Winds of Change

by Bob Gotti, ©2008-2012

As we see the winds of change, the Word of God remains the same,
The Eternal Word of God was written, by His Spirit not to be smitten,
By man’s darkened philosophy, as it was penned in Light of Eternity,
As man can change in many ways, the scripture in God’s Word stays.

The Eternal God shall not change, even in times which men rearrange,
Around the moral shift of those, who don’t believe in Christ who rose,
Changes that lead to moral slide, with darker views many do not hide,
Leading men to radical change, viewed by God is darker than strange.

Standing opposed to a Holy God, they shall face His Righteous Rod,
As they turn down the darker way, along with all they manage to sway;
For change isn’t always best, especially when putting God to the test,
When changing God’s moral decree, His Righteous wrath all shall see.

We have but one maker my friend, and one eternal law, come the end,
Divinely decreed before our start, inscribed by God, upon every heart,
And it’s the dark rebellious souls, that scoff and mock His moral laws,
Laws which are unchangeable as He, The Lord above, Who all will see.

Men seem to think, as they dream, approaching a dangerous scheme,
Today God is no longer relevant, nor are The Scriptures, that He sent,
Bringing to pass a much darker time, with a change of Eternal Design,
As God separates darkness of men, eternally, from those Born Again.

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