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by Sharon Rondeau

What does Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens know about the murder of Jim Miller?

(Aug. 6, 2012) — On May 11, 2011, The Post & Email published a report written by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III identifying several men who he claimed were involved in the murder of Monroe County Republican Election Commissioner and businessman Jim Miller on July 17, 2010.

The crime remains unsolved, although Jessica Kennedy Powers is scheduled to be tried for it beginning on Monday, August 13, after having been jailed for almost two years continuously.  According to laws passed in 1984, county criminal courts should not exist, but Powers’ trial is scheduled to be heard in the “Monroe County Criminal Court.”

Fitzpatrick had learned the identities of the alleged perpetrators while incarcerated in the Monroe County, TN jail between October 27 and December 30, 2010.

Fitzpatrick has spoken with a reporter from a major newspaper in the area and told The Post & Email that the reporter predicted that “something big is about to happen” in regard to the Miller case.

A former member of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, Kenny Hope, had been questioned and released in regard to the crime.  It is possible that Miller had known about a crime in which Hope might have been involved.

Fitzpatrick has theorized that Miller was about to come forward about corruption in Monroe County.  Several months before, Fitzpatrick had attempted to perform a citizen’s arrest on the acting grand jury foreman, Gary Pettway, who had held the position for 28 years, and Fitzpatrick believes that Miller might therefore have been emboldened to reveal what he knew.  “For some reason, Miller was motivated to come forward at that moment in July 2010 and in the days leading up to the re-election bid of Sheriff Bill Bivens,” Fitzpatrick said.  “The citizen’s arrest was a spark; it was the discarded match into the very dry tinder which began the fire.”

Fitzpatrick stated that since the April 1, 2010 citizen’s arrest, he observed that “there had been attempts made to stop people from looking into the corruption in Monroe County.”

Outlining a timeline of events in Monroe County, Fitzpatrick said:

