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by Sharon Rondeau

(May 11, 2012) — In response to our recent follow-up article on Pen Johansson, “editor” of “The Daily Pen,” an astute reader of The Post & Email found that Johansson’s book, The Opacity of Otherness, advertised on his website at Amazon.com is actually for sale at the self-publishing website lulu.com.

Lulu provides “editorial quality reviewing” services, which includes analysis of sentence structure and punctuation, among other things.  Membership is free.  A writer may publish his work on his own at no charge if he prefers.  Prior to publishing, an author is required to read the eBook Creator Guide.  Lulu states that an author will “control the publishing process from start to finish.”

The Opacity of Otherness is sold in four different formats ranging in price from $8.99 to $34.50.  Two versions contain one introduction, while the other two versions utilize another.   The author again uses the word “vintage” and raises the question of Obama’s “true identity.”  Both introductions contain typographical errors, indicating that perhaps the author did not use the editorial review services available at Lulu.com.

Although the purported 625-page book has been available since September 28, 2011, no one has reviewed it.  The author lists his other works as the same book pictured at the right.

When clicking the link which reads “View this author’s spotlight,” one arrives at a screen featuring the book in its four versions under the heading “pjdesigner5ataoldotcom’s Store.”  Why the different name about which no information is supplied?

Is it another identity?

The only other book allegedly published by “pjdesigner” also has Barack Hussein Obama as its subject and is entitled Barack H Obama:  The Unauthorized Biography by Webster G. Tarpley, who is allegedly a real person and has spoken out strongly against Obama.  However, when “viewing” the “author’s spotlight,” the reader is brought to a page headed by “John’s Store” with books from various authors.

Tarpley’s books are also available at Amazon.

Another of Johansson’s works is “Barrackolypse Now!” from which he borrowed some phraseology used at “The Daily Pen:”  “Good for the Goose…Good for the Pander.”  The final paragraph of “Barrackolypse” has been adapted as the introduction to two versions of The Opacity of Otherness.  The blog was started on January 28, 2009, eight days after Obama was inaugurated, although there are doubts that the presidential oath he took was valid.

Johansson published another online book entitled “The Mombosan Son,” which demonstrates the same rambling style of The Daily Pen.  There is no link from The Daily Pen to either of his online books.  In “The Mombosan Son,” the author again frequently refers to “vintage Americans” or “vintage America.”  Johansson claims to be a constitutional attorney located in Mombasa, Kenya, who began his blogging experiences in January 2009, also claiming the name “Penbrook One.”

After many seemingly endless paragraphs, The Mombosan Son concludes by mentioning Dr. Martin Luther King, claiming that King would have some advice for Obama if he were alive today:

If Martin Luther King were alive today, he would tell Obama to be transparent about his biographical identity. He would tell Obama to uphold the honor of the generational struggle of blacks in America by refusing to allow dishonesty and ambiguity to rule over his righteous cause. King would tell Obama not to allow such a trivial lack of information to diminish the value of his opportunity to create lasting, honored and enforceable values across all demographics in American history. Unfortunately, Obama’s election would have greatly disappointed Dr. King. In King’s commission for his heritage to avoid “wrongful deeds” in seeking justice, Obama has failed.

Although discussing the constitutional eligibility question in a long soliloquy, Johansson repeatedly returns to the idea of Obama’s identity:

King’s ideal transcended race and reached the global conscience. As such, aside from the domestic importance, the message of Obama’s natal sovereignty, demonstrated through the identity of our President to the rest of the world, impacts international opinion about our security and our responsible command over the potentially destructive power we possess. This message is vitally important for the confidence and security of our own citizens as well. It is imperative that America have an effective process in establishing, verifying and attributing the accurate identity of any person filling our most powerful leadership position.

Johansson also refers to “Obama’s covert identity.”

Curiously, Johansson compares himself to Barack Obama about one-quarter of the way through the book:


Not surprisingly, Barack Obama and I share biographical similarities. We were fostered in paradise, along with a younger sibling, by our white grandparents whose origins once resided in Midwest America before moving west with hope of a better life for our family. Our American grandfathers served the United States as members of the military and we both had a close relationship with a maternal grandmother who passed away in 2008. We both claim a Christian faith, and we are both educated in professional fields attending college where we had occasion to write for the college newspaper.

We were both abandoned by our biological fathers who, at the time of our birth, both resided for some time in Hawaii. Then we were both paternally adopted. We were both born to educated, though wayward mothers during their less than discretionary teen years of the 1960’s. Both of our mothers moved to the Pacific Northwest soon after our birth and, later, became ill with incurable sickness as we entered into the endeavors of our professional lives. I, too, was issued a Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth after applying for the document based on Hawaiian law 338-17 which allowed me to gain natural-born American natal status despite my birth in Brisbane, Australia. I am natural-born citizen of the United States because the laws of the state of Hawaii says I am, despite the fact that my natal origins are nowhere near American soil. I could actually run for President, despite being born abroad, under the same circumstances Barack Obama was.

In Barrackolypse, Johansson spells Obama’s first name “Barrack.”  It recounts the 2008 election and the early days of Obama’s time in the White House while questions were raised about his eligibility.  However, it makes reference to the pejorative term “birther” long before it came into existence and suggests that Obama’s ascension to the White House was a conspiracy among the media elites, politicians and special interest groups such as ACORN and the ACLU very early in his term.

He also makes reference to the statement under the date “March 2, 2009” made by Dr. Chiyome Fukino, then-Director of the Hawaii Department of Health, before she actually made the statement in July 2009.

Johansson includes a quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, stating in a seemingly unrelated passage, “…“..know, thou noble youth, the serpent that did sting thy father’s life now wears his crown……remember me…..”

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