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by Sharon Rondeau

(May 17, 2012) — On May 10, 2012, the U.S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ, for alleged civil rights abuses and “discriminatory and unconstitutional law enforcement practices.”

As a county sheriff, Arpaio had refused to accede to “independent monitors” of his office and reach a settlement prior to the filing of the suit.  Arpaio had stated that “If they sue, we’ll go to court.”

The lawsuit alleges that Arpaio’s office is guilty of “engaging in a pattern or practice of unlawful discriminatory police conduct directed at Latinos in Maricopa County.”  The Department of Justice also alleges that Arpaio’s office denies Latinos “important constitutional protections.”

Arpaio had vowed to “fight this to the bitter end.”  The lawsuit seeks to enforce the imposition of a “court-appointed monitor” over Arpaio’s office.

The Department of Justice has also threatened to sue the Seattle Police Department over allegations of the use of excessive force for “minor offenses” and a civil rights investigation begun last year.  Similar to Maricopa County, the DOJ is attempting to force a court-appointed monitor on the police department.  Seattle states that it cannot make the changes during the proposed time frame and the expense involved.  The mayor of the city is hoping for “good-faith negotiations” with the DOJ, which appears to be focusing on cases of abuse against “minority suspects.

The DOJ has also involved itself in the Trayvon Martin case in Sanford, FL, where 17-year-old Martin was killed by 28-year-old George Zimmerman, allegedly in self-defense.  Following the incident, members of the New Black Panthers who placed a “bounty” on George Zimmerman’s head have gone unprosecuted.  Putative Attorney General Eric Holder also refused to prosecute members of the same group who intimidated voters during the 2008 presidential election in Philadelphia, stating that they were “his people.”

Obama’s DOJ has sued Utah, Alabama, Arizona and South Carolina over recently-passed laws against illegal immigration, stating that “a patchwork of immigration laws” will not solve the problem, which is the responsibility of the federal government.  The DOJ has also claimed that a Texas voter identification law does not comply with the Voting Rights Act, citing concern for “minority voters.”

The FBI, with production assistance from the Department of Defense, the U.S. Justice Department and Tennessee Fusion Center, has produced a training program identifying people opposed to government intervention in their lives as part of the “sovereign citizen movement.”  The training materials depict individuals who have expressed a desire for the government to adhere to the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land as “sovereign citizens,” along with a father and son who killed two police officers in cold blood during a traffic stop.  The Southern Poverty Law Center and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation helped to produce the training package which is reportedly being used across the country by various law enforcement entities.

There have been numerous instances of police brutality in Monroe County, TN, and corruption within the Tennessee Highway Patrol, but the Department of Justice has made no move to step in there.

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III and Darren Huff, who were attempting to expose corruption on April 1, 2010 in Monroe County, TN, have been specifically identified as “sovereign citizens” in the training program with the implication that both are prone to violence.

Huff is currently in federal prison on a federal firearms charge despite the fact that he was depicted negatively in the training materials which were distributed and in use prior to his trial last October, unbeknownst to Huff and the jury.  One newspaper has stated that Huff’s arrest and conviction after having committed no wrongdoing “has national implications.”

Of the charges against Arpaio, Fitzpatrick said:

Now that we know what Mr. Obama has done with this DVD presentation, he doesn’t have a case against Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Mr. Obama is doing what he is accusing Sheriff Joe of doing.  Sheriff Joe is not targeting anybody; he is arresting people who are being stopped for other reasons.  They’re not being profiled; they are known to be or suspecting of being illegals.  He’s enforcing the Constitution of the United States and the constitution for the state of Arizona.  Mr. Obama is going after white male U.S. citizens who are standing up like Sheriff Joe.

In the DVD presentation, there is one former sheriff who is identified as one of these “sovereigns.”  It’s in the Talking Points.  Sheriff Joe is one of the men who is being described – not specifically named, but by association, by description.  In a couple of parts of the presentation, it says that some of the threats are veterans, people who are former or current law enforcement officials.  The video doesn’t talk about the fact that we are seeing real crimes committed by real government officials in real time in the real world, documented unarguably.  It’s like a whistleblower; It’s information from the inside.  The DVD essentially says to other law enforcement officials, “We need to stop this hemorrhaging of information which is being leaked from within.”  That’s the tacit message.

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  1. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Walt and Darren have done nothing but stand up for the Constitution and try to get laws enforced that this “administration” has tried to illegally nullify with “popular law” (what the heck is that?), ignore/obfuscate to cover up their plan to steal as much money as possible while creating diversions with every type of hype and story you could find in any gossip magazine. It looks like it’s worked for them since America is so tuned to living and operating by what the media says, and easy brainwashing is an ongoing routine with most of the populace. Except for those of us who don’t, won’t or even consider letting these thieves, morons and liars steal/waste (three years already) another penny or second of our time, we are “labeled” by these clowns as “sovereign” because we don’t buy their life of crime as “normal” while they illegally evade their sworn duty to abide by the Constitution and all laws of the nation in the highest office of the nation. It is a tribute to the like-minded ignorance, greed, selfish, long-planned hatred and twisted one-track minds of minority power groups enraged for power and money that blame the “white system” for all their problems (especially when they fight among themselves), white and black power crazed Democrats that will stop at nothing/bankrupting the country-to get their way for themselves, corrupted “Public Servants” in a corrupted “Trust Law” system that they have manipulated to their making and liking regardless of the public’s needs, Command Racketeers in the Military who are only looking for that retirement check and will go with whatever it takes (Admiral Mullen), corrupted judicial “officials” that are no longer “public servants” in their minds but “Legal Gods” of “Trust Law” that is so far from the written purpose of what it was created for that it cries for endless laughter out of pity and perversion of any ethics that could be imagined of its written purpose! WHERE ARE BARI SHABAZZ’S CITIZENSHIP PAPERS? Why haven’t Obama’s files been demanded by the “White House” Committee’s from Perkins & Coie/DNC Law firm in Seattle to prove who and what he really is? Why are all these diversions being created to hide criminal activity of having installed a falsely vetted POTUS at the hands of Princess Pelosi? Why is the “Media” allowed to tit-a-tat around the truth of an illegal POTUS to make money on the corruption and keep the American people hanging on edge like a mystery movie? How far beyond insane will this go and for what reason? Just to see what happens? Why are we allowing these people to destroy people’s lives while they lie, steal and destroy America, its industry, finance, Military, education, youth and elderly while they try to enforce their twisted, Godless, perverted, immoral, insatiable greed and mindless power grabs on people that would normally never even associate with these creeps. What about the children, do you think they are worried about them?