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by Ron Ewart, ©2012

(May 20, 2012) — “Remember, democracy never lasts long.  It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.  There has never been a democracy that did not commit suicide.” —  John Adams, 2nd President of the United States

“Dominance.  Control.  These things the unjust seek most of all.  And so it is the duty of the just to defy dominance and to challenge control.”  —  Robert Fanney, contemporary author

When a government grows more powerful, as the American government has, its power feeds upon itself and it becomes arrogant and secretive.  The more secretive it becomes, the more it will silence those who want to expose the secrecy.  It becomes a power unto itself and it recognizes no restraints or limits.  We are dangerously close to this condition if in fact we aren’t there already.   The final condition is absolute power.

This “power” over the people is being controlled by one putative president, 435 Representatives in the House, 100 Senators in the Senate, nine justices on the U. S. Supreme Court and half a hundred federal bureaucracies that apparently answer to no one.  545 politicians and the unelected directors of the federal bureaucracies, directors who answer only to the president, are controlling approximately 310,000,000 Americans.  Since the adults of that 310,000,000 people get to vote, you would think that it wouldn’t be that difficult to control 545 politicians and the unelected directors of the federal bureaucracies.

But tragically, the American people are hopelessly divided between those (the producers) who are self-reliant, productive, independent and responsible and those (the takers) who are surviving off of the productivity of the producers, forced to do so by an all-too powerful government who recognizes no restraints or limits on its power.  Unfortunately, the takers can vote themselves a share of the producers’ productivity and the producers don’t have enough votes to counter the takers’ plurality, with the government exploiting the takers’ vote to increase its power.  In effect, the producers become slaves to the takers.  This condition becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and the number of takers grows and grows until it overwhelms the ability of the producers to “feed” the growing number of takers.  What you get is the current condition in Greece.

But this issue has been hashed and rehashed so many times by so many different authors it has become boring.  What’s the solution?   What can the producers do so that they don’t end up slaves to the takers and bankrupt like Greece, now facing chaos and anarchy?  How do they break up the cabal between the government and the takers?  How do they sever the entangled ties between big government, big business, big labor and the one-world-order crowd that want to dissolve American sovereignty, steal our wealth and resources, cut off our energy, repeal parental rights and confiscate our land, with our own government’s assistance?

Remember the town hall meetings in August of 2009, where the people displayed their anger over the impending Obamacare legislation?  That was about the time the grass roots Tea Party erupted on the national stage.   Although these events led to a resounding defeat for House Democrats in the 2010 election, we still got Obamacare.  Apparently, the 2009 town hall anger and the defeat of a few House Democrats wasn’t enough to make a needed course correction to a national path that will surely lead to economic collapse, chaos and anarchy.

The government and the takers seem hell-bent on propelling us into oblivion, and there is no current political will to change the suicidal direction we are on.  So how do we trigger a course correction that will truly be effective in restoring our freedom, our national pride and prevent the dissolution of American sovereignty?  We can’t seem to do it by votes.   The takers have an apparent plurality.  And even if all 545 politicians were replaced with new blood, would that in itself be enough to slow down the runaway train we are on?   Not if the politicians pander to the takers in order to keep being reelected because the takers have the most votes.

So the solution becomes changing the national mindset on a large enough scale such that the politicians will end up doing the right thing in the interest of saving America from murdering itself ….. OR, the solution could be a dedicated minority that will “Declare Open Resistance” against growing government tyranny and will have the commitment and courage to stir the pot so vigorously, at every level of government, that the national mindset will have to shift towards survival rather than self-induced suicide.  That’s a tall order.

In the 12-step AA program, the first step is to recognize and acknowledge that there is a problem.  The next 11 steps provide a blueprint on how to “fix” the problem.  If an afflicted person won’t acknowledge the first step, the next 11 are moot.  And so it is with our national dilemma.  If we won’t acknowledge we have a problem, any steps to fix a problem we won’t even recognize are dead on arrival.

To not recognize that America is in a state of decay and decline and headed for national bankruptcy is putting one’s head in the sand.  However, if you are a taker, you don’t care, just as long as the government checks arrive at your mailbox or appear as a direct deposit to your checking account and you get to vote to keep the checks coming.  This does not apply to Social Security or Medicare recipients because they paid into the account that now pays them.

