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by Lonnie B. Collett, ©2012

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts opined that "Obamacare" is not constitutional under the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution but is constitutional as a tax. But was it his job to "make" the law work?

(Jun. 29, 2012) — “And Jesus went into the Temple of God, and cast out all of them that sold and bought in the Temple, and overthrew the tables of the money-changers, and the seats of them that sold doves,”…Matthew 21:12

He was angry and so are the majority of the American citizens.  We need to pull a “Jesus” on our corrupt federal government!  Only a very few have earned the right to be re-elected.  States should have the right to remove their proven corrupt representatives prior to the election, especially if they are found to be members of any organization that is anti-American.

A Benedict Arnold move was made by our Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.  He betrayed the American people by upholding Obama’s health care coverage that will be forced on the majority of us.  Do you think something might be fishy with Roberts’ vote? Do you wonder why the other conservative justices voted against it?  It appears that somehow the wording in our Constitution can be twisted to mean whatever they desire it to mean.  Do you think for one minute that the members of the three branches of government and Obama’s czars will be required to use the same coverage?

With thirteen trillion in debt and climbing, the upholding of Obamacare further endangers the future of our children and grandchildren. The only hope for America is without a doubt the removal of Obama from the Presidency based on his proven ineligibility.   This will cause everything he has put into law to become null and void.  It must be done before the November election.  Every member of Congress who fails to pass this ruling should be immediately declared un-American and put on a list to be voted out of office without retirement pay.  Enough is enough, and we have had enough!

The federal government was set up by the States not to control the citizens, but to provide for the national defense, making the states “united as one” in that regard.

However, the moneychangers mentioned in the Bible are definitely now in our corrupt federal Government.

Somehow over time the federal government ended up having total power over the States and their citizens.  Government officials and members of Congress become financially wealthy as a result of their positions.  They now feel above their constituents and think that they know what is best for them. The average American citizen usually has no idea who their representatives are, much less expect them to do what is actually best for them.  Most have no idea what has been going on in the government.  They ignore the people who try to make them aware simply because they have no interest in government, and they keep re-electing the same losers into office.  Slowly but surely, however, the American citizens are starting to wake up.  But is it too late?

Maybe not; the smell of a revolution is in the air. The American patriots are angry. Even the Democrats are starting to realize that there is anti-American activity taking place in our government. Before that, they just accepted that every Democrat in government must be doing what they were supposed to do.  Some Americans who could be called Republicans because they usually vote Republican still prefer to be called a “conservative.”  The reason for that is to not feel shame when a Republican in the federal government does something stupid.

They, too, are starting to realize that Obama has been working hard at nonstop spending, giving away, and wasting their hard-earned tax dollars.  It appears that Obama is on a very successful mission to destroy our Republic form of government.

We have high unemployment, yet Obama has been killing the incentive of American citizens to seek employment by furnishing them with above average unemployment pay as well as food stamps for as long as two years.   Other countries are in financial collapse, and Obama continues to give them our tax dollars to help bail them out.  We are so far in debt now that the upholding of Obama’s health care plan will end up taking us into total collapse.  Obama is right on target to accomplish his goal of pushing America closer to United Nations “One-World Government.”  We must make the effort to inform our friends and neighbors about Obama’s goal and encourage them to vote in this next election.  If Obama is re-elected, whether it’s honest or fraudulent, our Republic is over.  Look at what he has already accomplished in just three years.  Prices of fuel and food have shot up sky-high and he is just getting started.  We must save our Republic.

Don’t you wish that we could have a “Do-Over?”  Start with the same Constitution and Bill of Rights but all new patriotic American citizens seeking to uphold them. Now that smell would be nice…

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  1. Why is he not in jail? Because there are too many citizens (not patriots) that are more concerned with their lot in life than the country or their children of the coming generations. These people are not just at the federal level, they are in our own back yards. Has anyone challenged all the regulations and spending going on in the local communities? That is why he will not be jailed.

  2. Simple fact is:
    “HE” is still in the Oval Office
    For nearly four years now he has been unqualified to hold that position. He is not eligible, he is a fraud, a liar, a manchurian candidate, a con-man.




    1. “Ask, and Ye shall be answered!?”
      NO, Judiciary, NO Military “Chain of Command”, NO Law Enforcement, NO Constitution, NO Declaration of Independence”, 535 TRAITORS to the Constitution, POSING as “People’s Representatives??!”, The 1871 Illegal, DeFacto, “District of Columbia” Corporate CABAL that is NOW “RULING and RUINING” America, UN-Challenged by the Citizens.
      ALL the result of 140+ years of Subversion, Corruption, Amending, Altering, Modifing, Deleting, Abolishing and making IRREVELANT and NULL & VOID our “Constitutional Republic”~ALL as a “GIFT” from the “TRAITORS of the 41st Congress of “The United States of America!”
      I hope that is enough to get things started!?