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by Lonnie B. Collett, ©2012

When Obama announced his bid for the White House in February 2007, what made him think a one-year U.S. Senator could win? Was he programmed by others?

(Jun. 16, 2012) — The threat of Revolution is presently being felt in every State in the Union.  Obama has been preparing for it for three years now. He may need it to complete his ultimate goal.

Barack Hussein Obama was elected President on November 4, 2008 illegally, and was proclaimed the “First Black President.”  The above-mentioned ultimate goal of his  election was to change our Republic form of Government into a Communist “One World Government,” totally controlled by the United Nations, with America being managed by Obama.

The fraudulent election was a complete success. In Congress Obama’s backers were the leaders of both parties in the House and the Senate, led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  Nancy lost her position as Speaker in the following election, but her effort to help fraudulently elect Obama as President was an accomplishment that will live on for decades in the memory of the enslaved masses.

We can only imagine Obama’s first words after his birth as “Comrade” instead of “Momma.”  His youth consisted of being trained in the wonderful life of a Communist leader. He had the very best of trainers on both sides of his family.  All he knows about our Republic form of Government is what has been instilled in his mind, and nothing about it is good… that’s for certain.

Obama’s winning campaign slogan was “Change,” and now the process of “change” has begun. The deadline has been set, and his goals must be accomplished before the next election in 2012 or all his efforts may end up being in vain.  In Obama’s first year the “I-am-the-President-of-the-United-States-of-America” World Tour was completed as well as the beginning of his “Change” which had been understood by gullible American citizens to be an improved standard of living.  Change has many meanings; in this case, “betterment” was not one of them.  As an example of different meanings, if Obama says “high,” don’t wave or look up, as he could be saying that he is high on drugs or Communism.

Obama’s last three years have been nothing more than deceitful double-talk successfully deceiving his gullible “Give-the-black-man-a-Chance, America” following. Slowly but surely, they, too, are starting to wake up to reality.

Obama doesn’t know or care to understand the love Americans have for the Constitution or our patriotic desire for freedom.  His only desires are wealth, power and control.  He has been programmed for this since birth and has had his needs provided for his whole life.

As a young man he made the statement that he was going to be “President of the United States” upon meeting the postman in Bill Ayers’s neighborhood.  Why would anyone make such a statement upon a first-time meeting unless he knew a fix was in the making?

His skin color being light black gives him the appearance of being a black minority.  His soul is Communist; his race is white, black and Arabic, but the majority is white. In his last – well, hopefully his last – three years, Obama has successfully made it appear that the 60+% of the white American population is “racist.”  If you don’t vote for Obama you must be a racist. Now, it appears that 90% of the black population are either using that as an excuse or actually believe it.  Foolish white people will vote for Obama just to show that they are not racist, as they did in 2008.  Obama is playing his chosen black race for fools and it is working for him.  He could care less for any race; Obama loves Obama.

Obama is nothing more than a Communist programmed as an actor set up by George Soros and others to destroy our way of life, and he is succeeding. Take the script and teleprompters away from Obama and his train of thought is lost and blunders emerge.

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  1. Sadly, for America, this writer has stumbled upon the honest to God truth. Every word spot on…..Keep this great nation in your prayers! November cannot come soon enough.