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by Lonnie B. Collett, ©2012

(Jun. 26, 2012) — Think back to your childhood; remember when you daydreamed about your future, thinking about what you wanted to be when you grew up. Absolutely nothing was impossible because you lived in the Land of Opportunity…America.

A few years later another child was born with a different opportunity. Where…no one really knows, even his real parents are a mystery as well. Instead of being reared as a Christian believing Jesus Christ was his Savior, he was taught that Allah was his Lord in the Muslim faith. His political education from childhood was the belief in Communism and World domination.

Both his parents we are told are dead, and there is never a mention of any living American relatives. No cousins, no aunts or uncles…nothing.  The only relatives we are aware of are from Kenya.

We are expected to believe that he was born in Hawaii, yet the only proof we have been shown has turned out to be fraudulent, as well as his Social Security number.  Even his real name is a mystery.  We are told that he started life as Barack Hussein Obama and then it was changed to Barry Soetoro.  Now he is back using his alleged original birth name.

It was also said that he has paid over two million dollars to date to keep his records sealed.  Why?  What is the mystery behind the sealed records?  You do not pay out that kind of money unless you are hiding something that is damaging to you politically or otherwise.  Who is this guy?

He has been called the first black American President but we are told that he is half white. So, how is that possible?  America has always been the Land of Opportunity, and immigrants from all over the world have migrated here hoping for a better life.  While running for President, Obama stated that he would “fundamentally change” America, and the people cheered.  Why?

He writes a book, and states in his biography that he was born in Kenya.  Several years later, he has the bio changed to read that he was actually born in Hawaii. A slip of the Pen? I doubt that.  The man is hiding something.

He tells everyone that he is a Christian, yet everything that has anything to do with the Christian faith, he is making an effort to have removed.  Even if he goes to speak anywhere there are Christian symbols such as a cross which have to be covered up.  It is obvious to the average American citizen that Obama is not a Christian.

How hard would it be to believe that if someone were reared in a loving Communist home and taught the Muslim faith since birth, he would end up being a Communist of the Muslim faith? Yet, American citizens act dumfounded and spit out words hatefully towards anyone who has doubts in their “Great Presidential Leader.”

Racism in America was almost non-existent until Obama was elected as President. Black Americans are 12% of the population; whites are something above 60%, yet Obama was still elected as President running against a white man.  Does this sound as if white American citizens are racist?  White folks being called “Racist” now has become as common as saying “Hello.”  If you dare disagree with Obama policies and you are white, you are called a racist.  Two well-known black Americans have come alive, thanks to that magic word, “racist.”  Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are in their glory, thanking the good Lord for the chance once again to have their names remembered in the history books as “leaders” instead of just followers on the shirttails of the great Martin Luther King.

A little at a time, we are finding out more and more of the corruption in our federal government.  All three branches of our government have some who believe in anti-American principles.  A large number in Congress are openly Socialist or Communist.  No one appears to be making a real effort to remove them from their positions.  We have never had a situation where all three branches are corrupt that we were aware of, so no one actually knows how to right the situation.

Somehow, we desperately need to stop Obama from completely destroying our Republic form of Government. The few who have shown an interest in the discovery of actual corruption have made an attempt to uncover who is to blame.  They rant and rave, but nothing is accomplished; only delayed.  President Harry Truman made the statement, “The Buck Stops Here,” referring to his being the person responsible since he was the President. The only effort Obama has made has been to pass the blame buck, but then if you are the blame why wouldn’t you try to pass it on?

Daily we are seeing our sacred Constitution being ignored while Obama and his goons push our Republic closer toward the United Nations control of “One-World Government.” We keep reading articles advising us to vote the bums out of office, but if the bums are able to get away with rigging the election, how do you vote them out?  We also read where the “One-World Government” has been in the making for many years now and many patriots will end up losing their lives before all is said and done.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that, but with everything we have been reading lately it appears that Obama is expecting a revolution.  Every effort to take control of Americans’ weapons is in the making.  We are hearing of the possibility of drones flying over America that could easily be armed with whatever in the event of an uprising. Yet we are also reading where America now has 35 terrorist Muslim training camps operating freely in several States. Not a peep is being said about them in the news.

So, will we end up with One-World Government controlled by the United Nations, or will someone have the intelligence enough to figure out a solution to saving our Republic without lives lost?

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  1. Well, the new truth is Obama is ficticious. His father is Frank Marshall Davis and all the rest is made up. SSN is from someone else and BHO fails the e-verify check. Since BHO became a citizen of Indonesia,his citizenship in the USA is null and void. Seems the Democrats said they could nominate whoever they want to run for president, even if unqualified. Of course, BHO has dispatched 100s of tanks to St. Louis, but they cant say “why”. DHS should not be legal and using troops on civilians is illegal. New movie tells all.

  2. Look, Lonnie, if our enemy possessed powers of rational thought, I’d say, yes, I’m sure that there are many of us who could save our Republic without lives lost. But here in the real world, the world outside the sheltered walls of academia, or wishful thinking, I’d have to look reality in the eye and say “No way”.
    But like America’s greatest general said, “let the other ___ die for his country”. Works for me.
    Tracing the history of Freedom is to follow the corpses of those many who gave their lives to die free rather than live as a slave.
    Sure, it be nice to all sit around the campfire and be friends, but that’s not going to happen. You said that many white Americans voted for Obama, but you SHOULD have said that America sure has its fair share of dumb gullible jerks.
    Anyone who followed the Keyes/Obama election in Illinois could tell you that this Obama character was nothing but bad news.
    Blacks make up 12% of the population but are represented ALMOST 100% in television commercials SINCE OBAMA BECANE THE DE FACTO president. That should tell you that Arabs own our very own media, or if they don’t you have our very own dumb gullible jerks making it hard for the rest of us trying to save our Republic.
    The TRUTHFUL response to your question about a solution without lives lost is like asking can you enjoy your grilled salmon without killing the fish.
    Just ain’t going to happen. Be easy to lie to you, but it just wouldn’t be the truth.
    That’s all part of the gig in taking the Oath to support and defend the US Constitution, ‘till death do us part.