Freedom Day…Are You Kidding?


by Ron Ewart, ©2012

(Jul. 4, 2012) — Sure, many of us have heard of the United Nations Agenda 21 and its anti-American policies, but way too few of us know how deep Agenda 21 has embedded itself into our daily lives, with the aid, comfort and approval of the American government at all levels.  It is being taught in our schools and colleges.  You see it in “green” corporate advertisements.  But worse than this, it has infiltrated every fiber of our government and our courts.  It is there in the legislation they pass, the decisions they make and the rules they promulgate ….. while you are sleeping.

Just recently we made an inquiry to the Director (Ted Sturdevant) of the Washington State Department of Ecology (DoE) on the meaning of “Environmental Justice,” as we had seen the term used by one of their officers in some publication.  (NOTE:  DoE is no small state agency.  It has a budget of over $400,000,000  and employs over 1,600 people.)  Within a couple of hours of our inquiry, we received a response from the Director as follows:

“Environmental Justice, or EJ, it is a common term of art in the realm of environmental work. The idea is this: some forms of pollution, primarily because of the location of pollution sources and the relative location of where people live (or work or play), can disproportionately impact certain populations.”  (Think:  the poor)

This definition made us even more curious, as we had seen it somewhere before.  So we started digging into the DoE website for more information and clarification of their goals and objectives.  To say that we were surprised by what we found is an understatement.   It is then that we came to the realization that United Nations Agenda 21 had infiltrated the Washington State government in a big way.  It was fairly easy to conclude that this was not an accident and that these United Nations policies have found their way into other state governments as well.  We encourage all of you to check into the policies and mission statements of your state’s department of the environment.  Don’t be surprised if you find Agenda 21 lurking in the bowels of the bureaucracies of your state.  Agenda 21 policies adopted by your state government also filter down to county and city governments.  This alien, this freedom-eating disease, is everywhere.

The truth is, the United Nations policies have been embedded in every level of our government without any single American having a vote, except those international radical environmental and socialist groups that keep buzzing around the UN like bees in a hive.  Just as in the Obama Care bill, government has lied to you or kept the truth from you.  If you think we are free on this Independence Day, think again.  America has given birth to an Alien and the Alien has taken over.  The Alien is the United Nations and your government was the attending physician at its birth.

In any event, we could not leave what we found at the Department of Ecology alone without responding to it.  Thus, we sent a response to the Director of DoE and that response is repeated below.   Feel free to distribute this article and this important message to your list and spread it far and wide.  It might also be prudent to send it to your state legislators.  They may not even know what their environmental bureaucracy has done, as legislators – local, state, or federal – very seldom pay any attention to, or oversee, the bureaucracies (monsters) they create.

An update:  In the process of writing this article we were apprised by a Washington State Legislator that two legislators exposed the DoE operating under Agenda 21 and have created a “Stop Agenda 21-Washington” Facebook page to involve the public and further, are working to inhibit or stop the Washington State Legislature “Agenda 21 Caucus” from passing any more Agenda 21 legislation in Washington State.  Maybe you can get a few legislators in your state to do the same thing.  We also learned from this legislator that the Washington State Legislature did not give approval to the Department of Ecology to implement Agenda 21 policies in Washington State.  DoE did it unilaterally on its own authority.  That’s how these environmental radicals operate.  They do it anyway, hoping they won’t get caught.  Well, this time, they have been exposed.

Here is our response to the Director of the Washington State Department of Ecology:

Mr. Ted Sturdevant, Director

Department of Ecology (DoE)

State of Washington

Dear Mr. Sturdevant:

First, I would like to thank you for responding to my request for the definition of environmental justice.  After reading your response I took the time to research the DoE a little deeper.  What I discovered was that DoE has in fact adopted most of the United Nations Agenda 21 doctrine in its mission statement.  In fact the word “sustainability” is word-for-word out of Agenda 21.  The term “environmental justice” is right out of Agenda 21 as well.  Here is an example from your website regarding the definition on sustainability:

“These web pages on sustainability are designed to provide the necessary framework for understanding sustainability. Their purpose is to help individuals, businesses, and government learn how to turn the concepts of sustainability into action.”

