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by Sharon Rondeau

Will Darrell Issa cave to Holder's "offer" or stand firm on the missing information?

(Jun. 14, 2012) — After testifying to the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 13, embattled putative Attorney General Eric Holder expressed a desire to “compromise” about documentation requested by the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee last October.  Senate and House Republicans have indicated that they are interested in hearing Holder’s offer, which was made in an attempt to “avoid a contempt vote.”

Yesterday Sen. John Cornyn of Texas told Holder he should resign, but Holder refused.

The Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Darrell Issa, has sent Holder a letter “urging him to make the committee an offer” if it contained language that would “alter its refusal” to turn over documents relating to the Fast & Furious gunrunning scandal which the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives carried out since the fall of 2009.  The ATF reports to the Department of Justice, which Holder was appointed by Obama to lead.

Sen. Charles Grassley, ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, stated that he would accept Holder’s offer if it included releasing some 80,000 pages of documentation which Holder’s office has kept from Congress even after a congressional subpoena for them was issued last October.  At the time, Obama stated that he had “complete confidence” in Holder, who had originally denied any knowledge of Fast & Furious operations.  Emails produced later showed that he did.

In January, Issa stated that he would declare Holder in contempt of Congress if he did not turn over the documents by February 9, although Issa granted Holder at least one extension.  After Holder refused to comply, Issa began preparing a contempt citation in late April.

On June 7, 2012, while testifying in front of the Oversight Committee, Holder stated that he “believed” that his department had complied with the congressional subpoenas related to Fast & Furious.  Issa told Holder that he was “not a good witness” because he didn’t answer questions posed to him directly.

Documents apparently leaked to Congress from the Justice Department reported in late March indicated that the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) did not work together to keep track of the guns which were transferred to Mexican drug cartel members, including the Sinaloa drug cartel.

Kenneth Melson, acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives, was transferred from his post to another government position after details of the Fast & Furious operation were revealed last fall.  Melson had voluntarily spoken with members of Congress in the absence of representatives from the Justice Department.  Melson had also reportedly approached his superiors about the gunrunning operation and suggested that they should “reexamine how it was responding to the requests for information from Congress.”

Following Melson’s departure, the ATF announced new staffing as a result of the investigation of Fast & Furious.  The agency’s stated purpose is “to protect the American people from firearms–related violent crime, criminal organizations, and the illegal use of explosives and arson; and to regulate the firearms and explosives industries.”  Two Border Patrol agents were killed and several hundred Mexicans as a result of guns which were transferred to Mexican criminals through Fast & Furious.

Last August, the ATF produced a press release which refuted reports that ATF personnel has been “promoted” after Congress began its investigation of Fast & Furious, stating that the individuals in question had been subject to “lateral moves.”  An official at the Justice Department, Ronald Weich, who had misled Congress by stating in a letter that “the department did not allow guns to be ‘walked’ to drug smugglers in Mexico” has left his post today to assume the position of Dean of the Baltimore School of Law.  Holder had denied that Weich had “lied” to Congress about Fast & Furious but retracted Weich’s letter.  In March of this year, Weich told Issa that “We are deeply disturbed that the sensitive law enforcement information…has entered the public realm.”

Several months ago, a video surfaced from 1995 showing a black-haired Holder stating that young people should be “brainwashed” into forfeiting their Second Amendment right to own a firearm.  Some people believe that Holder and Obama intended Fast & Furious to act as a deterrent to firearm ownership in the U.S.

Update, June 13, 2012, 11:15 EDT:  Information provided by Sipsey Street Irregulars, which has reported extensively on the Fast & Furious operation, states that one or two “high-level” informants from the Department of Justice who report to Eric Holder have approached Issa with new details of the failed program.  A source is quoted as having said, “If this comes out before the (contempt) vote (on 20 June), then Holder is toast.”

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  1. I am with you, Martha! It’s way past time for We The People to act FURIOUS.

    What kind of people are we to watch a USURPER destroy our country? I have been watching this circus for nearly 4 years and I think that’s long enough.

    The Republican Party is not any better than the Democratic Party. All of them sold us out, including our Military.

    If We The People don’t take a stand soon, we can kiss America, the land of the Free and Brave “good bye!”

  2. A lot of Veterans died to stand for what America is about. But did they just die for “freedom”? Many people died to serve their country, their fellow veterans and chain of command. Many Vets also feel that we died for the “suits” in DC that gave orders to the Military in their job titles. Many of the “suits” were Veterans but too many never served and couldn’t care less about Military service, patriotism, Special Ops Teams risking their lives every hour around the world to serve America’s interests, active duty personnel being in dangerous jobs every day, just the entire Military organization. My point? When you have been behind the scenes and have raised your hand to swear to serve you understand what responsibility and accountability is about and what the costs would be if you were not doing what you were supposed to be doing. Do you think the majority of people running DC think about being responsible or are they more concerned about parties, lifestyles, spending money on good times, self indulgence and banking money than they are doing their job? The answer is obvious but the job performance is proof in the pudding and having parasitic “suits” sucking blood from the taxpayers, military and other income sources is not good business. In business, when you lose money, you try to eliminate the source of loss or at least minimize the cause for loss. We need to do the same in DC.

  3. Other notes from the Fast & Furious hearing:
    In later testimony when asked where all the requested documents were, Holder stated that the dog ate them. Holder was then asked what became of the dog and he said Obama ate him.

    This testimony has not been verified but it does sound reasonable based on the cast of characters in the play.

  4. The Fast and Furious “investigation” has all the earmarks of a penultimate grandstand.

    Issa will keep it going into November. Everyone will have a turn to bloviate before the main stream media. The pols, of all flavors, will gain political capital and Holder will walk.

    If this were not so, Holder would have been charged and removed months ago. We are being victimized by the Demopublican party, the single party of two halves that controls all activity in the swamp and is beyond the control of We the People.


    Either Holder fully complies, OR HE IS FIRED. Period.

    If not, EVERY Congressional member who goes along with this OUTRAGEOUS INSULT to our Constitutional Republic MUST be fired as well.

    Time for We The People to act FURIOUS.

  6. Lets make a deal? Where’s the deal for millions of Americans that are losing everything they have worked for or own? This criminal group has made fools of the American citizens and they have been enabled to steal record amounts of whatever money or other “interests” they had. Treason, Perjury and Election Fraud enabled by Princess Pelosi are still the banner headlines. Their sneering arrogance may change but we will have to see it to believe it and so far we haven’t seen much but rhetoric and smiles. Seeing our Judicial totally corrupted is bad enough but to see the Constitution completely nullified and ignored is a sight for sore eyes, maybe a stick in both eyes would seem better. What would really seem good would be to see them all hanging on ropes for the crimes they have committed. It’s not easy to ruin a country, they have worked very hard for this moment. How should they be rewarded? The Constitution is very clear about that but since it isn’t allowed to be used the punishment remains to be seen.