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by Lonnie B. Collett

Can a person with a foreign-citizen parent be considered a "natural born Citizen?"

(Jun. 9, 2012) — Thursday night on the Fox News Hannity show, Sen. Rand Paul announced that he was going to back Mitt Romney in the presidential election.  Evidently Rand’s father Ron is calling it quits and dropping out of the competition.  Several citizens had encouraged Rand to run for President prior to the primary election, but Rand stated that he would not compete against his father. Rand would be an excellent Vice President choice if Romney chose him as his second-in-command.

On several occasions, Sean Hannity has mentioned that he thinks Sen. Marco Rubio should be Romney’s pick for VP.  Others have mentioned Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.  According to our Constitution, neither is eligible to run for President or Vice President.  Although both their parents were in America legally, they were not American citizens prior to the birth of either. Rubio and Jindal may have had dual citizenship at birth.

Since both men’s parents came to America legally, Bobby and Marco could still be considered “anchor babies.”  According to the contemporary interpretation of the 14th Amendment, they are legally American citizens, but they are not natural born Citizens since their parents were not American citizens when they were born. They are eligible for everything other than becoming President or Vice President.

With Obama refusing to show his sealed records, having presented a fraudulent birth certificate and using the Social Security number of a deceased person, having changed his name to “Soetoro” as a child and more than likely having been born in Kenya, he was still fraudulently elected to the highest office in our government. Nothing would please the Democrats in Congress more than the selection of a Republican candidate being selected who is considered ineligible as well.

What is really sad is that according to our Constitution, it is possible that neither Obama nor McCain was eligible to run for President in the last presidential election.  Both knew that there were questions about their eligibility.  Nancy Pelosi concealed the fact, and sent out forms stating Obama was eligible to the state of Hawaii. The gullible state leaders obviously never questioned the nomination forms nor made the effort to verify Obama’s eligibility for themselves. Had they done so, we would not be in the situation of possibly losing our freedom and our Republic

We now know that our federal government consists of Socialists, Marxists and Communists.  We are being pushed daily towards One-World Government under the total control of the United Nations.

The majority of American citizens are not even aware of what is going on. When you have lived your whole life in freedom, even though you are seeing it being “changed” on a daily basis, it is hard to accept the fact that you are losing it.  You have no idea what you can do. We never thought that our federal government would end up being the enemy. How do you stop the power that controls all the strength of our Armed Forces?

We used to condemn third-world countries and now we have become a third-world country.  If it is not already too late, the only possible hope patriotic American citizens have in saving our Republic is for all 50 States to thoroughly vet each candidate.  No records can be kept sealed! Everything requested must be released for the American public to see. Within a reasonable amount of time,we must make the effort to legally remove all the corruption in our federal and state governments.

Presidential vetting should be completed by every state by the end of August, at least two months before the November election.  If just one state should find anything unconstitutional, it should automatically cause the other states to thoroughly re-investigate their findings until all states are in agreement.

We have unknowingly allowed the slime of corruption to ooze into our federal government until the majority of those in government accept and participate in it.

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  1. No one could have said it any plainer when you wrote –

    “We have unknowingly allowed the slime of corruption to ooze into our federal government until the majority of those in government accept and participate in it.?

    But the People have to know that any of the elected or appointed officials unknowingly do something that they are not allowed to do is an act of ‘Sedition’. Sedition is a revolt against legitimate authority, Ersk. Princ. Laws, Scotl. b. 4, t. 4, s. 14; Dig. Lib. 49, t. 16, 1. 3, §19.

    The lawful Citizens of the several Union states are the only “legitimate authority” for we are the only lawfully allowed Citizens to vote in the De jure Union state!