However, as a producer, with your income steadily declining to pay for the takers and freeloaders, the problem is paramount.  You know that even if government took all of your income, it would never be enough.  This runaway insanity has to stop and stop soon if national collapse is to be avoided.

If you recognize the problem and the dire implications it has for the nation and for the future of your children and grandchildren, how can you not “Declare Open Resistance” against this growing government tyranny?  America’s salvation rests in the hands of a dedicated minority that WILLDeclare Open Resistance” against growing government tyranny and has the dedication, commitment and courage “to stir the pot so vigorously, at every level of government, that the national mindset will have to shift towards survival as a free nation, rather than self-induced suicide ….. or abject slavery.”

Are YOU ready to “Declare Your Open Peaceful Resistance” against a government that has lost all allegiance to the U. S. Constitution and to the principles of freedom and liberty?  Are you ready to take the pledge to save your country from a government that fully intends to increase its power over the people to the point of absolute power?  Are you ready to defend your country against the merging of America into a hopelessly corrupt global government?  Are you ready to take back your local government from the influence of the United Nations Agenda 21 policies and the U. S. government that is working in collusion with the United Nations against you?   Are you ready to stop the brainwashing and indoctrination of your children in the public school system and our national colleges?  Are you ready to work towards a sane national energy policy that works to increase our efficient energy sources for our growing energy needs and stop the subsidizing of alternative energy sources that are inefficient and costly?  Are you at a point where you will work to repeal Obamacare and lobby your legislators for a sane health care solution that recognizes the sanctity of the doctor/patient relationship?  Are you ready to draw a line in the sand and defend private property rights from all those who would take those rights from you or your neighbor?  Are you ready to stiffen your back against the rising national debt and deficits and work to stop the profligate spending at all levels of government?   Are you ready to exert your influence on federal policymakers to cut back on foreign aid to despots and dictators, restore America’s “Walk Softly But Carry A Big Stick” foreign policy and fully defend our borders against drugs and illegal alien invasion?  If you are ready to do these things, and we are sure that at least a few of you are, we strongly encourage you to take that pledge and make that declaration in writing, HERE, that is if you have finally decided not to hide in the shadows any more.   This is one simple action (that costs no money) you can take that will let government know where you stand as a sovereign American citizen.  Then get involved.  Become a “Deputy Government Watchdog.”

But do not make this Declaration lightly.  You will not be popular with some of your relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers and associates.  You will be an outsider from those who are quite satisfied with the status quo, especially if they are a taker, or a freeloader.  They will be angry with you for even suggesting there is a problem.  Government may even turn its probing “eyes” on you.  We know, because they have turned their “eyes” on us for what we say and write about.  Our articles and our website are monitored every day by three branches (two civilian and one military) of the government.  It could be that our telephone is tapped by the FBI as well.  But since the First Amendment has not been repealed, we have no fear of government reprisals ….. yet!

Ladies and gentlemen, because we care so much about this country, we have made this Declaration ourselves with the following resolutions, taken from the “Declaration Of Open Resistance” that appears on our website:

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that I, the undersigned, an independent, natural born, or naturalized, sovereign and free citizen of the United States of America, being of sound mind and body, do hereby decree, ordain and affirm that I am not a slave, nor will I become a slave of the federal, state or local government, in any respect, or in any regard, and I will only be bound by the federal and state constitutions and by such laws that I interpret to not be in violation thereof, and 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that I will openly resist, by all peaceful means, any attempts by the President of the United States, the U. S. Congress, federal or state bureaucracies, state legislatures and/or county or city councils, to violate my unalienable rights, as codified under the U. S. Constitution and the Constitution of the state in which I reside, and 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that I hereby place government, in all forms and at all levels, on notice that I stand ready to defend my sovereign and individual, unalienable rights by open resistance by all legal means.  However, if it becomes necessary and peaceful means are not successful to preserve my unalienable rights, “I do hereby solemnly pledge to my great country, the United States of America and to all other American free men and women who will defend constitutional liberty and sovereignty, my life, my fortune and my sacred honor” in this pursuit.  .

