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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

Enlarged top portion of page 12 of FBI/TBI training program depicting Walter Fitzpatrick and Darren Huff as “sovereign citizens” stating that Huff “will be tried in October 2011”

(May 8, 2012) — The Department of Justice Power Point training course DVD had been completed and was in circulation before Darren Huff’s federal trial.  It was in circulation during Darren Huff’s trial, and it was willfully concealed throughout Darren Huff’s trial.  This is all prejudicial to Darren Huff and provides grounds for a new trial.  We know that from the verb tense used in the training program putting his trial in the future tense.

This is the FBI training sheriffs and local policemen that I’m a “sovereign” and Darren Huff is a “sovereign.”  Darren had already been portrayed as a “sovereign” before his trial.  That never came out.  There was no full disclosure by the federal government, by Obama’a Department of Justice, Eric Holder and William C. Killian, the prosecutor, who has taken such glee in portraying Darren as a really bad person.  They never told the court that this training program was being used, which means that Darren’s defense was blocked, by willful concealment of that information, from asking questions of any civil agent or federal prosecutor who was involved in the prosecution of Darren Huff.  Scott Green was blocked from asking questions of anyone involved in the prosecution, “What did you know?” and “When did you know it?”  In other words, “Special Agent Smith…do you know that this training video is out there now and being trained to?  Do you know about this?  “Yes” or “no?”  Did you participate in its production?  Are you in this film at all?  How about the rest of the information which portrays the other people surrounding Darren Huff as “sovereigns?”  Did you investigate any of them?  Did you go out to talk to any of them?

Enlarged bottom portion of page 10 showing Darren Huff, whose federal trial had not occurred yet but was referenced in the training materials

Not only was the FBI in the field asking questions about who was there on the 20th of April and if they were carrying guns or not; they were trying to put together more information to supply to this group of people producing the DVD.  And by this time, this thing had taken on its own momentum.  It was going to get produced, period. They were gleefully, willfully, enthusiastically, and joyfully participating in it.  This was going to get people promoted, for goodness’ sakes!  This also explains why, in clear detail, in unarguable ways, the FBI never went to interrogate or question Mr. William Bryan as Dr. Corsi exposed Bryan as being the person behind the events of April 20, 2010.  To go and talk to William Bryan would have been to undo this entire training program and this entire campaign.  It would have undone all of the work that they were trying to do.  It would have blocked the federal government from naming Darren or me as “sovereigns,” because we had nothing to do with any kind of a plan; we had nothing to do with any kind of physical threat against anybody in Monroe County, TN.  None of that was going on.  Bryan’s confession, his self-adulation, his self-congratulatory emails that Dr. Corsi captured and posted, give up the game.  And I might add that the self-congratulations and self-adulation that William Bryan exhibited in posting his email comments – that he was the guy responsible for having 100 cops come in to Madisonville on the day that Fitzpatrick and his group were going to come in to bomb and shoot and kidnap –  are very much of a type and kind of those types of public proclamations and self-congratulatory and self-revelatory exhibitions and comments that William Killian, the U.S. attorney, made, at the Department of Justice website.  They were both braggadoccio.  Bryan and Killian have taken this event, and they have been bragging about it.

This training program still a campaign, and it’s being orchestrated.  It’s a puppet show, and Barack Obama is the puppetmaster.  This was all done on purpose, and people in Barack Obama’s circle of influence are assisting.  This was not an accident; people intended this. And more than that, I went to the FBI on a number of occasions.  I talked with them frequently.  As you know, the FBI has profilers; they have all sorts of forensic experts; they have all kinds of psychologists and detectives and law enforcement officials trained in determining a person’s personality and whether or not they’re likely to be involved in the kinds of crimes that are being looked at.  They look at these kinds of personality characteristics…I was going to them and sitting down with them answering every question they had.  They knew, as they were putting this DVD presentation together, that I was not a “sovereign.”  And they knew, as they went out into the field to talk to the people who arrived on the 20th of April into Madisonville, that it was all about nothing.  But they continued to put together the film anyway because they could lie about it.  They had the press on their side.  TIME Magazine had apparently expressed interest.  So Obama’s Justice Department was looking for a grand slam.  It’s like Obama now going out there spiking the ball about bin Laden’s take-down a year ago.  This was supposed to be another feather in Obama’s cap, this taking-down of these militiamen, sounding the alert, and taking credit for that as a domestic success in combating terror and terrorism, and this group of “very dangerous people,” as Jim Stutts described us a year ago.  And the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department knows all about this, which goes to their silence on this last Friday because they know they’ve been caught.  This DVD could not have come together without the participation of the Monroe County, TN Sheriff’s Department.