  • There was my arrest on the 1st of April, 2010, as you know.  I was held for a period of five days and I was released on bail.
  • There was Angela Davis’s rigged grand jury on June 3, 2010, and they handed down four misdemeanors, and then the grand jury, which wasn’t properly seated, added the two felony charges.
  • I was arrested again on June 8, falsely imprisoned, and released that night on bail.
  • Sometime after that, there was Carl Swensson’s arrest and he was held for a few hours; people who were with him bailed him out.
  • There was the intended arrest of others in the group that met on the 1st of April for Mr. Pettway’s citizen’s arrest, but they were never arrested because they never came into Tennessee state
  • There was the 20 April 2010 sting operation in Madisonville, which was a state and federal cooperation. They were trying to make that look as if a group of militiamen headed by CDR Fitzpatrick was trying to “take over” the courthouse.  That was the day that Darren Huff was pulled over on a felony stop just off of Interstate 75, and there’s video of that.
  • Ten days after that, there was Darren Huff’s arrest.  Then there were FBI agents in the field, asking questions of everyone who went to the event on the 20th.  So there was state and federal cooperation.
  • On June 28, there was the arraignment, where I went in in uniform, and Carroll Lee Ross, sitting next to Martha Cook, became a “tag team,” a flame-thrower team which scorched me and assaulted me verbally.  That was the day that Ross said, “Don’t come back to this courthouse; you can’t file documents; you can’t review documents…” Those were his orders from the bench, his gag order, which was completely unlawful.  That was his attempt to get me to stop looking into what was going on in Madisonville and Monroe County and the Tenth Judicial District.
  • On the 17th of July 2010, there was the murder of Jim Miller.  He was inspired by this other activity to move against local government.  That’s why he was murdered in this gangland mob hit.  It was a mob hit; we all know that.  Then reports started coming out after that that Ricky Hilton, Boonie Wallace Stokes and Brandon Steele were involved in it.  They were paid a large sum of money.  It was a government hit.  Names started coming out:  Michael Morgan, Sheriff Bivens.  Motives started to be constructed as to why the government would take out Jim Miller.  We kept information quiet for a while for s specific reason, but information was coming from several sources, giving us more and more information which was consistent with the information we already had.   Rick Crawley asked me to contact the Loudon County Sheriff’s Department and gave me names of officials there, and I touched base with them.  Jim Miller had worked as an auxiliary sheriff in Loudon County.  Crawley asked me to touch base with Becky Gamble of the U.S. Marshals’ Service because he trusted her and he wanted her sitting in on an interview that he was prepared to give to the FBI.  No one took the interview; no one approached Rick Crawley.  And no one approached me to give them an avenue to Rick Crawley.  So we waited for some kind of a serious investigation to come about, and it never did.  So at some point Rick Crawley said, “OK, I can’t use this for a plea deal, so it’s OK for you to give out the information which I asked you to hold close until I gave you permission to release it.”  So we released it, and we put out names.  I remember the threats that both you and I got after that…”Fitzpatrick’s going to be killed,” “You’re going to be killed…”  We put the information out there, and it was never challenged in any way at all.  We waited for investigators to come to my door, to your door, or Rick Crawley’s door, or anybody else looking for a serious investigation, and there was nothing.  Then we learned at some point about the blue dumpster behind the Marathon gas station, which is on Highway 11, right in my back yard. XXXX with her female companion reported the bloody coveralls, and there was no investigation about that.  I was there that night.  This was on July 17, the same day that Jim Miller was found dead.  The clothing was turned over on the same day that Mr. Miller was found dead, but there was no investigation of the gas station at all.  So all signs pointed to a government hit, and what you saw instead was no government investigation of anybody who was bringing this information to the fore.
  • There was a failure to investigate Jim Miller’s case.  So we know that as we went from the fall and winter of 2010-2011, we were learning more and more.  We published what we knew about Jim Miller, and there was no response.  There was never an investigation into any of this, ever.  As we moved forward, we realized the federal participation in the lack of interest, the failure to investigate.  We learned about the blue dumpster:  no investigation, no response that night.  We learned about David Guy, the arson investigator for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) and Barry Brakebill, an investigator on the Miller case.  We talked to a local reporter on the 11th of August of 2010, and they told me about Brakebill and Guy not properly investigating this. The reporter left the area because he feared for his life.  So the TBI is involved in the cover-up of the Miller murder, as we already knew that the sheriff’s department was covering it up.  In the meantime, we had found out that Kenny Hope from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department was the first person of interest who was looked at by the TBI and the Sheriff’s Department and cleared almost instantly.
  • In the meantime, I came to trial on these ridiculous charges, and we were learning more and more about how the jury system has been co-opted in the area.  An observer came here, was threatened and chased off.  He came to the jailhouse and was taking pictures and was chased away.  We’ve had assaults, death threats, false imprisonments, kidnap; we had the IRS attack me.  Then after I told the FBI I’m not a “sovereign citizen,” they insist that I am and put together the campaign that we came to know about.  In October 2010, we see the press cooperation in the sovereign citizen campaign as a cover story in TIME Magazine.
  • We had Darren Huff’s trial in October 2011 and his unlawful lockup.
  • We’ve seen the Michael Ellington trial and how all that came about.  Michael Morgan was the senior detective on that case.  There’s been no investigation into how the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department is doing its job.
  • Sometime later, we found out from Dr. Corsi’s WND article that William L. Bryan had taken personal credit for inciting the police response that we saw on the 20th of April, and we reported Mr. Bryan’s participation in the false flag report that he made to policemen on that day, and we saw no investigation into that.  I reported that to Mr. James Bentley, III, the FBI agent, on the 4th of March of 2011.  I reported it to Agent Roxane West, an FBI agent, on June 28, 2011; I believe it came up in conversation when I met with the East Tennessee Terrorist Task Force:  Andy Corbett, J.C. Parrott, and Mike Harrell.  I talked to them about some of the corruption that was going on in the state of Tennessee.  During the conversations with Roxane West and the Terrorist Task Force, they asked me if I was a “sovereign,” and I said, “No, I’m not.  I’m reporting corruption in government; this is what is happening.”  And I told them about William L. Bryan.
  • On December 6, 2011, before I was locked up again, I went to the FBI and told them, “My life is at risk.”  I spoke with Special Agent Reanna Day.  I gave her a copy of the WND article, and there was no investigation into Jim Miller’s death or into the incitement by William Bryan and others who might have been involved.
  • I’m being charged now with tampering with records, and that’s all bogus.
  • We have reports from Jessica Kennedy Powers protesting her innocence, and the case is still going on against her.  She’s been locked up for two years and nobody else has been arrested.  We found out that the men who shot and killed Mr. Miller were bragging about it; two of them were locked up at the time.  We know how they were paid.  We have the independent confirmation about the involvement of these men at the blue dumpster.

We talked about this as we went along:  the possible lawsuits and the death threats by your putting this up at The Post & Email, and none of that came to pass.  There have been no lawsuits. There has been no response.  Another thing we can mention here is Paul Rush’s dismissive and comments of contempt for the journalism at The Post & Email.  You have the attack by Mark Boring who said that the reports being sent to you are “outlandish.”  He didn’t mention the paper by name.

The Post & Email commented, “We have never received any contact from Paul Rush or anyone else refuting anything that we have published.  If they can prove that we have made an error, it will be corrected.”

Fitzpatrick responded, “Same with Jim Stutts.  There’s been no challenge from the DA’s office, including from Steve Bebb.”  He continued:

The sovereign citizen campaign is another attempt to dissuade people from attempting to report corruption.  As the corruption came into the public view, more and more bad things happened by way of government response.  They were trying to stop us and are still trying to stop us from reporting this to the point where they are involved in a murder and pose a threat to other people who might want to come forward.  They’ve directed it at a public defender here who fears for her safety and that of her family; we reported threats made to another attorney here who said, “Well, you know, we have to make a living around here…”  It’s everywhere in the community, and now you’ve had confirmation from an attorney who said he’s been looking at Tennessee corruption for a very long time.