We have taken the lead on this Declaration.  We have sent a signed copy to some high profile elected officials at the federal level to start, including the de facto President.  You can view a copy of our personal Declaration HERE.  We will continue to send our signed Declaration to more politicians and bureaucrats across the country over time so that they know exactly where we stand.  We have made our Declaration.  We have told them, “Not just NO!  But HELL NO!”  Will you?  Hopefully, we won’t have to stand alone because you know what “they” do to martyrs.

As our 2nd President said:  “Remember, democracy never lasts long.  It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.  There has never been a democracy that did not commit suicide.”

It remains to be seen whether John Adams’ prediction will hold sway for America.  America’s survival could very well rest on those who have the courage to “Declare Their Open Resistance” to the tyrants or political hacks that now rule us.  If you do not think they are tyrants or political hacks, you do not know history.

At the end of Winston Churchill’s “Blood, Sweat and Tears” speech, he said this:

“You ask, what is our aim?  I can answer in one word: It is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.”

That too should be the aim of all free men, and today we can show our resolve by “Declaring our Open Resistance” against any and all government tyranny, from whatever quarter it may appear, as it is “…. the duty of the just to defy dominance and to challenge control.”

Ron Ewart, President


P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027

425 837-5365 or 1 800 682-7848


Update, May 20, 3:30 p.m. EDT:  Author Ron Ewart has added the following to make signing the petition easier:  http://www.narlo.org/dorpetition.pdf



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  1. This is an addition to my previous comment.I meant to say the instruction was to be 16 hours per day until they can recite the
    CONSTITUTION from memory. Of course they will also get their rations and sleep each day of incarceration.

  2. Do we have any TRUE, LOYAL, PATRIOTIC, law abiding Senior Officers in our military service? Do any of them take their Oath of office seriously? Can’t they take their mind off of foriegn affairs and direct their attention to whats happening to our country. They have sworn to defend our nation against all enemies DOMESTIC and foriegn. It seems to me that the DOMESTIC enemy comes before any foriegn enemy. I am a retired US Army CSM and still take my oath very serious and would serve again if needed to help get this country back to its once proud and leading nation that it was during my entire life not counting the last 6 years’ decline and lawlessness. Citizens can’t trust anything anymore, and courts and justice have disappeared. The military should make an assault on DC, take the whole TREASONIST Government into custody, read them their rights and place them in one of the internment camps being set up for detainees. While interned there, they should receive 16 hours of instruction on Constitutional Law and Penalties for breaking various laws of THE CONSTITUTION of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA!!!!!

