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by Bob Russell, ©2012, blogging at Conservative Daily News

(Jun. 12, 2012) — I had an experience this last weekend that affirmed my concern for the future of this nation.  The Oklahoma State Republican Party had a special State Committee Meeting concerning charges of corruption and voting irregularities at the 1st District Convention in Tulsa back in April.  The Ron Paul delegation felt they were disenfranchised by the way the convention was administered.  This has been in contention since then and has not been resolved yet.  At our regularly scheduled meeting in May, on the day before the state convention, this issue was brought up and discussed ad nauseum.  When time came to vote to affirm the 1st District results, or tell them to reconvene, the matter was tabled to be brought up at the convention the next day.

The issue was never addressed at the convention as problems with certifying delegates sent everything into a tail spin of controversy with rules being ignored and general chaos ensuing, resulting in the Ron Paul delegation convening their own convention in the parking lot at the end of the day.  My weekend of May 11-12, 2012 (Oklahoma State Committee Meeting and Convention) would have been more productive if I had stayed at home and hit myself with a hammer all weekend.  It was the most despicable example of political maneuvering that I have ever witnessed.  It was very apparent to me that rules did not matter, parliamentary procedures did not matter, and the general attitude of those running the convention was that Romney is the nominee and nothing else matters.  Romney was not the nominee in spite of Governor Mary Fallin claiming he was, a statement which was greeted with loud boos and only made things worse.  It was all down hill from there as chaos reigned and nothing got done.

Move forward to the June 9, 2012 State Committee meeting.  It was called to resolve the 1st District Convention issue and became more of the same.  Both sides presented their cases before a vote was taken by the assembled committee members.  The State Committee consists of the party chairmen and vice-chairman from each of the 77 counties plus a state committee man and woman from each county.   I don’t know how many were actually there but I know many were not attending.  I might as well have stayed home also the way things turned out.

The issue of concern to me is how the process finished up after both sides had given their two cents worth.  During the question and answer period that went on for way too long, I asked if I could present a motion.  I was told “not yet” by Chairman Matt Pinnell.  When the time for questions was up and Pinnell called for motions I raised my hand to present my motion.  Although I was within 30 feet of the chairman he called on Carolyn McCarty, the National Committee Woman, who was standing in the very back of the room.  She presented the same motion I intended to present 15 minutes or so before.  The vote was taken and it was decided to accept the 1st District results.  Jake Peters, the representative of the Paul contingency, stated that he would take this to the National Committee and bring it up at the convention if necessary.

I was told after the meeting that Mrs. McCarty had been asked in advance to propose a motion in support of the 1st District results.  This shows me that everything was worked out in advance and the meeting was a slam dunk for keeping the establishment intact and preventing any semblance of conservatism from gaining a foothold in the party in Oklahoma.  It was apparent to me that no one outside of the establishment would be given any place in this circus.

I believe I was ignored because I am a frequent critic of the activities of the Republican Party, at both state and national levels, and  they did not want to take the chance that I might make a motion to stand with the Paulbots although I have made it widely known that I don’t support their candidate or their tactics.

This is the problem I see with the Republican Party.  They are not responsive to We the People unless we stand with the establishment.  Conservatism was run out of the party many years ago and will not be allowed back in without a fight to the death.  New World Order globalists own the party at the national level and anyone wanting to gain ground at the state level must follow the dictates of the RNC.

Our nation is in critical condition and fading fast.  The elections in November, if they are allowed to occur, will be a farce of the highest order.  Both parties are likely to do everything, fair or fowl, to win.  With the current leadership of the Republican Party we can look forward to more of the New World Order agenda should Romney win.  New World Order globalism will be the order of the day and those who stand for freedom and the Constitution will not have a voice in the future of this once great nation, regardless of which party wins.  Sadly, I see the demise of liberty perpetrated by both political parties in their quest for personal power over We the People.  Neither party represents the citizens of this nation, nor will either allow the citizens any voice in government short of another Revolutionary War.  Only those willing to bow before politicians and sell their freedom need apply.  Obama, Reid, and Pelosi or Romney, McConnell, and Boehner; either way We the People lose.  Dictatorship and tyranny are on the doorstep, prepare for the worst.

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  1. Any Election Anywhere in the U.S.A.??~IF, and a doubtful that IN/IF in any case will prove TOTALLY USELESS!!
    In the first place, I fully expect that IF NOT before, there will be a “Different Piece of Candy in our Halloween Bag”, called “Martial Law by “Executive Order!!”, and that ANY and ALL Elections will be SUSPENDED and declared Null & Void.
    King “O” has enough “Provable FLACK” against him now, and the Demolishing of “Constitutional Law” by Fiat will continue so that there will be few options left open!!
    “Hang On Sloopy, Hang On~Thar’s a Mighty Squall a’Brew’in, Secure Gear, Batten-Down all Hatches~Man ‘Yer Storm-Stations!!