And we’ve found the 1984 laws.

All of this is happening as the government is counteracting to make people stop looking for and reporting information that they might have to the point of murdering people who are going to make the information known.  As we continue to find more, their counterattacks increase in frequency and intensity to the point where on the 17th of November 2011, Pat Wilson called me in and said, “Walt, everybody knows; shut up.  We’ll give you a good deal here; two-for-one days; we’ll give you a job so we can get you out of your cell during the day.  Better food.  All you have to do is shut your mouth and stop talking.”  He tried to bribe me while I was in jail.

In the meantime, Mike Morgan leaves, and all these other deputy sheriffs were either relieved of their duties or left on their own.  The big picture is that the corruption here is worse than we know.  If we start digging into this more deeply with a legitimate investigative agency, with some people who are real crime fighters, they’re going to find means, motive and opportunity.  The 1984 laws take us back 28 years with possibly millions of cases.  We have Carroll Ross, Amy Reedy…It’s all government blowback.  All we keep doing is finding more and more corruption.

There is a link to the citizen’s arrest of 1 April 2010 and the murder of Jim Miller, and there’s a connection to the campaign that has Darren Huff and me prominently profiled as well as the other people who attended the 20 April event in Madisonville.

My meeting with Mr. XXXX confirming that there’s more out there, and the fact that someone in the local press has said that something big is coming…

No one else has reported on this except The Post & Email.

During a July 25 hearing in the Miller murder case, over which Judge Walter C. Kurtz is presiding, Kennedy Powers’ defense attorney asked to have her confession suppressed.  However, Kurtz “ruled” that the confession could be used against her at the trial.  Kurtz has denied the existence of the 1984 laws ordering the Tennessee criminal courts to reorganize, calling Fitzpatrick’s reference to them a “legal theory.”

Powers had reportedly given 11 conflicting statements, but Kurtz said there was “no proof” that any of them was made under coercive circumstances.

Kurtz is the judge for Fitzpatrick’s “tampering” charge for which a trial is scheduled for September 10 and has been known to dictate “law” from the bench.  Recently The Post & Email wrote to the chief justice of the Tennessee Supreme Court to ask on what basis judges in Tennessee can declare that court rules, precedent and case law constitute “law.”

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement entities across the country have been reported to be running a “prisoners-for-profit” enterprise.

The “sovereign citizen” campaign contends that anyone questioning the documentation of Barack Hussein Obama II falls into that category, which was disseminated by the mainstream press in the area.  On July 17, 2012, Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio gave a press conference during which he and the lead investigator of his Cold Case Posse declared that Obama’s long-form birth certificate presented to the public on April 27, 2011 is “definitely fraudulent.”

Neither the White House nor the Obama campaign has responded to the allegations, about which Arpaio has called for a congressional investigation.

Fitzpatrick has said that the federal government has treated Arpaio “like a sovereign citizen.”  After Arpaio’s office began its investigation into Obama’s birth certificate, the U.S. Department of Justice under Eric Holder filed a discrimination lawsuit against him, claiming that he routinely violated the civil rights of Hispanics within his jurisdiction.

The U.S. Department of Justice contributed to the production of the “sovereign citizen” training program which denotes Huff and Fitzpatrick as potentially violent criminals.

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  1. As a Navy Veteran, I stand behind Walt 100% and know how “Government” can create or remove scenarios, which they have done in these cases at the cost to all involved. Walt’s well ordered and documented history of all events that occurred are only what I would expect from an outstanding Naval Officer, especially one that has been falsely accused and set up by a criminal government militia that is desperately trying to keep their total corruption under wraps and their paychecks coming in. It is difficult to think what can be done or where to start even for the educated and experienced in law and how to collect evidence for possible prosecution dealing also with a corrupted “Judicial” deliberated on protecting themselves or involvement with Obama’s criminal regime and what part of the scheme they assisted in. Don’t forget we have the Clinton’s involved in the background, Hillary being a strong contender as she ordered the Judicial with the Carter vs. Taitz case in California to deem any case or Presentment against Obama/Pelosi for Treason/Perjury/Election Fraud to illegally be given “a no standing rule” and to blow them out. We know that for a fact and has been going on since all the attempts to legally serve Criminal Grand Jury Presentments against them have never been allowed to go to Discovery. We can’t even begin to fix Tennessee’s court system back to 1984 much less the “Federal Court System” that is now also under compromise. Walt and The Post Email have done a legendary job of exposing and allowing the public to see behind closed doors in a landmark example of State, Federal and Judicial corruption at all levels. We already knew these things go on BUT seeing is believing to many and if you aren’t seeing it, you must be blind or one of them. Where do we find public servants that will stand up and be willing to investigate/prosecute/pass sentence to these rogues who have put themselves above the law they pretend to be sworn to uphold. Much of this goes on in all 50 states AND THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Where do we start? It’s a terrible thing when a “public trustee” loses all those benefits and paychecks for all the above. Where is the long arm of the law and men of the law to move against them?