In 1987 the World Commission on Environment and Development, known as “the Brundtland Commission”, issued the “Our Common Future” report and defined sustainability as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

“The “Our Common Future” report called for a new charter to guide the transition to sustainable development. The resulting Earth Charter, finalized in 2000, earned global consensus. Today, it is used internationally as a reference document in peace negotiations, government processes, community development, and as an educational framework.”

“According to the Earth Charter, we must work together to create a global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace. Toward this end, it is imperative that we, the peoples of Earth, declare our responsibility to one another, to the greater community of life, and to future generations.”

“The three pillars of sustainability include the environment, social equity, and the economy. A strong resilient economy depends upon a vibrant and equitable society which in turn relies on a vigorous flourishing environment. The balance of the three pillars leads to prosperity and peace for future generations.”

Words like “our common future,” “Earth Charter,” “global society,” “social equity,” “economic justice” and “peoples of the Earth” are international global terms with the full design and intent to dissolve American sovereignty and merge the United States of America into a global society where social equity and environmental justice are the driving forces for the expenditure of public moneys and the development of public policy.

What the people in the Washington State legislature and more particularly the officers and staff of DoE have forgotten is that their absolute guiding authority is the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the State of Washington, not the United Nations Agenda 21 doctrine, or the Earth Charter.  You ARE NOT officers of the United Nations; you are officers of the State of Washington, a republican-form-of-government state, situated in the United States of America, a Constitutional Republic.

The people of the State of Washington are depending on state government to honor their oath of office to preserve, protect and defend those two founding documents for America and the State of Washington.  Any diversion or perversion of those founding documents not only enters into the area of malfeasance, misfeasance and violation of oath of office, it also borders on treason, wherein it could be construed you are giving aid and comfort to a foreign government to which the people of the State of Washington owe not one single form of allegiance.  With such a mission statement that appears on the Department of Ecology’s website, it can only be concluded that said agency is working for a foreign entity and not for the people of the State of Washington.

The enabling legislation that established the Department of Ecology from RCW 43.21A in 1970 goes like this:

“The legislature recognizes and declares it to be the policy of this state, that it is a fundamental and inalienable right of the people of the state of Washington to live in a healthful and pleasant environment and to benefit from the proper development and use of its natural resources. The legislature further recognizes that as the population of our state grows, the need to provide for our increasing industrial, agricultural, residential, social, recreational, economic and other needs will place an increasing responsibility on all segments of our society to plan, coordinate, restore and regulate the utilization of our natural resources in a manner that will protect and conserve our clean air, our pure and abundant waters, and the natural beauty of the state.”

Please take note of the fact that nowhere in this enabling legislation did DoE get the authority to use internationally-developed policies, such as Agenda 21, to implement and enforce its environmental rules and regulations.  You did so, unilaterally, out of your own radical environmental agenda and bias.

Several states have begun to outlaw Agenda 21 policies in their state governments.  It would be wise that the State of Washington follow suit before the people of the State of Washington decide that DoE is operating outside of its statutory authority and challenge that authority and any rules and regulations promulgated thereunder in court.  If it turns out that the state legislature has granted the DoE authority under international law, such decision by the state of Washington should also be challenged.

We have a saying in our organization: “Protecting the Environment is laudable.  Dismantling, destroying or perverting the U. S. Constitution to exercise environmental protection borders on treason.”


Ron Ewart, President


P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027

425 837-5365 or 1 800 682-7848

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  1. phrowt   Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 12:47 PM

    If someone were to ask me for the things that most threaten our country, Agenda 21 (aka the UN) has made the list along with the Congress, ACLU, Dept. of Education, and those who value their person over God and Country. Enjoy this Independence Day, it is looking like we may not have many more.
    Semper Fi


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