Page 11 of training program for law enforcement officers in Tennessee referring to Huff, Fitzpatrick, and supporters arriving to observe an assignment hearing as “armed protestors”

Darren Huff is to be sentenced on May 15, a week from today.  Now we know that this information was knowingly and willfully concealed.  This could have been used in his defense.  In other words, he had already been found guilty.  The federal government needed to do whatever it had to do by way of duplicity, by way of cunning, concealment, conniving, clandestine operation…they had to get a conviction against Darren somehow, some way, because that video was already on the street and they were using it to train other law enforcement officials.

Page 12 of training program stating that Huff’s trial “will be tried in October 2011”
Page 10 of Power Point law enforcement training program depicting Fitzpatrick and Huff as “sovereign citizens”

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  1. “Who do you file a charge with if the FBI is the one violating your civil rights?”

    I am leading discussions with local grassroots groups (and anyone who will stand still long enough to talk to) about who do you go to.

    The discussion speaks to the proverbial boxes (soap, ballot, jury, & cartridge). When folks think about it they come up with the jury box as our last resort, short of anarchy. And isn’t that what Darren and Walt were pushing in Monroe County, i.e. a functional grand jury that would take citizens information to investigate and process into presentments?

    But how do you get prospective or sitting jurors up to speed on what a citizens grand jury is really for if it has been corrupted for decades by a corrupt judiciary? How does one do that and stay out of jail? Or be killed?

    The FBI are not our friends. They are not in place to protect the citizens from a corrupt government. You may do the corollary.

  2. Framed.

    False arrest and fabrication of evidence: The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right against unreasonable searches or seizures. A law enforcement official using authority provided under the color of law is allowed to stop individuals and, under certain circumstances, to search them and retain their property. It is in the abuse of that discretionary power—such as an unlawful detention or illegal confiscation of property—that a violation of a person’s civil rights may occur.

    Fabricating evidence against or falsely arresting an individual also violates the color of law statute, taking away the person’s rights of due process and unreasonable seizure. In the case of deprivation of property, the color of law statute would be violated by unlawfully obtaining or maintaining a person’s property, which oversteps or misapplies the official’s authority.

    The Fourteenth Amendment secures the right to due process; the Eighth Amendment prohibits the use of cruel and unusual punishment. During an arrest or detention, these rights can be violated by the use of force amounting to punishment (summary judgment). The person accused of a crime must be allowed the opportunity to have a trial and should not be subjected to punishment without having been afforded the opportunity of the legal process.


    Who do you file a charge with if the FBI is the one violating your civil rights?

  3. Judge Varlan is the name of the judge who will preside at Darren’s sentencing hearing next Tuesday at 1000 hrs in federal court in Knoxville.

    Varlan has received letters of testimony from attendees of the non-riot on April 20th. The letters state that there was no riot or intent for one, no one was armed. The letters also state that William Bryan was the one who precipitated the mass LEO involvement in the non-riot. The letters also state that the writer’s are aware that none of this was brought into testimony.

    Varlan will ignore this testimony.

    He will sentence Darren to five years in federal prison.
    Are we a third world country yet? Is Darren a political prisoner? Are there any shreds of the Constitution left that We can work with?

    The Founders wisdom of having Americans, only, as president and vice-president is becoming more and more evident!