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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

Was Obama born in Kenya, Hawaii, or somewhere else?

(May 18, 2012) — Born in Kenya. One yawn. Raised in Indonesia. Two yawns. Is a Muslim. Three. Hates the idea of Freedom. Four. Is a Socialist/Communist/Totalitarianist. Five. Hates America, has no respect for the Constitution. Six. Produced two fake Birth Certificates.

Used many different Social Security numbers. Lied on a Selective Service Registration card. Currently using a Social Security number not issued to him (stolen, understand?). Another yawn. We know all that already.

WAKE UP! Enough yawning. And here’s a person the exact opposite: born in America to parents born in America. One cheer. Raised in the United States. Two cheers. Raised as a Christian. Volunteered to serve in the US Military. Good Conduct/Honorable Discharge. Will honor his Oath to support and defend the Constitution until the day he dies. Has used one Social Security number all of his life. Can’t be bought, doesn’t really care about popularity polls; all he cares about is preserving the Constitution for future generations of Americans.

Two people, one against everything that America stands for, the other for everything that America stands for. One, millions in offshore slush fund accounts (Vatican Slush Fund, for one);he other can’t be bought off. One, sealed records; the other, an open book.

One lets LTC Terry Lakin go to prison rather than show his true Birth Certificate; the other wants to put LTC Terry Lakin in charge to go after everyone who had a hand in railroading him into Leavenworth prison, from Obama, the DOJ, the Joint Chiefs of Staff on down to the cowards and traitors who escorted him to prison and those who kept him in prison. Everyone.

One gives hundreds of millions of dollars to Muslims; the other wouldn‘t give them one red cent. One lets Pakistan to retain its nukes; the other would go in and take ‘em. One lets Iran build a nuclear device; the other would put a stop to it. Believe it.

Can America elect someone who believes that the U.S. Constitution is the law of the land?

One rewards lawbreakers by giving illegal immigrants’ offspring taxpayer money to go to public schools and universities (Dream Act); the other would deport illegal immigrants. One imports Muslims; the other would deport them.

One wants to continue as a member of the UN; the other wants to kick the UN out of our country.  One believes in the Federal Reserve banking system; the other wants to close it down and put all of its officers in jail for grand theft on a grand scale.

One pushes “race,” while the other couldn’t care less: content of character is what counts. One believes in welfare and entitlements; the other believes that nothing is free; everyone must work for food, from being a school crossing guard or a tutor to teach Johnny how to read to maintaining our roads and bridges.

Polar opposites. One lies, is tearing America down, and the other tells it like it is and cares only about the longevity of the Constitution. One would keep on the books everything the 111th and 112th Congresses have passed; the other would render them null and void.  The same should occur with every directive issued by the de facto clown of a president. One speaks with forked tongue; the other speaks for generations of Americans, and REAL natives at that.

Your choice.



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  1. Thanks, OPOVV, I choose Ron Paul, and hope that he does select Andrew Napolitano as his running mate. We need the break from fraud and corruption in government.

    And, yes, I’ll vote for him in spite of the elitist GOP tyrants who seem determined to ram another ineligible candidate down our throats.

    1. Dear John,
      Thank you for leaving a comment. It’s always nice to know someone’s out there, even if they don’t read it right.
      Your buddy Ron Paul has been a politician for, let’s say, thirty years, isn’t that right? Think about that for a minute or two. No, don’t think about it.
      Prior to the 2008 election my wife and I were all over the landscape warning everyone who would listen about this Bad News Obama Joke. I sure didn’t hear one peep from your buddy.
      I say deport each and every “undocumented guest worker”, like now. What does Ron say? What about the UN? What about Muslims? Do you believe in the ephemeral “moderate Muslim”? What about the weapons cache (mosque) at Ground Zero?
      Sure, Ron says we ought to audit the Fed, while I say abolish the Fed, take control of OUR money, and throw all the Federal Reserve Bank officers in jail. Does that work for you?
      As far as Israel is concerned, I’d be over there right now just daring a Muslim to even begin to lift a finger for the philosophy of “No Jew between Me and the Sea”. Make my day. What about Ron? Arab Spring anyone? Muslim Brotherhood? The Clown Obama? CAIR?
      And what about THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?
      Sorry to bust your bubble, John, but your buddy Ron has never even been a “Has Been” because he’s never even been a “Been”.
      Yea, your right about one thing, John, I won’t be your next President, people just aren’t that smart.