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by Sharon Rondeau

David Axelrod has run both the Bill Clinton and Obama campaigns

(May 20, 2012) — During a May 7 conference call which included members of the media, Obama campaign advisor David Axelrod called political strategist Karl Rove and Romney campaign donors “contract killers” in an effort to discredit their efforts to expose their perceived weaknesses in Obama.

Axelrod referred to “SuperPACs” run by Republicans which on May 17 released an advertising campaign costing about $25,000,000.  The Democrats are also receiving assistance from SuperPACs.

In a fundraising appeal dated February 24, 2012, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina referred to members of Tea Parties as “extremists” and the Koch brothers as “obsessed,” then asked for $3.00 donations for Obama’s re-election bid.

The Koch brothers responded to Messina’s letter through a company spokesman, who called the behavior of the Obama regime “disturbing” and revealed that Obama’s handlers had lobbed accusations at them before.

One of the Koch brothers, David, is a major philanthropist to New York City and has been described by Jane Mayer in an article in The New Yorker entitled “Covert Operations” as having “repeatedly funded stealth attacks on the federal government, and on the Obama Administration in particular.”  Mayer quoted a Democrat strategist who stated that the Koch brothers are “out to destroy progressivism.”

Wikipedia defines“contract killing” as:

a form of murder, in which one party hires another party to kill a target individual or group of people. It involves an illegal agreement between two parties in which one party agrees to kill the target in exchange for Consideration law consideration, monetary, or otherwise. The hiring party may be a single person, a group of people, a company, or any other kind of organization. The hired party may also be one person, such as a hitman]], or a group of people, or an organization…

It defines “defamation” as:

the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, or nation a negative image. This can be also any disparaging statement made by one person about another, which is communicated or published, whether true or false, depending on legal state. In Common Law it is usually a requirement that this claim be false and that the publication is communicated to someone other than the person defamed (the claimant).[1]

In the case of defamation, which includes slander and libel, a person may seek legal redress:  “Most jurisdictions allow legal actions, civil and/or criminal, to deter various kinds of defamation and retaliate against groundless criticism.”

David Axelrod grew up in New York City and became fascinated with progressive politics at the age of five. His mother was a writer for a “left-wing New York newspaper” called “PM” with alleged ties to the Communist Party, and its “labor news” editor was reportedly known to have identified with communists. Axelrod graduated from Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan.  So did Dr. Fred Newman, who founded political parties, “social therapy,” and has been reported to be the maternal uncle to “Barack Hussein Obama.”

A reference to Newman’s attendance at an Axelrod speech which begins, “Who’s In the Front Row to Hear David Axelrod? Controversial Independence Party activist Fred Newman gave his take on the presidential race during his ” has been removed from the internet.

Newman mentions Axelrod and Obama’s stimulus bill here.  Newman passed away last July.  U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor had addressed an organization of Newman’s to which Sotomayor had attested during her confirmation hearings, but that link has also been removed.

Axelrod attended the University of Chicago and was offered a job writing about politics for The Chicago Tribune.  After the newspaper hired a second political writer, Axelrod decided to leave journalism and enter politics.

Axelrod’s private firm has worked with numerous prominent Democrats including Hillary Clinton, Christopher Dodd, and Sen. John Edwards, who is currently on trial for allegedly funneling campaign money to his mistress to pay her living expenses and give birth to his child while he was married to Elizabeth, who passed away from cancer in December 2010.

DePaul University awarded Axelrod an honorary doctorate degree in June 2009, at whose commencement ceremonies Axelrod told graduates that “Your generation created Barack Obama’s campaign” and “I think there’s value in people knowing who you are if you’re someone that works for the president.”  The Tribune reported that Axelrod took a pay cut from his previous salary of “roughly $1.5 million” to an unidentified amount after going to work in the Obama regime in 2009.

The techniques Axelrod uses in running political campaigns are to “research the vulnerabilities of an opponent, isolate the issues to stress, orchestrate press conferences, write and produce commercials, and book them on the air.”  Axelrod has been criticized for “airing negative television commercials.”  Even the Tribune said of him, “When it comes to the political battlefield, he can be ferocious, especially when the weapon he’s wielding is a television commercial.”

The late Chuck Colson, who spent time in prison following the Watergate hearings, was called Richard Nixon’s “Hatchet Man,” as Axelrod has apparently been called in his relationship to Obama.

In November of last year, columnist Ann Coulter stated that Axelrod might have been behind the accusations against Herman Cain which ultimately caused him to abandon his presidential ambitions as well as for procuring the divorce records of Blair Hull, who challenged Obama during the primary, and Jack Ryan, the eventual Republican opponent.  Ryan withdrew from the race after some of the records were unsealed.  Other sources agree that Axelrod, with the help of his former employer, The Chicago Tribune, were responsible for revealing the records in both cases.  Wikipedia reports that The Chicago Tribune had “persuaded” a court in California holding the records to open them.

On Monday it was reported that a Democrat operative attempted to obtain the divorce records of another major Romney campaign donor, one of eight whom the Obama machine targeted for his alleged stance on “gay rights.”  The man states that his children are now being contacted and their online profiles surveilled.

In his book Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky advised community organizers to “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Obama’s spokesman had stated during the campaign that he had never practiced Islam which writer Lynn Sweet characterized as a response to a “two-part smear campaign started by Insight Magazine and picked up by Fox and other outlets…”  In an interview with author Robert Klein, Obama’s former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, stated that Obama had incorporated his Muslim beliefs with the type of “Christianity” embraced by the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, where Obama attended for 20 years. Wright had described Obama as having been “steeped in Islam.”

