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by Ron Ewart, ©2012

(May 27, 2012) —“During the 20th Century, on average 20,000 people died from earthquakes each year, planet-wide.  That equals 2,000,000 deaths from earthquakes.  In the same 100-year period, man’s inhumanity to man killed at least 160,000,000 people from wars and at least another 100,000,000 people died at the brutal hands of despots, dictators and insane madmen.  Earthquakes occur due to the buildup of immense pressure in the Earth’s crust’s subduction zones and fault lines being released all at once.  The massive deaths of the people at the hand of man occurred mostly because of the immense pressure built up between the people and the insane psyches of narcissistic men, in the lust of and their quest for, absolute power.”  — Ron Ewart

Everyone knows how to snap their fingers.  You just place your thumb on your middle finger, exert some pressure, then suddenly exert sideways pressure on your thumb and rapidly slide it off your middle finger.  A loud snap occurs when your middle finger hits the palm of your hand.  However, try it, but this time with only a little pressure between your thumb and middle finger.  There will only be a slightly audible snap, if any.  But increase the pressure between your thumb and middle finger and the snap gets louder in direct proportion to the pressure your thumb exerts on your middle finger and the speed at which your thumb and middle finger separate.  So the audible snap is heard because of the force of the pressure and the speed at which the pressure is released.  It’s intuitive.

What causes earthquakes?:

“The earth’s surface is made up of huge plates and the boundaries of those plates are made up of many faults.  Most of the earthquakes around the world occur on these faults. Since the edges of the plates are rough, they get stuck while the rest of the plate keeps moving. Finally, when the plate has moved far enough, the edges un-stick on one of the faults and there is an earthquake.  While the edges of faults are stuck together, and the rest of the block is moving, the energy that would normally cause the blocks to slide past one another is being stored up as potential energy. When the force of the moving blocks finally overcomes the friction of the jagged edges of the fault and it un-sticks, all that potential energy is released as kinetic energy, in a very short period of time. That energy radiates rapidly outward in all directions from the epicenter of the event in the form of seismic waves, like ripples on a pond. The seismic waves shake the earth as they move through it, and when the waves reach the earth’s surface, they shake the ground and anything on it, like our houses, our buildings and us!”   (source)

Take note of the fact that the seismic waves are released because of the “pressure(potential energy) that is built up between the two sides of the fault lines.  The severity of the quake depends on the amount of pressure that has built up and the speed at which the pressure is released.  There are other factors, such as the depth of the quake, but the lions share of the damaging energy comes from the amount of pressure and the speed of release of that pressure.  When the pressure of the two opposing sides of the fault line reach a certain point, they move suddenly.  The trigger of the quake is when the friction yields to the building pressure of the two sides trying to move.

Societal earthquakes occur in much the same way as planetary earthquakes.  Pressure builds between two opposing sides.  There is friction because of man’s natural, innate desire to live free and in peace.  The pressure occurs when an opposing force (despot, dictator, madman, or government tyranny) tries to relieve man of his natural desires.  When the pressure of one opposing side exceeds the friction from the side desiring to live free and in peace, a societal earthquake occurs and manifests itself in the form of economic instability, recessions, depressions, riots, world wars, civil wars, or even revolution.

But what if the opposing forces are not the despot, the dictator, or a madman?  What if the opposing forces are two different, unyielding sides of society itself, egged on by a government that increases its power by inciting those differences?  The societal earthquake that was our Civil War resulted from the buildup of pressure between two different, unyielding sides of the North and South, egged on by the now two governments who used those two different, unyielding sides to further increase the power of the two governments.  The power of the federal government (the North) resulting from the aftermath of the Civil War was increased dramatically from that war and has been increasing ever since.

Now, long after the wounds of the Civil War have healed (if they really have), the government again incites the differences between people by using the power of the government to take the fruits of labor from one side, by the force of law, almost at the point of a gun, and giving those fruits to the other side.  The side receiving the fruits begins to believe that those fruits are a right and opposes the side producing the fruits from attempting to cut off the receiving side’s largess.  And they can do it, too.  All they have to do is to vote for those politicians who promise to keep stealing the fruits of one side and giving it to the other side.  Like the two opposing sides of a fault line that eventually result in an earthquake, the pressure begins to build.   The only thing holding back a civil war between the two opposing sides today, is the friction of man’s natural, innate desire to live free and in peace.  However, what happens when the building pressure overcomes that friction?  What happens when government policies, designed purposely to divide the people, ends up bankrupting the nation?  A societal earthquake happens and when it happens, government increases its power once again and the two opposing sides are but involuntary pawns to that power.  Freedom evaporates, society crumbles and goes to war all because despots, dictators, madmen, or government tyrants try to relieve man of his natural desire to live free and in peace.

Remember, the severity of an event, like an earthquake, is proportional to the force of the pressure and the speed at which the pressure is released.  But what if the pressure is built up over a long period of time and the pressure is released at a very slow speed, by a deliberate act of government?   What if the deliberate act is done covertly and in secret?  Any potential damage to society is limited to an imperceptible amount and goes unnoticed by the people.  What if the deliberate act by government is done, say over a 100-year period?  Who will notice?  Only those in government will notice and they will be laughing over how they duped the public and made them think that what is happening is the natural progression of things.  This describes the Progressive movement to a tea.

