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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

The Vichy movement in France allowed the nation to be overtaken by the Nazis, who flew the flag of the Third Reich over the countries it conquered

(Jun. 15, 2012) — One of the memorable photos of World War II is the picture of a Frenchman openly weeping while columns of German troops marched into Paris in 1940. His country, invaded by unwelcome guests, the shame of seeing the Tri-colors replaced with the German swastika, made this proud man shed tears of sadness, frustration, and shame. But the knife that was thrust in the Frenchman’s back was delivered by his fellow citizens (similar to Occupy and Obots), traitors who made up the Vichy government, French citizens who openly collaborated with the Germans in administering German directives against French citizens.

The parallels between Germany of the 1930-40’s and the US today are there for anyone to see if they would make the effort. Germany, once the vanguard cultural center of the world, was taken over by a minority political party that used the information media as a weapon in achieving its goals. Multiply the German blueprint in subjugating a country with modern-day electronics, aided by unlimited funds, then welcome to the Europe and the Americas of today. But the takeover of US didn’t happen overnight, and one can trace one of our enemies’ milestones at the hands of OPEC in 1973, although the John Birch Society has issued warnings about the dangers and pitfalls of an atheist society since 1958.

Tracing freedom’s history is the biography of the human race. We have the Jews leaving Egypt for freedom, Jesus’ teachings that women are equal to men, the Magna Carta in the year 1215, the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution, with its Bill of Rights, to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  All have been but a few of the countless steps to the freedoms we enjoy today. The building blocks of freedom are composed of words that they themselves have been paid for in hardship and sacrifice.

Philippe Petain declared himself head of Vichy France and cooperated with Adolf Hitler

Another World War II photograph that comes to mind is the three dead Americans on the beach on some island in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean. Those boys’ deaths, and those before and after, have been the price of freedom.  June 6th was but a few days ago, and I thought about what I remembered about that day.  It wasn’t much, I suppose because I was just 14 days old at the time.  Even so, I could put myself in the shoes of those who stormed the beach that fateful day because, years later, I took the exact same Oath that they took, to support and defend the Constitution, when I enlisted in the United States military.

Loyalty, the ultimate test of character. It’s easy to be loyal when times are good, living the Life of Riley. There’s no compromise with being loyal. From the times of ancient Greece to the present day, folktales, poems, songs, plays, books, and movies, the subject of being loyal is indeed a noble one. I believe that the most poignant movie on the subject of loyalty is the movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.  If we, as loyal patriotic citizens, can uphold our Constitution as Hachi showed loyalty to his master, then overcoming any and all obstacles in taking back our country can be realized.


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  1. The “Definition of Loyalty”~Whatever the Instance or Cause, Loyalty is a situation where the larger percentage, Majority or Congregation BELIEVES IN, an (to the extent that is Humanly Possible), are in TOTAL AGREEMENT, Support and Defend what ever their Collective Goal might be, i.e. America, Germany, Freedom, Liberty and the Pursuits of Happiness, OR Communism, Socialism, Whatever. The Majority Support the Cause at hand-(right, wrong, indifference, to the oppositions thinking)-the point is the Majority and Support “Creates the Cause!”
    UNFORTUNATELY, the situation that exists today in “The Republic of America”, is that there is NO CONCENTRATED LOYALTIES to “The Republic, and that for which She Stands!!” Instead there are Splintered Groups, in TOTAL Disagreement with each other and the POLARIZATION IS TREMENDOUS!! The political scene is Splintered, Self-Centered, Egotistical, Self-Serving and in no way “Interested in Saving the Republic” from this 1871 Illegal Corporate Government Cabal that is “RULING and RUINING” America simply they feel they have something to gain, personally!!
    535 TRAITORS to the Constitution “Peoples Representatives??”, a Self-Center, Egotistical, Narcissistic President??-USURPER that most certainly wants to DESTROY AMERICA and the Ideals for Which She Stands!!
    The American Citizen has been Duped and led down the Garden Path by these Socialist, Communist Traitors, and again, UNFORTUNATELY the Citizens continue to Blindly accept the outcome!!
    Soon, We will be suffering the Pain of Communism and Total Destruction of the “IDEALS of AMERICA”~What a Pity!!