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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

The U.S. Constitution did not grant law-making powers to the judiciary at any level

(Jun. 5, 2012) — [Editor’s Note:  The Post & Email has been reporting on the discovery made by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, who has been systematically exposing judicial corruption in the state of Tennessee for at least the last three years, that county criminal courts were ordered to cease their operations and reorganize into district courts in 1984.  Instead, the county judges defied the law and have continued to operate criminal courts which have sent hundreds, if not thousands, of Tennessee citizens to jails and state penitentiaries using illegally-constructed grand juries to indict and trial juries to convict.

Fitzpatrick had been researching the Tennessee Code Annotated to prepare for his own defense against a charge of alleged “tampering with government records” which it now appears was brought by not only defective charging documents containing forged signatures, but also because the county criminal court had no jurisdiction to advance any criminal charge because of the law passed by the General Assembly in 1984.

Today Fitzpatrick reported that he has been distributing the specific laws to members of the community, including the media.  On June 4, 2012, your editor discussed Fitzpatrick’s discovery on Presidential Candidate Dr. Laurie Roth’s radio show, The Roth Show.  LCDR Fitzpatrick will be Roth’s guest at 6:00 p.m. EDT/3:00 p.m. PDT on June 6, 2012.]

It’s in the community.  The sheriff has been notified.  If there was any response to be made to undermine or prove me wrong, it would have emerged by now.  There’s no need for the judge to come back and answer this on the 28th; we know now.  It’s been in the public arena for anybody to find that challenge, if it existed, to bring it up and advance it.  But I know that challenge does not exist.

Back in 1984, they reorganized the entire trial court system, and it wasn’t just one part of it.  There were some structural changes that you find throughout the law everywhere.  One structural component is congruent with the others.  It all, as a structure, stands very strongly.  It’s built on a strong foundation.  You can see that the county criminal courts were condemned actually since 1858, but it is all spelled out.  It’s a construction built with deliberation and intent.  It’s not just one part; it’s several parts that were reorganized.  It’s all in keeping with every other part of the statute.

So I know that challenge isn’t out there.  This is real.

Here in town, people are very worried about Agenda 21, and here is what I tell them:  One of the ways that people are going to be able to advance Agenda 21 is through the judges.  They make up their own law.  You’ve seen this already:  the Kelo decision at the Supreme Court.  The judges are running the country.

Right now, you have the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), as just one example, which has been declared unconstitutional in the first federal appellate district in Boston last week.  They’ve now said that the issue about the definition of marriage is going to the Supreme Court.  I was thinking to myself that I don’t need nine judges or any judge to tell me what marriage is.  The judges have way too much power.  Only about 3% of the population is homosexual, and the judges are redefining what marriage is because it’s politically sensitive.  And they’re going to make a decision on this based on the political activism of less than 3% of the population?

To come back to Agenda 21 and the concerns people have about it, the judges are making the kinds of decisions that judges were never, ever supposed to make.  If they can make these determinations and policies, they are making laws from the bench.  If they’re being given the kind of power that’s going to define the word “marriage” for people who don’t need them to define that word, then they can also define what “personal property” is.  They can take any word or phrase or understanding that we have from our Biblical or common-law understanding and change everything.  That’s what’s going on here in real terms.  It’s a power grab of extraordinary breadth and scope.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Titanic,” there is a scene in the movie of the evening when the ship hits the iceberg.  In the moment before that part of the movie develops, there is a scene like the view that God had of the ship.  You’re way high in the sky, and you’re looking down at this very dark and vast panorama, which is the sea, and this little dot, which is the royal mail ship Titanic, is steaming towards her fate.  It represents that the ship is a very, very small part of the immense ocean.  It gives you a perspective and appreciation that is global.  The reason I say that is that this issue in Tennessee may represent a very small part of the expansive issue that we’re facing here, but from that global view, this expanse of sea that we’re looking at, it’s not just that little dot.  We’re looking at millions of little dots.  It’s like when the space shuttle flies over a city, and they tell everybody, “Turn on your lights,” and the astronauts can see all the lights from the city.  Pretend that there are millions of ships on the sea with these lights.  The point that I’m making is that the judges affect our lives in every aspect that you’d ever want to take a look at:  Agenda 21, marriage, property rights…We see what they’re doing here in real time.

The way they’ve done it is that they’ve taken away the power of presentment from the grand juries; they’ve taken over the grand juries.  They’re running their own government, and if they’re running their own government, then they can install any aspect of government that they want.  They can make this a law; they can make that a law; if you step on the crack in the sidewalk or if you try to fight Agenda 21 that’s coming in, they are going to lock you up and put you in prison and silence you that way.  So over any aspect of this that you want to raise up, the judges now have complete control, and it is much, much larger than this little dot, Walt Fitzpatrick.

