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by Ron Ewart, ©2012

(Jun. 3, 2012) — “You ask people what their ethnicity is, and a lot of Scots-Irish people either don’t know or if they know it they just don’t acknowledge it.  It’s not something they really identify with.  They’re just plain old Americans, plain vanilla.  I don’t think they are a self-conscious voting bloc.” — John Shelton Reed, author, sociologist and essayist

“If only we could be just “plain old Americans” instead of voting blocks like African-Americans, Latino Americans, Asian Americans, Indian Americans, Arab Americans, poor Americans, or senior citizen Americans.”  — Ron Ewart

We are not smarter than anyone else.  Our intelligence level is about average for the generally educated population.  If we see things differently, it may be because we have seen life through a wider prism than others, or from a broader perspective and for a significantly long period of time.  We have chosen to be interested in almost everything, rather than having focused on a single career choice, like many people do.  Our powers of observation, coupled with our wider interest in all things, along with our intellect and intuition, allow us to paint a picture of reality that may escape many Americans today.  It is through this prism and this wider interest that we describe what we have seen, heard and read over the last three-quarters of a century regarding the issues of American ethnicity.  We have purposely avoided this issue for many years and for obvious reasons as it so emotionally charged, but we just can’t hold back any longer.

In the interest of full disclosure, we are the product of “white” European ancestry.  In fact, our particular clan came from the loins of the longest reigning Prime Minister of England, one William Ewart Gladstone.  But this is not a claim we like to make too often, as it turns out the human “product” of Gladstone came from his mistress not his wife.  When the “product” was discovered, like most politicians Gladstone swept the whole “affair” under the rug by quietly shipping the mistress and the “product” of their affair to the new world.  The mistress and the “product” eventually end up in Kansas and took Gladstone’s middle name as their own.  It is purported that the “product” grew up and ran with the Dalton Gang, but we haven’t been able to confirm this vicious, unsubstantiated rumor.   There were apparently some other scoundrels in the clan that left a trail of a few tears across the Western U. S., or so our rather colorful family tree tells us.  Name a family tree without a few scoundrels or skeletons and we’ll turn sand into gold through the magic of alchemy.

Because our clan has been here for at least seven generations, we consider ourselves to be American-Americans, not European Americans, unlike the African-American, the Latino-American, the Asian-America or any other hyphenated American name.  Just a question ….. if you are an African, Latino, or Asian American, how then can you claim to be an American?   In this article we will not be using hyphenated names for the different ethnic groups.

But getting back to the subject of this column, there are six major ethnic (non-white) groups in America; Black, Latino, American Indian, Asian, India Indians and Arabs of the Middle East and they come from every continent except Antarctica.  Many of these ethnic groups have been in America for several generations.  Some are new arrivals.  Some were in America long before the European Whites started migrating from Europe in the late 16th and early 17th Centuries.  In Part 1 of this column, we will take up two of the ethnic groups, the American Indian and the Latino.  In Part II we will endeavor to take on the Black and Asian ethnic groups.  In this two-part series we will not be addressing the Indians of India, nor the Arabs of the Middle East.  We’ll save these for a later column.

Most of the lands of the United States of America were paid for in dollars and in blood.  Sure, we bought millions of acres from the French and a few million more from the Mexicans, but let’s face it, we took and tamed most of the land by force.  It was a continent to be conquered and we conquered it.  Along the way we made some terrible mistakes that, upon a second look, were outright atrocities.  But the fact is today, America owns it all, in spite of what we did.  The wars are over and the atrocities and injustices are behind us – well, most of us.

Probably the greatest injustice perpetrated on one ethnic group by White European émigrés was the American Indian.  They fought bravely against the incoming hordes of settlers and the ever-advancing military, but the Indians were divided amongst the various tribes and had been fighting with each other since they came across the Bering Land bridge from Russia.  Before the Europeans ever got here, the continent was a tribal war zone.  But the overwhelming force of the American military was just too much for all of the tribes and they had no choice but to lay down their arms and proceed to the reservations.  The American military pursued the great war chief, Chief Joseph, across several western states until he quit running and uttered those immortal words:  “From this day forward, I shall fight no more forever.

The next injustice we did to them was to steal their kids from their parents and put them in schools to “train” the Indian out of them.  That was probably the idea of some American Christians who have been trying to convert tribal cultures into God fearing ones all across the planet, with sometimes tragic outcomes.  This project to reprogram the Indian into good little white folk is one of their more glaring failures.

For decades the Indians hated all white Americans and vowed to get even, one way or another.  In reparations for our injustices we gave them land, food and money.  They squandered all three for well into the 20th Century while we cheated, starved and robbed them.  As an example of their mismanagement of what was given to them, the 13 Alaskan Native tribes received millions of dollars and millions of acres of land from the federal government.  Half of the 13 Alaskan Native tribes went broke in risky business ventures, promoted by their White money managers who took the Indians to the cleaners.  The Indians ended up squandering the money they received from the government, when they could have used it to exploit the vast mineral riches of the millions of acres of land they got for free.

Then one day one of them got a bright idea on how to get even.  All they had to do was to exploit the White man’s weakness for gambling and casinos started popping up on sovereign Indian land all across the lower 48 states.  These victims of American atrocities are laughing all the way to the bank.  The Indians may still hate the White man for what he did to them and for good reason, but they are now sucking reparations from the White man each time a White man pulls the handle of a one-arm bandit, or bets on a hand in a poker game.  Even with all these riches from their gambling income,  the Bureau of Indian Affairs still subsidizes the American Indian for a whole host of services to the tune of billions of dollars.

