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by Sharon Rondeau

(May 8, 2012) — Yahoo! news is again blocking access to large versions of several photos of Barack Obama from today.

A photo taken “49 hours ago” as this article goes to press is still available in large size.

There are still some large-size photos from three hours ago and six hours ago or more, before Obama flew to the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering in Albany, NY to speak about the American economy and jobs.  The research center opened while George Pataki was Governor of New York.  Another photo taken during Obama’s economic remarks shows a curious facial expression.

Next to an enlarged photo of Obama speaking in Albany is the news commentary, “…The elections that drove Nicolas Sarkozy out of power in France and left Greece scrambling to build a coalition government pose a financial threat to the United States that could undermine President Barack Obama’s efforts to cast himself as the agent of a U.S. economic revival. That could feed Mitt Romney’s argument that the economy under Obama is too weak to sustain a financial shock from across the Atlantic. “

A photo posted 12 minutes as this article goes to press shows Obama smiling broadly at the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional studies dinner and is available in the enlarged size.  Another photo posted within the same time frame shows Obama making a gesture which is purportedly a greeting in “surfer culture” or a sign of amity among the diverse Hawaiian population.  A photo which shows Obama saluting indicates that he is making a “gesture.”

But will it and others remain throughout the rest of the day?

Why is there a photo of a Secret Service agent without Obama?

Another large photo of Obama blurs his face almost completely while showing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo with clarity.

The search produces four pages of photos, but only two are still showing.  Pages 3 and 4 come up with an empty search.  A link to a thumbnail-sized photo which led to an enlarged version resulted in a Yahoo! empty search box two hours ago but now leads to a tiny rendition of the photo, but an indicated word search mirroring the caption to the right of the photo produces an error message.

The Post & Email will have breaking news later this evening regarding more items disappearing.

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