The Silence is Maddening!


by Nicholas Purpura, ©2012, blogging at TPATH

(Jul. 16, 2012) — Here is an update on the response TPATH received from the 24 State Attorneys General we contacted concerning the Petition for Rehearing to the Supreme Court relating to Obamacare:

Not even one state Attorney General responded.  Not one!

As a result, a TPATH contributor has posted the following commentary and request.


Since the 28th of June not a single Attorney General in the multi-state suit against Obamacare has shown any courage to submit a Petition for Rehearing?

The decision, in-and of-itself, was unconstitutional. By law, the Supreme Court is required to address all Constitutional challenges if any act violates the Constitution that will affect the majority of the American people.

According to the decision, it can be shown that the Court overlooked (yeah, sure, why am I being nice?) the following violations of the Constitution:

Art.1, Sec. 7 Cause. 1 the “origination clause”; Art. I Sec. 9, clause 4 “capitation clause”; Article 6; Amendment 14; Amendment 1, Amendment 16; Amendment 14 ‘equal protection”  and “equal treatment”; and let’s not forget that the decision relegated the America “We the People” to involuntary servitude (slavery) see, Amendment 13, taxation without Representation.

To each Attorney General or should I say coward, your work was done for you, “We the People” conclusively demonstrated via Purpura v. Sebelius that the following violations listed above – plus numerous others have been ignored by the Supreme Court as well as by each of you who argued the case.

The Supreme Court and each of you legal eagles claim to represent us, yet you hide behind closed doors. We have made attempts to contact each of you only to be ignored.

The decision itself created constitutional questions that must reviewed and adjudicated.  Why haven’t you submitted a Petition for Rehearing?  Why have you ignored requests from the taxpayers about your plans or lack thereof?

Time is running out!

What are you WAITING FOR?

Rule 44: Rehearing.

Any petition for the rehearing of any judgment or decision of the Court on the merits shall be filed within 25 days after entry of the judgment or decision, unless the Court or a Justice shortens or extends the time. The Petitioner shall file 40 copies of the rehearing petition and…

Patriots, please contact these Attorneys General and see if you can get a response from any of them.  July 22, 2012 may be the last day this filing will be accepted.

Here is a file with 24 of the 26 Attorney Generals who were participants of the Obamacare lawsuit.
Download it here>>>  

If there happens to be any Attorney General who feels he/she might have a duty to respond to the people, please contact TPATH here.

2 Responses to "The Silence is Maddening!"

  1. danamco   Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 10:42 AM

    The un-reported meeting at SCOTUS on January 14, 2009, one week before the “innoculation” and the public scolding of the the judges there at the SOTUA in front of the nation says it ALL = Breitbarted!!!

  2. meyerlm   Monday, July 16, 2012 at 7:39 PM

    Money and Corruption being the “Roots of all Evil, and with the “Satan-Incarnate” that is “RULING and Ruining” America, what would lead you to believe that there is ANY Other Outcome to be HAD???
    This “Continuing DEBACLE and Exercise in Futility” that is almost 4 years old ONLY Proves the Value of the point that “RESISTANCE IS FUTILE, YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED!!” is the Truth!!


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