The Puyallup Indian tribe of Pierce County, WA won a huge settlement over disputed Indian land and received in excess of $160,000,000 from the American taxpayer.  Now that is what we call getting even.  They started their own casino on very expensive waterfront land they got from the settlement and have done extremely well.  (Source: http://www.historylink.org/index.cfm?DisplayPage=output.cfm&file_id=7969)

But the sad truth is, in spite of their new-found wealth, the American Indian has done little to assimilate into American culture and they are still highly dependent on the American taxpayer, through the bosom of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and other federal agencies.  (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bureau_of_Indian_Affairs)

Then we have the Latinos, or Mexican Americans.

From one source (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hispanic_and_Latino_Americans) we learn that: “Hispanics or Latinos constitute 16.3% of the total United States population, or 50.5 million people.   Hispanic or Latino Americans are Americans with origins in the countries of Latin America and Spain and in general all persons in the United States who self-identify as Hispanic or Latino.  Reflecting especially the Latin American population, which has origins in all the continents and many ancestries, Hispanic/Latino Americans are very racially diverse, of and as a result form an ethnic category, rather than a race.  While the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, “Hispanic” is a narrower term which only refers to persons of Spanish-speaking origin or ancestry, while “Latino” is more frequently used to refer more generally to anyone of Latin American origin or ancestry, including Brazilians.”

The Latino has been a fixture of the American culture since well before the days of “Remember the Alamo.”  They inhabited portions of America’s Southwest and contributed significantly to agriculture and other endeavors requiring hard work.   They still are.

Once again, like the American Indian, many Latinos are angry and resentful over the taking of their perceived ancestral lands of the southwest and still cling to thoughts of reclaiming it.  Latinos were not given reservations to live on, or monetary reparations for the loss of their homeland, like the American Indian.  They were just shoved out of the way to fend for themselves.

But there are two glaring issues we must raise with the Latino population.  The first of course is the issue of illegal immigrants flooding into this country by the millions, attracted here by the magnets of the welfare state and greedy employers who exploit illegal immigrants at low wages and poor living conditions that require subsistence from the government.  The truth is, if the American welfare state was not available to them and if the federal government cracked down heavily on employment of illegal immigrants as they have a solemn duty to do, the magnets would go away and illegal crossings would slow to a trickle.  In fact, there would be a reverse migration occurring.  Drug trafficking would still go on however, because of the insatiable appetite for mind-altering drugs by intellectually and emotionally challenged Americans, drugs that scramble their intellect and burn their brains.

The second issue is the Latino lock-step march towards the Democrat party, an issue we will also take up in Part II of this series regarding the Black vote.  Unfortunately, through government-sponsored, ever-expanding entitlement programs to buy votes, we have become a culture of “what can we get for free from the government.”  That mindset makes a fix to our financial and social problems almost impossible without us first going broke, or starting a civil war, or a even revolution, primarily due to our political divides.   The current entitlement culture is totally unsustainable and will go over a cliff in fairly short order, just like Greece and other European countries who took socialism to its ultimate end, bankruptcy and societal collapse.  So the Latinos, by voting in lock-step with the Democrats, are only hastening their eventual demise when government entitlement programs run out of “other people’s money” to spread around.  But, like the Blacks in our society, the Latinos are going to game as much money out of the system until it goes broke ….. the future of their kids and America as a free society, be damned.

Latinos on the whole have continued their Central and South American culture in the U. S. without much assimilation.  The English language is not their language of choice and Spanish continues to be prevalent in many Latino populations.   But we’d like to put this in contrast.  Back in the 70’s we took a job in Chicago as an insurance agent.  Our territory was the north side of Chicago.  They call America the melting pot, but in our two-square-mile territory there had to exist at least 18 different European nations.  Their individual cultures were in great evidence with specific demarcation lines and their language was that of the European nation from which they came.  This hardly is an example of assimilation.

As a function of percentages, the Latino population, like the Black population in America, is more dependent on government subsidies, handouts and welfare than the Asian or White populations.  Many have exchanged their personal pride and the natural desire for self-reliance, for a few “pieces of silver” that robs them of their dignity and humanity.  But keep in mind that most Latinos come from socialist countries and have a socialist mindset.  Therefore, it is natural for them to vote in this country to keep all the “free stuff” flowing to them.  Unfortunately, the American Indian and the Latinos, legal or illegal, are a huge drain on the American economy due to their heavy dependency on government.

Now if you want to get another perspective on this problem of the Latino in America, we encourage you to read the current article by Pat Buchanan “HERE“.  The statistics he articulates do not portend well for a free and prosperous America.

So we close with this:  America is a great country full of diverse cultures and different languages that may in some ways be our strength but also contribute to our weakness.  A country of different cultures is a country of division.  A country of division, like America is today, is a country that is destined to fail.  The differences in cultural ethnicity and language can only contribute to our ultimate failure if non-assimilation and dependency continue to grow.

America has two foundations that are the under lament of its great strength, its wealth, its prosperity and its generosity.  The first is the constitution that binds us to the rule of law and the principles of freedom and the second is our language.  However, if we are divided in the rule of law and our language and we are without honor and adherence to constitutional principles, there can be no fix to our national problems.   Perhaps that honor comes from our cultural belief in God, or perhaps honor is just pragmatic when it comes to the affairs of man, if we expect to live in peace with one another.   It all depends on the individual’s personal perspective and beliefs.

Part II of this series will be published on June 17th, as the Parallax Prophecies is taking a hiatus on the weekend of June 10th, when it would normally be published.

Are you an armchair patriot, or do you really want to make a difference?  Are you ready to shake up the status quo?  Watch this summer for the launching of the ORDCA.

Ron Ewart, President


P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027

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