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June 26, 2012

Rep. Frank Lucas has been serving in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1994

Dear Editor:

I have JUST sent this email of to “my” Representative Frank D. Lucas (R-OK-3):

Dear Representative Lucas,
The Supreme Court has in my mind just joined in the assault on our Constitution and trampled the Tenth Amendment and the entire concept of Federalism that was so deeply debated at the founding of this Great Experiment in Liberty.
I find myself unable to understand how the Federal Government can REFUSE to enforce its own laws designed to protect a State; then castigate that State when IT tries to protect its citizens from the attack that the Federal government chooses to IGNORE!
The powers given EXPLICITLY to Congress include “to establish a UNIFORM rule of immigration” and provide for the common defence… of the United States.  I see nothing that says “EXCEPT for Arizona”. (emphasis is mine)
The Constitution also states that the President “shall take care that the laws be FAITHFULLY EXECUTED”.  I see no exception stating that (even an ELIGIBLE) President is free to pick and choose which (if any) laws he may, or may NOT, enforce!
Unfortunately, we have no law making it a capital crime for an elected official to FAIL to carry out his/her oath of office; but can you PLEASE explain to my why Mr. Obama / Soetoro is NOT guilty of misprision and WHY this should NOT be considered as a “high crime or misdemeanor”?
Further, will you PLEASE explain to me where We the People can turn for protection when the Federal government REFUSES and the State is FORBIDDEN by that same out of control Federal Government?
Thank you for you prompt response.
Richard H. Irish
Korean “Police Action” era E-5

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  1. Meyerim! We are amazed at your descriptive genius and truthful political reality.surely it is our time to take back what has been taken from us and to expose the system and the criminals that have won their position either by criminal means or default by time in grade in government positions where all the goog people were pushed out,quit or railroaded out of position so the real deadbeats with no people skills could get in. It is now time for the long awaited revolution to push these losers and thieves out for good! Our generation stands ready for the process to begin and restore the constituition and nation and return these poor choices of public trustees to their place in the unemployment line and give good people with real experience their rightful place again to affect lawful operation of our systemm

  2. What 10th Amendment??, IN Fact, WHAT CONSTITUTION??, again, IN Fact, WHAT REPUBLIC, and Again; IN FACT, WHAT GOVERNMENT??, this “Illegal,DeFacto, 1871 Corporate CABAL being Administered by a Narcissistic, Eglomaniac suffering from Delusions of Grandure and 535 TRAITOR “Peoples Representatives”-(accurate description NON-Printable)-that “In a Galaxy Far, Far, Away”, should have had Affidavits, Warrants for Arrest issued, Incarcerated unti Trial for “Misprison of Treason, Treason, High Crimes and Misdemeanors against the Constitution, the Republic, and that for Which She Stands, and ALL of the Inhabitants, Therein??!!
    “SMILE, you are on Candid Camera!!”