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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2012

Dr. Laurie Roth ran for president as an independent constitutional candidate

(Jul. 25, 2012) — With the void of leadership, un-American bills being forced down our throats by Obama and violation of our freedoms, I entered the presidential race as a total outsider.   I watched in horror as the GOP put forth their compromised choice, Romney.  He was the ‘capitalistic’ framed billionaire who had given in to gay marriage, abortion and was supportive of the nightmare NDAA Bill which has violated U.S. citizens’ rights.  He is hardly what I would call a patriot or conservative, yet that is who the big boys are in this race — Obama and Romney.

Over a year ago, when I felt the call to start exploring a run for President, I didn’t move forward to raise money,  gain power or get attention, but I felt God’s leading.  I know, some of you are convinced I am ‘tin helmet’  – God’s leading, huh???

I knew I was not for sale and that the GOP wouldn’t even consider an outsider ‘talk show host’ like me so I started to explore all the other Independent parties, with hopes of finding a fit.  I tried for the Constitution Party and talked with others, but ended up moving forward alone attempting to be faithful to real and visionary issues.  I did about 45 radio interviews, wrote a book and published it – ‘The People’s President’ – outlining the issues I am still passionate about that I believe will fix and restore America.

One of the key economic, business and tax ideas I have had that no one else is running on is my 2% transaction tax and eradication of all other federal taxes.  This would mean no more income tax, payroll tax, capital gains tax or excise tax.  This would be a miraculous shot in the arm for American business and taxpayers.

Imagine keeping your gross income and business profits?  Now…you are talking reform and real recovery.  According to real numbers and research, if everything was taxed at point of purchase (just 2%), including WALL STREET, we would bring in up to $900 trillion a year.  Even if it were $500 trillion a year, you would bring in well over $10 trillion to run the country and get us completely out of debt, WHILE liberating the people and business.

I have been passionate and outspoken about this idea because it is NOT political and because it gets our country completely out of debt within four years and frees business and the people.  It is what is right…not political.  I will continue to push this plan for the people!

We have a little over three months before the election of the century.  I do not have the ballot access, money or infrastructure to get on the ballot and compete.  I know beyond anyone that God can do miracles and does everyday and I do not step aside due to circumstances and lack of funds but because I believe God is leading me to do so.  I will continue fighting for my country in other developing ways, i.e.,  my weekly articles, building my national radio show to the top five and developing TV shows for placement.

Whoever ends up in the White house this next time, either Obama or Romney,  the people STILL have a bold responsibility to pray for their country,  stand up for their fought-for freedoms and do what is right.  Our 1st amendment and 2nd amendment rights are under vicious and manipulative assault.  Neither guy running, Romney or Obama, is a saint.  It is clear that both have power agendas and will compromise their morals and principles to win.  They are both ‘pretty-boy’ political zombies in my view.

The way the political system is built, no one else can win, however.  It is simply rigged, which is sad but true.  Assuming this and not being happy with the choices at hand, what does God want us to do?  What can we do?

The battleground and power must be built up with ‘the people’ and faith in the God of the Holy Bible!   Patriot groups, Tea Party groups and classic conservatives who love freedom and our Constitution must lift high our vision or WE WILL CONTINUE TO LOSE AMERICA NO MATTER WHO GETS IN.

That means marching, writing, emailing, calling, organizing, funding and running for office.  If no real conservatives are running in your city, country or state, you run!


Pray and vote your conscience before God this November election.  We already know who Obama is and that he is a usurper and living nightmare for America. We also know from the courageous work of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse that Obama showed the nation on April 27th a complete forgery of a long form birth certificate.  Last I checked, that is a federal offense, yet most of the media and sellout politicians sleep and apparently enjoy their payoffs.  There is an unbelievable lack of leadership as our nation is continuously violated.  Guess what…those of you in the House and Senate who have continued to sell out America WILL BE GONE IN NOVEMBER AND SO WILL OBAMA!

I will vote Romney…not because I like or respect him, not even because he has what it takes to make a great and Godly leader.  I will vote Romney because evil Obama  has already had a million too many chances to lead and represent America, black, white, liberal and conservative.  Instead, he continues to fail and betray America.

Romney wants power, is a billionaire and political operative at this stage, BUT our nation deserves a chance and so does Romney to respond to the hundred million tea party voices that are circling their wagons around him.  The ‘new media’ talk radio, which I am apart of:   www.therothshow.com is also circling its wagons and DEMANDING RESULTS QUICKLY FROM ROMNEY IF HE GETS IN…OR ELSE VERY BIG TROUBLE!


  • The clear pull-back of the unconstitutional Health care bill
  •  Undoing of the NDAA bill and its violation of Posse Comitatus and our Miranda rights
  • Undoing of the dozens of un-American and sovereignty-killing executive orders Obama has signed
  • Tax liberation and REAL reform as the federal government cuts back from the endless political and ‘pet’ spending projects.

Though I cannot continue as a presidential candidate, I will continue fighting with my last breath for our freedom, stand for what is right for America and build up my influence with the issues with articles, my national radio show and TV shows I am working on.

Finally, I want to thank from my heart several warriors of truth and courage who love their country and were instrumental in growing my ‘outside-the-box’ candidacy…even in the face of attacks and lectures from their associates and friends, they stood with me and the vision to get America back.  Thank you from my deepest heart,  Sher Zieve,  Al Garza,  Joan Swirsky,  Sheryl McGrath,  Rev. Lainie Dowell, journals and others who rallied behind me.  I also want to thank another man of God and real patriot, Dr. James Manning, for endorsing and standing behind me.  Thank you all and may God bring our country back.

Let us continue to run the race and rally behind freedom and the truth regardless of who gets in.  I just cannot give the traitor Obama another chance.  We shall see what Romney does and if he and his ‘hair spray’ can be shaped American.  If not,  this country will get loud and ugly as we protest in new and larger ways.  We WILL get our country back!


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