustee.

Fitzpatrick has been kept in solitary confinement by the Monroe County, TN Sheriff’s Department in “horrendous” conditions; had his personal belongings and cash stolen by known perpetrators who have not been prosecuted by the Sweetwater Police Department; and is now being prosecuted for allegedly “tampering with government records” after the documents in question were willingly returned via law enforcement channels last February.

In mid-May, Fitzpatrick discovered that laws passed by the Tennessee General Assembly ordering the reorganization of the trial courts were never observed, bringing into question the results of 28 years of grand jury indictments, trials and convictions for an unknown number of defendants now incarcerated in county jails and state penitentiaries.  The Tennessee Supreme Court has recently been contacted but remained silent on the issue.  Prosecutors and judges have denied the existence or meaning of the statutes, which were never repealed or amended.

State representatives and senators have also remained in denial even after the laws are presented to them either electronically or in hard copy.

A law passed in 2008 stated that no juror could serve two consecutive terms, but jurors have been selected to “repeat” terms in Monroe County in 2009, 2010, and for 28 years while Gary Pettway was installed as the acting foreman.  It was later found that no appointing order or evidence of swearing-in was on file at the Monroe County courthouse for Pettway.

As with Pettway, other Tennessee counties have appointed the same grand jury foreman for decades, compromising the objectivity and purpose of the grand jury, which is to stand between the citizenry and an overzealous government as outlined in the Fifth Amendment.

Tennessee has been identified by some reports as one of the most corrupt states in the nation, if not the most corrupt.

Fitzpatrick is also confident, and has been privately told by a person in a position to know, that he was correct in his assertions about who the perpetrators of Mr. Jim Miller were.  Jessica Kennedy Powers will stand trial beginning on Monday, August 13, after having been jailed for two years, but both the community and Fitzpatrick are certain she did not commit the crime.

Of the possible legal actions Fitzpatrick might take against Monroe County, racketeering, conspiracy, conspiracy to commit fraud, false imprisonment, civil rights violations, defamation, slander, burglary, and charges of negligence against the Sweetwater Police Department have been discussed.

Please check back for a breaking announcement about the Walter Fitzpatrick case in the near future.

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  1. Let’s get the train rolling! It’ about time these “public trustees” are investigated and prosecuted IF the law system still exists. Tennesse seems to have deteriorated to a “make it up as you go” kind a thing? If you work in the system, you can just make up your own laws, at least that’s what it looks like has been going on to everyone except those involved with the criminal activity. It’s time that the disgraceful and pitiful actions that were taken against Walt, Lakin, Wood and others will be legally settled in a fail court and that justice will be carried out. Walt is the first one to have served and tried to bring notice to wrong doing and criminal activity to all government offices about the usurper and was totally ignored by the system, by the way, which they are very “professional” at doing. If they spent as much energy doing something or getting involved with the problems we wouldn’t have the trainwreck that we have now. GO NAVY! FLANK SPEED Walt and prepare to fire all rounds! Standing by to stand by! Lets’ clean out the scum!