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by Todd Sweet, ©2012

(Jun. 26, 2012) —[Editor’s Note:  Todd’s letter is typed exactly as submitted, as was done in his three previous articles.]

What would you, the reader, consider a corrupted grand jury?  How about an unconstitutionally and unlawfully influenced grand jury?

We know by looking at TCA 16-2-510(c) that “New grand juries shall be impaneled at least twice a year…”

We know they are not to run a grand jury foreperson for 28 consecutive years such as they did in Monroe County with Gary Pettway.

Under Tennessee Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 6 we also know that;

The grand jury shall be sworn in and then a judge is to instruct it concerning its powers and duties and relevant law.

The grand juries powers are all of inquiry.  Rule 6 states that they are to

1) Inquire into, consider, and act on all criminal cases submitted to it by the district attorney general.

2) Inquire into any report of a Criminal offense brought to its attention by a member of the grand jury:

3) Inquire into the condition and management of prisons and other county buildings and institutions within the County

4) Inquire into the condition of the County treasury;

5) Inquire into the correctness and sufficiency of County officers bonds:

6) Inquire into any state or local officers abuse of office; and

7) report the results of its actions to the Court.

Note:  Off subject, but for Gary petway to have that much power over 28 years proves corruption fully.  Article to come on just that.

Anyway, we can also find by reviewing rule 6 that the duties of the district attorney general to the grand jury is;

“When required by the grand jury, the district attorney general may appear before the grand jury for the purpose of giving legal advice…”

Nowhere in the Rules or in Tennessee or Federal law is it acceptible for any law enforcement personell to go to the grand jury to do favors, or to educate the jurors.

Law enforcement is to only come to present cases with evidence.  If the jurors have a question of law they are to inquire to the district attorney general.

Grand jurors are not attorneys.  They are basic, run of the mill citizens for the most part.  They are to listen and inquire into a case and un-biasly make a common sense decision to return a True Bill or a No True Bill against an individual.  They are not required a statistical education on law or elements thereof.

Ya follow?

Good.  Story time.

There sits a man.  Let us say he is…33 years old.  He works hard at a ….floor covering business.  He has been married to his childhood sweetheart for…17 years.  They have three teenage children.  They own their own home.

This man knows many people.  He takes and makes calls, many a day.  He is essentially free of a Criminal history in that he has 2 low Class E felonies on his record for marijuana back in the day.

This man and his wife have a few problems they are working out so he rents himself a small house not far away.  No big deal.

One day his phone rings, its a friend asking him to borrow a trailer so they figure a time and decide to meet at the mans rental house where the trailer is.  Again no big deal.

Only when he arrives and is standing there waiting on his friend the police show up.  The 20th Judicial Drug Task Force.  They rough him up and arrest him for Drugs and conspireing to sell them.  Also for money laundering.

They search his rental home.  No sign of drugs.  No money.

They proceed to his wifes home.  The family home.  Same results, no drugs, no money outside a normal stash here and there to pay bills.

When they search his family room they find autographed movie memorabilia.  Gangster stuff.  Gotti, Capone, Scarface and the Sopranos.

The police say later that because it was in his teens view it was a bad influence.


If they would have asked the children what they wanted to go to school for they would have said law enforcement.

The Drug Task force then proceeds to walk through the home.  They essentially go house shopping for they leave what they want and seize what they want.

Of course only what is valuable.

Still, no drugs, no money.

They arrest the wife, the childrens mother for no reason.  She bonds out on a high “ransom bond.”

Now the father sits in jail awaiting what comes next.  His bond is high.  He calls home to find out that the police basically robbed him of his possessions.  His childrens rooms were robbed as well.

Now what to do?  No drugs and no money found but you (the police) did all this over a phone call.

Do you think they can possibly get an indictment?

Surely not.

But wait….

View the following document….

Page 1 of April Term 2011 Davidson County Grand Jury Report
Page 2 of April 2011 term of Davidson County Grand Jury report
Page 3 of 2011 Davidson County Grand Jury report
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
Page 10

Now would it surprise you “the People” that a grand jury would sign a True Bill for the father in the story?

Heck, if anyone gave me a ride in a helicopter I should I think I can trust him/her on other matters.  I trusted them with my life.

The grand jury was unlawfully and very unconstitutionally influenced.

Go to trial?

What if the courts threatened to take the childrens mom for 20 years unless you take a deal?

He relents and they let the mother go home with a ransacked house only 1/2 full.

The man gets 25 years…

For weed they never found.

For money laundering when nothing was found to be laundered.

All because of the disgusting influence in the enclosed report.

The report that was accidently given to a confidential source.

It is now to be a legal exibit in a case that once again shows how far gone our grand juries are.  How illegally they are influenced.

Several of the things that were given/said to the grand jury in their unlawful “education” were wrong.  Not FACTUAL.

Just grand jury brain washing.  Corruption.  Bias.  Prejudice.  Fraud.

Read it for your self.

It disgusts me.

The story is very true and factual.  It is the story of the man beside me.  Terry M. Jones.

It is the story of his wife Tammy.  His precious children XXX, XXX and XXX.

It is the story of an ailing corrupt judicial system.

It is a story that isnt alone on a book shelf.

It is just one story of a family wrecked by the injustices done by an unconstitutionally influenced grand jury.

Let us pray for all of them.

Let us continue to pray for Mr. Jones and his family.

In His Love & Service,

 Sweet   June 20, 2012


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