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by Sharon Rondeau

Are we being lied to?

(Jun. 11, 2012) — Earlier today, A White House reporter tweeted that Obama and his wife were scheduled to attend their elder daughter’s graduation from eighth grade this evening, but there are no photos of the event, and a search yields two completely unrelated articles.  There is nothing mentioning Malia today.

The Yahoo! search engine is showing virtually nothing of Obama’s activities today. UPI reported Obama’s schedule as “U.S. President Obama has meetings and interviews Monday, the White House said.  The daily schedule indicates Obama will:…”

Is there doubt in reporters’ minds about whether or not Obama will fulfill the obligations on his schedule?  Obama is said to have lunch with putative Vice President Joe Biden frequently, and his weekends appear to exclude public appearances.  Why?

Search requests for news about Obama resulted in such unrelated photos dated today but captioned “Betty White Visits the White House.”  Why?
Update, June 12, 2012:  Betty White, who has endorsed Obama, reportedly visited with him yesterday, but there is no news of what they discussed.

Obama was scheduled to give some interviews with media anchors which were “closed press.”  Of the interviews scheduled with various markets, only one seems to be available during which Obama stated that “the Republican Party” had vowed not to raise taxes, which he said made it “difficult” for him to enact his agenda to create jobs.

At today’s White House press briefing, Press Secretary Jay Carney gave the impression that Commerce Secretary John Bryson has a medical condition which might explain the traffic accidents for which Bryson is being investigated with a “felony hit-and-run.”  Carney stated, “We’re obviously concerned about the incident, concerned about Secretary Bryson’s health-related issues that played a role in this incident, and we’re still gathering information about it.”

How did Carney know that there were “health-related issues” involved in the accidents on Saturday?  How did knowledge of a “preexisting medical condition” reach a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy before the Commerce Department made its statement on Monday morning?

When a reporter then asked, “Can you tell us whether the President was aware the Secretary had a medical condition that made him prone to seizures?” Carney replied, “I have nothing on that for you.”

Forty-eight hours later, no medical doctor caring for Bryson has confirmed that Bryson had a seizure on Saturday evening.  To the knowledge of The Post & Email, the U.S. Department of Commerce was the first source to report that Bryson had had a seizure at some point during the two accidents.  News reports are stating that police officers called to the scene said that “it was not clear to them if he was having any kind of medical problem.”

After a person has a seizure for the first time, normally extensive testing is done to determine the cause and nature of treatment, if any, to be administered.  Seizures can have numerous causes.  Medication levels must be stabilized over time for seizures to come under control.

CNN reported late this evening that Bryson is now on “medical leave,” although several hours prior, the same source reported that Bryson had returned to work.  Whether or not Obama spoke with Bryson today or since the accidents has not been made public.

For many months, Obama’s schedule has not been made known more than one day at a time.  Why is that?

Also on June 11, the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee announced that it has scheduled to vote on whether or not it considers putative Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for failing to turn over thousands of pages of documents requested by the committee last fall over the “Fast & Furious” gunrunning operation which ultimately killed hundreds of Mexican citizens and at least two U.S. Border Patrol agents.

Holder has admitted that the program used “inappropriate tactics” but has denied having knowledge of it.  An informant, or perhaps several “whistleblowers,” have reportedly been leaking information from the U.S. Justice Departent to Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the committee regarding wiretap applications made in regard to the failed gunrunning initiative.

White House Press Secretary Carney stated today that Holder is taking the results of Fast & Furious “very seriously.”

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  1. “Riding A Dead Horse”
    A Dakota tribal wisdom says that when you discover you are riding a dead horse,the best strategy is to dismount.In business,or government they often try other stategies with dead horses,including the following:
    1)Buy a stronger whip. 2)Change riders. 3)Say,”This is the way we have slways ridden dead horses.” 4)Appoint a committee to study the horse. 5) Arrange to visit other sites to see how they ride dead horses. 6)Lower the standards so that dead horses can be included. 7)Appoint a tiger team to revive the dead horse. 8)Create a training session to improve employee’s riding skills. 9)Study the state of dead horses in the environment. 10)Change the autopsy report and declare “The horse is too dead to ride.” 11)Do a time management study to see if lighter riders would improve productivity. 12)Call the dead horse a “joint venture” and let others ride it. 13)Kill all the other horses, so this one will look the same. 14)Declare that, since the horse is dead, we must now ride “smarter, not harder.” 15)Name the horse “paradigm Shift” and keep riding it. 16)Declare that the horse is not, in fact, dead, but poised for growth. 17)Promote the dead horse to a supervisory position.
    Sound familiar? It should and it’s been going on for years and years and is a real part of what is going on in DC, business, “news media”, talk shows, etc. Hope and Change we need but not from anyone in this criminal “administration”.