by Sharon Rondeau

What will the batik exhibit at the Islamic Museum show the world?

(May 25, 2012) — A press release issued this morning and circulated to several news agencies states that a batik collection of “Ann Dunham,” Obama’s alleged mother, is to go on display beginning on June 8, 2012 at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM).

The IAMM has stated that the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur is cosponsoring the exhibit.  Textile exhibits are in their own category at the IAMM.

Indonesian batiks are colorful, with regular and irregular patterns, and “individually handmade.”  Indigo and brown dyes are naturally available in Indonesia.

In a recent seminar given at the embassy, the Director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, David Yepsen, spoke about the upcoming U.S. presidential election, referring to the United States as a “democracy.”  Paul Simon was a politician from Illinois whose U.S. Senate campaign was managed by David Axelrod.  Simon had considered Axelrod “a good man, knowledgeable about politics, with sharp instincts.”

The same batik exhibit was reportedly on display in the United States at the Textile Museum in Washington, DC in 2009.

A search for “Ann Dunham” during her years when she was allegedly in Indonesia yielded nothing showing her wearing “batik” [Editor’s Note:  Warning:  Viewer discretion strongly advised, although unexpected in this search.]

A lengthy article about Obama and his “family” written in Indonesian depicts Ann Dunham in many different locations, but she does not appear to be wearing batik clothing.  A “composite” article featuring various aspects of Obama’s alleged parentage states that Dunham “was interested in village handcrafts.”  Her dissertation was allegedly 1,000 pages written on the topic of “peasant blacksmithing.”

Was Dunham wearing batik in this photo?  Is the photo real or “computer-generated?”  Is this little girl “Stanley Ann Dunham?”

Perhaps this is batik.  Dunham’s skirt appears to be batik here.  The photos included with the story are allegedly from “Ann Dunham’s Field Work Collection,” but the author indicates that the story is a reprint of the original.

Although Dunham has been depicted with dark hair from an early age, one researcher, Don Nicoloff, portrays her as a blond child at age 8 with very different facial features.  The Post & Email has attempted unsuccessfully to reach Nicoloff on several occasions to interview him about his research.  Some reports state that Dunham was born in Ft. Leavenworth, KS, while others say her birthplace was Wichita.  The two cities are not adjacent to one another, but rather, 165 miles apart.

Is her birth certificate a forgery?

Is this chubby child the same person as this woman with the thin, pinched face and narrow jaw?  Is this the same person?

Reporter Wayne Madsen stated that Dunham met her first husband, Barack Hussein Obama, in a Russian language class in 1959.  Other reports say 1960.

Atty. Orly Taitz says that Dunham’s social security application form is a forgery.

There are also inconsistencies about the age of Obama’s alleged father at the time of his son’s birth.

Is “Stanley Ann Dunham” a “synthetic identity?”

Biographer Janny Scott stated that Dunham earned her undergraduate degree in anthropology, but another report stated that her major was math.  Alice Dewey, mentioned in a piece mentioned above, acknowledged that there were “some reports” that Dunham majored in math, but that her major had been anthropology.  Why can that not be verified?

Unlike the official Obama narrative, Dewey states that Ann Dunham returned to Hawaii with her son “after four or five years” in Indonesia.    However, the typical story states that Dunham’s son returned to Hawaii alone to live with his grandparents and that Dunham remained in Indonesia, according to his book, Dreams From My Father.  Which is true?  Or is neither true?

Dunham reportedly traveled between Hawaii and Indonesia frequently, although the U.S. State Department has suggested that her passport records prior to 1968 were destroyed.  Like her “son,” she used several different names and supplied varying information about such things as her marriage dates and locations.  Another source states that Dunham was involved in “community organizing in Africa and Asia.”  It also contends that Dunham was in her senior year of high school in 1960, but Obama’s book Dreams From My Father stated, even in the updated version, that his parents married in 1960.  A writer from The Chicago Tribune, where Axelrod had worked and which succeeded in exposing the divorce records of Obama’s U.S. Senate opponent, Jack Ryan, agreed that Dunham was first married in 1960.

Documents released by the U.S. State Department show that “Stanley Ann Dunham” provided two different dates of her marriage to Lolo Soetoro.

Is “S. Ann Dunham” the same person as “Stanley Ann” or “Ann Dunham?”  How many names does one person require?   Why so many signatures?

Was her son old enough for “prep school” at the age of ten?  WorldNetDaily reported in late 2010 that an AP report had stated that Obama was taken to Indonesia at the age of two, not six.  Investigative columnist Martha Trowbridge agrees that Obama went to live in Indonesia at the age of two.

A document which surfaced early in the 2008 presidential campaign indicated that Obama was an Indonesian citizen.

Why would the batik exhibits be important to carry out while Obama is in office?  Why is the exhibit being held overseas?  Did Obama influence the State Department to help arrange the upcoming exhibition?

The Post & Email has contacted the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur as well as the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia for more information on the exhibit, including sources of funding.  As of press time, neither had responded.


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  1. Yes, the question of why our tax dollars – and the time of our embassy officials – are being expended to promote “Obama’s” “mother” is vitally important. Have any of you ever seen a sitting – let alone campaigning – United States President engaged in such shameless family-of-origin propaganda?

    Oh, excuse me. I suppose I should have said promotion of his ‘family narrative’.

    With so much Truth striking out at the lies, the official Obama Narrative must need all the promotion it can get.