Axelrod announced on Sunday that he plans on countering any advertisements emanating from SuperPACs which might have focused on Obama’s association with Wright, who claimed that he was offered a bribe of $150,000 to stop speaking publicly during the 2008 presidential campaign.  Axelrod, Michelle and Barack Obama, Dr. Eric Whitaker and Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to Obama, reportedly worked at the Urban Health Initiative, which has recently been awarded a $5.9 million grant from the Obama regime.  Whitaker has been named as the person who offered Wright the bribe in 2008.  The source of the funds offered to Wright has not been identified.

In January of this year, Axelrod claimed that Wright’s controversial sermons had been taken out of context.

Twenty years ago, a biography of Obama stating that he was born in Kenya was written for a book which was never completed.  Since 2007, however, his literary agents have stated that Obama was born in Hawaii.  On September 23, 2008, Obama told CBS News’s Katie Couric, “I don’t think it’s appropriate to lie.”

Axelrod has stated that Congress’s failure to pass “immigration reform” has been caused by a “reign of terror from the far right.”  He has pledged to avoid discussion of Romney’s religious beliefs during the 2012 campaign season.

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  1. Wonderful commenting. I am a Veteran and when stationed on a U.S. base in 1970, SDS called in 3 bomb scares to our base at about 2:30 am from a nearby town. If we could have gotten our hands on the COWARDS we could have shown them some Military Pride. These are the same people that brought us WWII. 1917 Russian Revolution-on to Germany’s industrial cities to try to force Godless Communism on a society in recession. Who needs MORAL CLARITY? The majority of people at that time were Christian and did not want Marx, Lenin, Engels running their lives. Up steps Adolf, half Jewish/half German, a great orator who grabs the excitement of the times and rallies old and new to take a stand. The rest was not a good ending. Adolf wanted to send the Jewish people to Israel but the German military machine needed the Muslims to keep them running through the deserts. Adolf met with the head Mufdi- the Pope of Islam-who told Adolf that the Palestinian people would not want the Jewish people sent there and he told Adolf to kill all the Jews or start trouble in the middle east. All documented on film. All this led to the death of over 50 million people in WWII. All Godless people/leaders wanting more and could never get enough. Sounds like a story in the Bible, too similar.
    All these people have several things in common; Communism, world domination, devious methods, power/control crazed, entitlement theology, superiority complexes, unmitigated gall/greed/agression/the most cruel takeover methods/self glorification, super materialist’s and a total hatred/disregard for others not of their liking. Muslim works with Communism for them if it delivers the same goal/agendas. Sounds like a bunch of super spoiled kids that need spankin’, only they are big kids now that think they can do anything they want regardless of a Constitution, Law or the wants and needs of the people they are supposed to support/represent. Observing most of these people reveals something very important is missing. Ask them and they will say it couldn’t be better. Ask me and I won’t say since the answers could reveal something only Yeshua can reveal and that a tour of the Old & New Testament can set right. America will not accept a totalitarian dictatorship which is what they are setting up, but on the other side of their face, they preach “freedom”, “openess”, “fairness”, “better living conditions” while they do just the opposite. Bari Malik Shabazz, Muslim dictator and associates have to go with all the liberal trash they sling with their rhetoric. How much longer will America sleep? Where is the news coverage on LTCDR Walt Fitzpatrick and Darren Huff? Why hasn’t DNC “Law Firm” Perkins & Coie released “Obama’s” citizenship papers?

  2. Oh yes and we all must remember that David Axelrod, while employed for the Chicago Tribune, wrote extensive articles about Thomas G Ayers-BIll Ayers Father-Chicago politicking back in the day. Makes you wonder if Papa Thomas knew David Axelrod before Barack Obama, doesn’t it! I just wonder who introduced who to who! Think about it…1 degree of separation. Kevin Beacon would be so jealous.

  3. Axelrod comes from a long line of Communists:


    The US advisor for Marxist Obama David Axelrod is the great, great grandson of Leon Trotsky the butcher. Ho-hum, is anyone paying attention to the Communists in the White House?

    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Can we be sure that these statements have been verified?

  4. Obama spoke at an anti-war demonstration on October 2, 2002, in front of a crowd of approximately 2,000 people at Chicago’s Federal Plaza. The event, sponsored by the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS), was organized by Marilyn Katz, former SDS activist, Chicago public relations consultant, and long-time friend of Axelrod.

    During the 2008 campaign Katz was Obama’s public relations staffer. She was also the security chief for the Students for a Democratic Society, and was involved in the 1968 Democrat Party Convention riots in Chicago. Katz advocated throwing studded nails in front of approaching police cars, and throwing plastic bags of human excrement, cans of urine, and golf balls with nails at the police.

    As PR person for Obama, one of Katz’s jobs was to downplay the candidate’s past relationship with William Ayers. Katz herself, as a prominent SDS leader, was an associate of Ayers in the 1960s. Of her 1960s activism, Katz says she was for “sexual freedom and a democratic socialist paradise.” Katz, also member of Obama’s National Finance Committee, held fundraisers for Obama in her home and has collected between $50,000 and $100,000 on his behalf. (A revived SDS was behind some of the violence at the 2008 Republican National Convention.)

    By late 2003 Obama started working on his plans to enter the 2004 U.S. Senate race. Aiding him was Axelrod, who had camera crews following almost all of Obama’s public appearances even before his election to the U.S. Senate. Axelrod eventually used the footage for a five-minute Internet video linked to Obama’s announcement that he is running for president.

    The current “axis of evil” consists of Obama, Axelrod, and Valerie Jarrett. They will do or say anything to remain in power.