Wisconsin is Shouting to America


by Michael Master, ©2012

Gov. Scott Walker won a recall election on June 5, 2012

(Jun. 6, 2012) — Wisconsin is shouting to America.   While most of the media points to the money that Walker had for the campaign, they are deliberately ignoring the most important items that Wisconsin is shouting to America:

1.   Barrett received approximately 900,000 votes.   When the petitions for the recall were filed, the petitioners claimed that they had close to a million signatures.   The Walker team claimed that many of those signatures were bogus, but the state refused to investigate the claim and took the petitions as they were presented.   The Walker team claimed that “Mickey Mouse,” “Donald Duck,” people from outside of Wisconsin, and many dead people should be eliminated from the petitions which would leave the number of signatures insufficient.  Wouldn’t you expect Barrett to receive at least all the votes from those people who signed the petitions plus additional votes from the recall campaign?  Well, Barrett received fewer votes than the number on the petitions.  So that says to me that many of those signatures were actually bogus.   And that this recall election should probably not have occurred if the state had done its job of vetting the petitions.

2.  During the original demonstrations against Walker, the union employees (especially teachers) piled into the state capital buildings and kept the government from operating.   The Democrats on the state legislature fled the state so a quorum for legislation could not be achieved.   The media made America think that those demonstrators reflected the mood of all the people in Wisconsin.   Clearly, the outcome of this recall election shows that once again the media had painted a picture as something that it was not.

3.  Unions continued to push an agenda in Wisconsin that they claimed was what the people of Wisconsin wanted.  According to some news reports, union people were bussed into Wisconsin for election day, union people from outside of Wisconsin were making phone calls to voters in Wisconsin, and union people were instructed to help get out the vote against Walker.   If Walker had a money advantage, then Barrett had a union advantage.  And if Walker got money from outside of Wisconsin, then Barrett got union help from outside of Wisconsin that did not show up on a balance sheet that was probably worth as much as the Walker money.

4.  Before Walker, approximately 65,000 workers paid into the government union.  After Walker enacted laws that gave workers a choice, only about 28,000 workers chose to pay into the unions.   More than half of the people who were forced to pay into unions chose to opt out of making those payments when Walker gave them a choice … and that is point.   The payments to unions are just another tax on workers.   Unions, liberals, Democrats want mandated payments to help them survive.  And most of the people in Wisconsin do not.   When given a choice, Wisconsin chose to opt out.   That is freedom.

So now the political pundits are trying to apply what happened in Wisconsin to the rest of the country.   The liberal pundits argue that the Democrat loss in Wisconsin means nothing while the conservative pundits argue that this spells disaster for an Obama re-election.   They are all ignoring what is right in front of them.  If Wisconsin is a bellwether for the rest of America, then Wisconsin is telling us that:

–  Americans do not want to be forced to make government mandated or sanctioned payments … not to unions, not in taxes, and not for insurance.   Americans do not want Obamacare or any other government mandated payments.   Americans want less government and fewer taxes and fewer payments that maintain the ruling class in unions or in government.

–  The states and the Congress need to do a better job of vetting petitions, candidates, and voter rolls.   By ignoring what is so obvious about fraud, the state and federal governments are allowing abuses to the system.  Democracy suffers from those abuses.  Federal and local governments need purge non-citizens from the voting rolls … which is estimated to be about 3% of all registered voters by some organizations (Florida just published its findings).   And then candidates need to be vetted before the elections … like looking at Obama’s college documents, passports, and long form birth certificate.

Wisconsin just shouted to America.   Are we listening?

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  1. rog   Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 10:52 AM

    Just a correction on the number of votes.


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