The truth is, for at least a century, the government, in cooperation with the Rockefeller Foundation, JP Morgan and other philanthropic organizations, coupled with left-leaning colleges like the University of Chicago (Rockefeller) and Harvard University, have been conducting psychological studies and research on how to control people through their subconscious minds.  The results of those studies have found their way into industrial psychology, mass marketing, managerial training, government employee brainwashing and indoctrination, public education and even enabling legislation.  Much of it is embedded in your children’s K-12 and college education.  (Source: Dr. Robert N. Crittenden’s book entitled, “Politics of Change”, Chapter 13, “The New Deal”)

In short, the government, in collusion with central banks and international elites, divides the people so that they will turn their aggression on each other, while the government plans and implements every global wish list of the international elite and moneychangers, spearheaded by the hopelessly corrupt United Nations.  In fact, currently, there is a fascist, covert takeover of America occurring right now by the United Nations through the anti-American policies of Agenda 21 and these policies are being fully sanctioned by your government.  There is no friction because most of the public is totally unaware of what is going on.   Consequently, there is no pressure building up from the government’s actions because the public believes that what is happening is for their own good, or for the good of the environment, or so the people have been told for decades.

In reality, the whole thing is a ruse to embed anti-American policies into the American culture, American law and American institutions.  You are being purposely manipulated and controlled by your government and you don’t have a clue.   Whatever you think you believe is probably wrong.  It has been purposely put in your mind by a government that fully intends to eventually control every aspect of your life.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is absolute power.

One of the paths to absolute power is United Nations Agenda 21.  Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center, gave a speech to the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association in Las Vegas, NV on January 20, 2012, wherein he described in detail this covert takeover of America by the United Nations through the policies of Agenda 21 and how these policies were infiltrated into American law with the complete cooperation and assistance of two presidents  (Bush No. 1 and Clinton), the U. S. Congress and numerous federal bureaucracies.  Someone said, “If you do not know and understand the hidden strategies of your enemy, you are doomed to be his slave.”   We encourage every reader to listen to Tom DeWeese’s speech HERE, so that they will begin to know and understand the hidden strategies of the enemy.

The actual covert strategies of our enemies, foreign and domestic, are to steal America’s wealth and resources, dismantle its freedom, dissolve its sovereignty and enslave its people.   These strategies are camouflaged in a number of ways.

Stealing our wealth and resources plays right into the United Nations Agenda 21 policy of social justice, and we are destined to share that wealth with the rest of the world.  We are not entitled to that wealth because it was built on the backs of others and we defiled the earth while accumulating that wealth, or so they say.  Accordingly, that wealth must be re-distributed to the poorer nations as reparations for our sins.   But you never hear them say that.

Dismantling our freedom is in keeping with the Agenda 21 policy of environmental equity because people don’t have rights that are any greater than the ecosystems, plants, animals, birds and insects of the earth.  Any rights that man has are on an equal footing with the all other life and ecosystems.   Those regulations are promulgated by a small group of radical elite environmentalists and socialists, direct affiliates of the United Nations, who are obviously more knowledgeable about such things than the general population, or so they tell us.  Individual freedom or our constitution never enter their minds when drafting those regulations.

Dissolving our sovereignty is necessary to merge us into the one-world-order where we are no better, or any more exceptional than any other nation in the United Nations.  They mean to reduce us to third-world status and strip us of our military power as well and transfer that power to the UN with a global police force wearing blue helmets.

Ladies and gentlemen, the pressure is already there and it is being put there by your government, in collusion with the United Nations and the central bankers.  The speed of their actions are purposely slow and covert so that you won’t see it.  However, there can only be friction if you know what your government is doing.  You can’t fight something you cannot see, or don’t understand.

Even our total gross domestic product (GDP) and our debt are manufactured and a purposely-manipulated fraud, perpetrated by both parties.  That fraud is well-defined in an article by Stephanie F. Jasky of FedUP USA HERE.

Then there are the unfunded and unsustainable entitlement programs of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security which are destined to sink the USS America into the black hole of depravity and despair.  Just Medicare alone will take us down.   Read the revealing facts about Medicare at the following link.


The Parallax Prophecies” predicts that if enough Americans don’t “Declare Their Open Resistance” to this rising pressure of anti-American actions by their government, the covert takeover of America by the United Nations, the central banks and the government of the United States of America will be ultimately successful.  America will have been conquered from without and from within, without a shot being fired.  There will be no trigger to the necessary societal earthquake that should happen when one person or a group of persons tries to enslave another group, either by overt force, or by covert action, like Agenda 21, or a fanatical religion.

A Tribute: We would like to pay a particular tribute to a great patriot, Henry Lamb, stalwart soldier and hero for freedom and property rights, who passed away Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012, after a long illness.   It is because of the personal influence of Henry Lamb that we became a nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues in our own right.  We kept going because he constantly encouraged us to keep up the fight.  He will be sorely missed.  We extend our deepest sympathy, condolences and prayers to his family.

And to our Veterans, past, present and future on this Memorial Day weekend, we also pay a special tribute for your sacrifices in the defense of our freedom and the preservation and protection of the U. S. Constitution, to which you have sworn on solemn oath to uphold.  God bless you, one and all.

Ron Ewart, President


P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027

425 837-5365 or 1 800 682-7848


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  1. “OORRAAUUGGHH!!” The Truth of the matter written in BOLD ITALICS for all to read and understand!! Congratulations on a dissertation that “Explains it All!”
    The United States of America is, exactly as you describe, my analogy is: “A Quart of Nitro-Glycerine in a Paint-Shaker” and just on the verge of “Snapping!”
    Also in Spirit, GOD Bless our “True and Faithful Warriors”, that have made the Sacrifice for U.S. so that “WE the People” may continue the “Fight to Save our Republic!!”