There are justices on the Supreme Court – Justice Ginsberg – who go overseas and condemn the U.S. Constitution as being defective – “Don’t use our constitution in Egypt because it’s deficient.”  And this is the same argument that Col. William Winthrop laid out in his book back in the late 1800s.  It’s the same thing; the U.S. Constitution is being condemned.  The U.S. is being internationalized.  I could go on and on about how I see that happening, but one of the ways that it’s happening is through our judges who are trying to internationalize our laws.  If they’re allowed to write any law that they want and then to enforce it – and that’s what’s going on – you have a  combination of power in the judiciary that was never, ever meant to be.  They’re making the laws and enforcing their own laws and they are disobeying the statute laws which they are supposed to follow under our system, the one we recognize constitutionally.  This is what’s going on, and that’s the kind of power that they’re exercising right now.  And that’s what we have as an example here in Tennessee.

Now it just so happened that we came upon this because of things that are happening to me, but we have to take a look at the larger dimensions, the larger meaning of this, and how it applies to all of us.  It’s just breathtaking.   There was a WorldNetDaily article by Bob Unruh about the Tennessee Supreme Court in which the judges stated some time ago that “liberty” does not mean physical liberty.  We can appreciate now, in the context of what we know the Tennessee Supreme Court is doing in concert with the appellate courts and state criminal courts, that we have a judiciary in the state of Tennessee which gives us a model unlike anything that we have anyplace else in the country that shows how the judges are running their own government.  In their government, “liberty,” like “marriage,” has a different meaning that what we would commonly understand or appreciate.  They’re changing the way this country works by changing the definition of the words on which we based our government.  That’s one way that they’re changing the government.  They use words that we think we know the meaning of, such as “sovereign.”  This is a trend, a tactic; it’s right there.  We’re looking at it right now.  When you understand and appreciate that you have outside influences that are not American and they’re motivated to destroy the country by using its internal structure, one of which is the judiciary, although we have found it in the Executive branch where they’re installed their own figurehead, Mr. Obama, into that position, working with law enforcement and the judiciary, we are in very, very serious trouble.

Our defense is to recognize what’s going on, recognize our enemy.  We now know what our enemy looks like, almost completely.  Then apply that to the global view that if they can do this, they can do anything they want, and that’s the concern for anyone who is trying to get back to our constitutional form of government.  It’s gone!  And now we know how.

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  1. Take serious heed to the intelligent words of LTCDR Fitzpatrick. This is not a joke, to some young and inexperienced or the socialist driven agendists, this may be funny. To those over 35 years of age and with actual life experience, the seriousness of this has endless depth. Those trying to reinvent the wheel as a great discovery will be in for a great shock when they find the wheel is still round. 3.14 still stands in math circles and the end result of this hanky panky in the current criminal administration will have far reaching effects for many years to come enslaving entire populations beyond any past attempts at corporate/government control but at a level that will be out of control of the average citizen or taxpayer. Majority vote is still the rule, if there are more Muslims here which we are enabling now with new welfare laws and minority entitlement giveaway packages, enentually, they will outnumber/outvote the other “Americans” and they will have their choice of control by vote. It is only a matter of time and breeding with multiple wives and allowing Sharia Law to pass in America will eventually put the Arab Brotherhood Of Muslims running the show just like Greece. Is this what America wants? Why are they allowing them to be enabled into uncontrolled power? They allowed two Muslims to enter and control the White House, take over and operate unblamed for three years. Bari Malik Shabazz and Eric Holder. Why are they still there?

  2. The failure of the grand jury/jury processes is much more basic than we realize. The jurors are basically clueless as to what their responsibilities actually are. The Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA)has the initiative of educating citizens as to what grand juries are for and what their power is, e.g. jury nullification. They do not reach a significant cross section of citizens. This message must be disseminated as widely as possible.

    And all of this is what Walt says. It is the judges who control the process. They don’t allow a defense attorney to instruct the jury on jury nullification. They won’t allow a juror to be seated who is familiar with this process. They condone a district attorney sitting with jurors during deliberation.

    It is up to the small informed few to get the word out on the lost fourth branch of government.

  3. We need to put some teeth into the Oath of Office. We need to make it hurt for all office holders and judges to perpetrate any action considered contrary to defense of the U.S. against foreign or domestic enemies, such as Justice Ginsberg’s utterly un-American statement.

    Also, I wonder what would happen if Grand Juries all around the country simply began closing their Jury room doors to district attorneys? If we could do these two actions, hardened Oaths of Office and district attorneys out of Grand Jury rooms, we would return power to We, The People.