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by Sharon Rondeau

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III was accused of tampering with government records last December, but it has been determined that the signature on the charging documents was falsified

(May 5, 2012) — The Post & Email has been informed that a bank account will be established as of Monday, May 7, 2012, to assist Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III to meet basic expenses as he complies with Judge Walter C. Kurtz’s timetable in the current case brought against him by Monroe County, TN.

Up until now, Fitzpatrick had refused any financial assistance, although some in this readership and the listenership of radio host Rick Johnson have indicated a willingness to send gasoline gift cards and TRACFone minute cards.

Fitzpatrick’s financial situation is “dire,” and he is currently unable to pay his rent.  Today he stated that he has enough food for another week but is otherwise out of supplies and means.

An address where people can send checks to assist Fitzpatrick meet his basic financial needs will be supplied on Monday as soon as it becomes available.

Fitzpatrick mentioned that if there are any attorneys who might want to contribute their expertise to the motions he will need to file in the near future, he would be most appreciative.

“I’ve been fighting government corruption for 23 years,” Fitzpatrick said.  “The government is taking money from me left and right.  But look at everything we’ve collected…I have to see this through,” he said, referring to the hearing in the Monroe County courthouse yesterday with Judge Kurtz.

Between now and Monday, gasoline gift cards for any major oil company as well as prepaid TRACFone minutes may be sent to P.O. Box 293, Athens, TN  37371-0293.


Editor’s Note:   Although not discussed today, The Post & Email is aware that Fitzpatrick has not been able to see a doctor over the past two months for his diabetes due to his financial situation.  Nearly all of his personal belongings were stolen when he moved from 504 May Street in Sweetwater to his current address, a robbery which the Sweetwater Police Department does not seem to be investigating.

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  1. It is every honest person’s duty to stand up to corruption not just one person. Obviously that basic tenant of our civil society has been lost, muted or misconstrued as charity. Lady justice has no beggars cup. Unfortunately there is a faction operating in our country that has a financial interest in ordinary citizens failing to be protected from government abuse. It has finally come to the point that you have all the rights money can buy.

  2. Walt is proud to a fault and to his own detriment too, it seems.

    Perhaps if stuff were sent to The Jag Hunter % Walt Fitzpatrick it wouldn’t hurt so bad.