  3. WORDS are growing stronger and as people that really haven’t been affected by the overthrow of our government look to see the absolute decay accross the country, as hard as they try, you can’t ignore it any longer. Quick fixes, arm chair hero statements, formulated fixes, fix-a-flat or any other paint over it scenario won’t fix any of it anylonger. For people that have worked in technical fields, most of us have seen this deterioration since the 70’s in many areas. Computer fields shot up because they had their talons into the business world promising miracles and their efforts were successful in many area. Others, that have worked in other areas have seen the steady run of excuses, coverups, lies, theft, obfuscation of every rule and it goes on and on. Now, we have seen the fruits of many years of these “taker” personality types practicing the same ethics in politics, business and government small/large and other areas where they can get in with the same personality entitlement types, run rough shod over the system, organized in agreement and take over large areas of government. The Obama team with Hillary, Biden, Dodd, Frank, Reid are these types that will do anything to empower themselves over their rivals including the “public” they are supposed to serve. With 43 years in the “job market” in technical fields, I have seen deterioration, coverups, and near sabotage on the job and off by management, workers, officials, law enforcement and others I have worked with or have been told of the experiences of others. Honest workers with ethics are the first ones to go, be forced out, discriminated against, harassed or set up to be forced out so the corrupted can tighten their circle and rein it the ones “loyal” to their ways that will sign off, do their “dirty work” or whatever it takes. These are things most people don’t like to talk about dismissing it as “opinion” or “not true” or a thousand other things but the people that have had to live and look at this garbage go on, really lived the reality of the truth. Now, America has many things to look at and think about, the days of “Wine And Roses” is over and only the ultra wealthy can afford to forget about the real problems facing America and average working people or others that have had to fight to survive. The days of just moving to another town or area have been reduced to slim choices for people trying to escape the onslaught of the “entitlement” crowd. “Peaceful” means will NOT work since they have closed all legal avenues. After 3 years of total corruption with this entitlement crowd, 1.5 years on American Grand Jury trying to serve Criminal Presentments against these criminals and watching them block ALL legal means to oust them, watching LTCDR Walt Fitzpatrick and Darren Huff thrown into prison for trying to stand up for the Constitution and our way of life, watching them laugh at all of America as they empty the finances, decay education, jobs, manufacturing, install an illegal POTUS and criminal assistants to steal with them, seeing a retired Navy Officer rotting on a 50 degree concrete floor like a POW with sewage dripping on him and another brother Navy Veteran locked up like a “Bonny And Clyde” do you really thing America is what it is supposed to be? Do you think America has dismissed all its values for fast money, flash, cosmetics, cheap business deals and put a “John Edwards” way of life up as a hero? I am a Navy Veteran and am tired of seeing the recent “Hip Hip Hoorah’s” on the younger Vets that is a shallow nothing. The left still spits on the Vets as they did during and after Vietnam. Many Vets still suffer from Agent Orange (which there were about 7 types) and I have seen continues discrimination against Vietnam era Vets since 1975. People today are coming to Vets funerals yelling they are glad they are dead! This is what is running real America. My loyalty is to God, the U.S. Navy and Command, all armed forces, and my fellow Veteran brothers in arms that served, the Constitution, the patriots that are left in America. My loyalty is NOT, to Communist Loyalists, Atheists, Anti-American groups, Black Panther Party, Gay Rights Organizations, Anti-Military, corrupted business/ government/ corporate groups with no ethics and especially to the PEOPLE that run the “government” that have denied their oath to serve the “people” who are citizens and have been serving themselves to their own gain to line their pockets at any cost to use the taxpayers and citizens as pawns in their power crazed quest to rule over the masses. History tells us about such people, they have all failed but ruined millions of lives in their nasty craving of power and glorification of themselves. If you could imagine an old west movie with a 300 rope hanging scaffold in front of the “White House”, then you can begin to see what “justice” would bring. It wouldn’t take more than a day to clean out Washington DC but where would you get people to replace them and would they be the same as the ones we have in there now? The father of Ann Newman (Obama’s mother), Dr. Fred Newman, knew exactly what he was doing in the grooming of Obama’s show. An atheist, Communist, Anti-American Radical Psychologist all in with the circle of Muslims ready to destroy America. They have been enabled to achieve many of their goals. It will be interesting to see what “America” will do in the next “election”. They have already made a mistake on the Republican side of glitz and glam but what do you think the Democrats have in store for the second round?
    How much farther do you think we have to go to see more bankrupt cities and factories, a failing health system, a military that is being bankrupted and citizens lied to on an everyday basis and a news “media” that looks like a ridiculous “game/fashion show” that is so out of reality that only people with a low IQ would even think of watching it and not be insulted. What’s better in America, to be a “Sovereign” or an “Expatriot”?? Many Veterans and Citizens are leaving the U.S. as the pretense grows that we are still in “Nirvana”, the realists can’t stomach it anymore.

  4. Another excellent article, Ron. The problems you describe don’t exist only at the federal level, and in fact, I would suggest that the only long term solution for us will come via the state governments which are nearly as corrupt and unlawful as the federal government. But the states are closer to home, and can more easily forced into compliance with the people’s demands.

    I also suggest that open resistance should be accompanied by a good healthy dose of individual nullification of unlawful actions by the feds and by the states. If government gives a party and no one comes, is it a successful party? I don’t think so.

    But, all of this requires an educated and informed citizenry, and in that area, we may be out of luck. Too many of our people just don’t have any idea of our own history, our culture, and our laws. We have been successfully dumbed down, and we are running unconsciously incompetent as a governing people.