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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

(May 14, 2012) —[Editor’s Note:  Darren Huff of Dallas, GA has been jailed since October 25, 2011, when he was found guilty of transporting firearms in interstate commerce with the intent to cause a civil disorder.  It was not presented at Huff’s trial that the FBI and Tennessee State authorities had designed a training program which depicted Huff as a “sovereign citizen” with potential for violence and desire to overthrow the U.S. government.  The Post & Email had interviewed Huff on numerous occasions which were recorded during which he stated that he had never intended to “take over the courthouse” in Madisonville on April 20, 2010, but was simply traveling there to observe a hearing for Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, who had attempted to carry out a citizen’s arrest on the Monroe County grand jury foreman on April 1.  Fitzpatrick was instead arrested himself on April 1 and charged with several violations of Tennessee code.  Because Huff had videotaped the April 1 incident, he also had been charged with several violations to which he eventually pleaded “no contest.”  The federal case against Huff was then prosecuted, ending in his conviction on one count on October 25, 2011.

An eyewitness to the trial who was also in Madisonville on April 1, 2010 told The Post & Email that federal agents lied on the witness stand.]

The training video was on the podium, being used by law enforcement officials and knowingly concealed during Darren’s trial without having been revealed.  This is so highly prejudicial to Darren’s case…you don’t put out this stuff against an accused defendant before the defendant comes to trial, and the Justice Department knows it.  But they were in such a rush to get this training video out there because Obama and his team want to use this as a measure of their success in combating “domestic terrorism” and these “monsters” that are being portrayed in TIME Magazine.

Jim Stutts, who is now the acting district attorney general in the Tenth Judicial District for Tennessee, is just as much a participant in the construction and production of this fake video which prosecutors know about, policemen know about, judges know about…it’s out there.  Full disclosure required that the federal government and federal prosecutors told the court, “This training video is out there and is being used right now,” and it was knowingly and willfully concealed.  This is huge.

Darren Huff is to be released.  They can’t keep him any longer, and if they want to schedule a new trial, but I don’t think that they would probably pull that stunt.  Darren was not properly defended.  Darren’s attorney worked against him; he did not work for him.  I know that only because he said he was going to check into the William L Bryan connection and never did.  Once we start digging into this thing a little bit, we would have found out about the DVD PowerPoint training course long before now which depicts Darren and me as “sovereigns.”  We would have learned about it back during the discovery phase of Darren’s trial.

Imagine if you’re Darren Huff’s defense attorney, and you learn about this DVD training session, which is not only completed but being used against your client!  You want to talk about harm, about prejudice…we don’t know if anybody on the prosecution side had any knowledge of that training session, but everyone gets to answer the question as to whether or not they had knowledge of it.  People who helped put this thing together got to keep their jobs, they got promoted; they got good evaluations; they were doing what they were told to do by Barack Hussein Obama.  “Take Fitzpatrick down, and take Huff down with him…Crucify them!” going back to the comment made by the Southwest Director for the EPA, Al Armendariz:  “We’re gonna crucify them!!”  And by the way, that comment would have been made in 2010.

So Obama’s message to his lieutenants, criminal assistants and appointees, is “Crucify them!” It wasn’t just the EPA.

Not only Darren and Walt Fitzpatrick, but also the folks who showed up innocently on April 20, 2010 were caught up in a “team picture” or “group photo” and are described as “armed and dangerous,” and “the only reason there wasn’t any incident that day was that we caught ’em in time.  We caught these guys…”  This is the kind of self-promotion and self-adulation that Obama wants to claim as his.  The military went out to get Osama bin Laden, but Obama is claiming credit for it now…It’s the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department working with state troopers and federal agents here, but if this were to be pulled off successfully, Obama would claim credit for catching the “terrorists” in Madisonville.

Right across the street from the Monroe County main courthouse is a Regions Bank.  I recently learned that Regions Bank was placed on alert before April 20, and they had increased security in their bank.  This is the kind of message that these federal and local law enforcement officials are sending out to the community.  The word went out everyplace that there was an armed militia coming through.  “Lock up your daughters; close the schools; get out of the street…” This was all over the place.  Everybody knew about it except the people who came in that day, innocently, to attend a preliminary hearing.  The whole community knew about it.  The word had been put out.  And then they prosecute me?

They told bank officials, court officials, and the schools that there was a bunch of bad people coming in and that LCDR Walt Fitzpatrick is the head extremist.  How, in that environment, do you pick a fair jury in a community as small as Monroe County, TN, which is populated by about 45,000 people?  Based on what we know about how they rig the juries, no conviction against LCDR Fitzpatrick is sustainable at this point in time; it’s just not.

And by the way, none of that was disclosed beforehand, and it’s being used…the crime syndicate is out in the open.  Look what they did to Darren.

When people learn that this was really an innocent act, that there really was nothing going on, that there were no guns, and there were no bad people there that day working for or with Fitzpatrick…it will come to light somewhere.  This has to resonate and gain traction somewhere in this country.

They used this event against Darren.  They prejudiced Darren’s case before the case came into the federal courtroom and they said nothing about it, and that prevented anybody from asking questions about it.  They did the same thing with me.  Who else did they tell in this community about this “militia group” coming in?  And Judge Carroll Lee Ross certainly was jumping on board with that on the 28th of June 2010 sitting next to Marty Cook.  “You’re a bad person; you brought this cloud over our community; you’re the one responsible for this million-dollar expenditure.  You’re responsible for the shame that you are trying to bring to this community and Mr. Pettway, who is, by the way, a black man, who is doing a fine job for us; he’s been there for 20 years and we’ll keep him there for 20 more years.”  Oh, really?  “You’re some kind of racial bigot, some white supremacist, the leader of this militia group, a twisted patriot…who do you think you are to bring this kind of shame and calumny on our fine community?  Mr. Pettway has done nothing but contribute to the racial harmony…”  He was playing to Mr. Pettway as a black man and accusing me of acting against Pettway because of his complexion, which is not true!

This is Obama’s America.  Anybody who tries to stand up to defend the Constitution better think twice, because you’re gonna get hurt.


Editor’s Note:  When we asked LCDR Fitzpatrick why his bank account at Regions Bank was closed, he told us that the bank was “afraid of the publicity that was attendant to this.  This was the same bank that hired Detective Pat Henry,” Fitzpatrick said.

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  1. Yes. This was definitely a false flag operation – that was meant to be triggered by Darren stepping out of his truck … and then removing his sidearm to secure it before going into the courthouse. (He secured it instead back at his ‘set-up traffic stop’ just outside of Madisonville on 20 April 2010.)

    Here was my report on this back in 2010:

    Let us pray for him … and that justice will be done.

  2. As more and more information comes out it becomes more and more evident that the “Madisonville Riot” was an FBI false flag operation. When this was pointed out to my local agent he didn’t deny it.

    One of the other interesting little innuendos that never came out in Darren’s trial was the disarming scenario. Darren had been visited by he FBI the night before he went to Madisonville and the FBI knew he would be carrying, which he was when they pulled him over for the fake traffic violation which he was never charged with. So after much discussion Darren was released and the FBI requested that he disarm when he got to the venue. He disarmed right then and locked his weapon in the truck toolbox. If he had disarmed at the venue the snipers would have shot him and precipitated the “riot”.

    It is a sad day in America when those who are charged with protecting the citizens are actually plotting to get them killed.

    Darren will be sentenced to five years in federal prison tomorrow. He should be released with apologies and commendations.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Let us pray for the best outcome for Darren.