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by Sharon Rondeau

The ballpoint pen followed the fountain pen as a superior writing instrument which did not require constant refilling

(May 10, 2012) — In a posting dated May 9, 2012, “Dan Crosby” of “The Daily Pen” states that Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s criminal investigation of Obama’s birth certificate “is about to reveal scandalous evidence and testimony which shows that Obama has not been honest with the public…”

Crosby and his alleged mentor, one “Pen Johansson,” whose identity The Post & Email has questioned before, then go on to make statements about Obama’s background which only an insider would know and of which evidence would have to exist to state publicly without fear of retribution, retaliation, or a defamation lawsuit.

How are “Crosby” and “Johansson” able to make such bold statements with apparent fearless conviction?  “Prodded by the reality that Arpaio’s investigation is closing in on his lies, Obama capitulated,” Johannson said in his most recent article.

The Post & Email previously exposed that a book featured on Johannson’s website entitled The Opacity of Otherness appears to be fake and is not sold at Amazon.com as stated in the image’s caption.  How could a “600 Page Report on Obama’s Covert Identity” be overlooked by Americans eager to find the truth about Obama’s history?

Another fake image?  False advertising?

Johansson has also suggested that Obama is related to Malcolm X, who was murdered in February 1965, as other researchers have concluded.

How does Johansson know what information Sheriff Joe Arpaio will release in the coming weeks or months?  What inside information does Johansson have?

In both of Obama’s books, “identity” is a theme with which Obama reportedly struggled during his life. Johansson himself allegedly compiled a 600-page report on Obama’s “identity,” not “eligibility.”

Does Obama still struggle with identity?

A preview of a book to be released on June 19, 2012 by David Maraniss also discusses identity as an issue for Obama.  Strangely, the book refers to former girlfriends and alleged love letters exchanged between Obama and them, but Johansson’s post paints a starkly different story about Obama’s life.

In August 2008, Maraniss wrote an article about Obama’s alleged history in Hawaii, and, when asked by the interviewer if it were true that Obama was actually born in Indonesia, Maraniss responded, “I have his birth certificate.”  The Post & Email has contacted Maraniss inquiring as to how he received it given that Hawaii statute HRS 338-18 denies access to birth records unless the person is deemed to have “a direct and tangible interest in the record.”

Obama has admitted to describing “composite characters” in both the forthcoming book and his own Dreams From My Father, in which he stated that his parents were married in 1960 when the common knowledge is that they married in 1961.  Doubt also exists that they were married at all or that Stanley Ann Dunham even existed.

Several months ago, the brother of a baby girl born on August 4, 1961, the same day as Obama’s alleged birth, was denied a certified copy of his deceased sister’s original birth record after taking the matter to Circuit Court in Honolulu.  Mr. Sunahara had “a common ancestor” with his sister Virginia but was still denied access to the record.

It has been presented that the birth certificate number originally assigned to tiny Virginia Sunahara, who tragically died after less than one day of life, was reassigned to Obama to create a false birth record for him.  Two years ago, a researcher investigating certificate number assignments by the Hawaii Department of Health was told that the birth of a “Virginia Sunahara” never happened. However, a marker reveals that Virginia rests with her father at Mililani Memorial Gardens in Waipi’o.

Another investigator working in conjunction with The Post & Email during the summer of 2010 had visited the Sunahara family, but Virginia’s elderly mother had stated that she did not know if she still had a copy of her daughter’s birth record.

Johansson often uses the term “vintage Americans” throughout his blog posts and makes statements which are completely unsourced.  Johansson claims he is a constitutional lawyers situated in Mombosa, Kenya who began his blogs in January 2009.  Other than articles written by The Post & Email, there appear to be no other works written y or mentioning “Pen Johansson” on the internet.  However, an article from June 11, 2008 states that “(Scarlett) Johansson and Obama are Pen Pals.”

There are other internet references to Scarlett Johansson, who still supports Obama, and a “pen.”  Does Johansson realize that he is using the same name as a commenter at The Post & Email?

He also claims to have received “thousands of email responses” to an article published prior to his May 9, 2012 post, but there is nowhere on his website for anyone to contact him.  Had there been, The Post & Email would have attempted to contact him many months ago.

In his current post, Johansson refers to Obama as having a “fragile character” and “nefarious past.”  How would he know?  Why would he make such strong statements about Obama if he did not have inside knowledge?

Johansson, who is described as editor of “The Daily Pen,” is quite opinionated for the editor of a “newspaper,” if that is what he is operating.  He describes things in “epic” terms, as does his “reporter,” Dan Crosby.  He also appears to exhibit hints of racism.  Who else appears to see things in terms of “black” and “white?”

Johansson often uses the term “vintage Americans” in his writing, stating that “most” of this group are “Republicans.”  What does Johansson, or whatever his name is, mean by “vintage Americans?”

The last time we asked Pen Johansson who he is, there was nothing but silence in response.  Perhaps that is because he has a problem with his identity.

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  1. ‘The Opacity of Otherness’ by Penbrook Johannson, 2nd edition, published 9/16/2010, current price $25 on Lulu

    Maybe I’m missing something here, but it ‘appears’ that the referenced book is currently available on Lulu.

    I must admit, it seems VERY STRANGE that there are not any reviews of this book posted yet!

    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, it does appear so; however, “The Daily Pen” states that it is available at Amazon when it does not appear to be. I also wonder why no one has posted a review. In 625 pages, there must be something to comment about! Thank you for the information.