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by Sharon Rondeau

Why is Obama's alleged background coming out now?

(May 3, 2012) — A book detailing an alleged college girlfriend of Barack Obama by David Maraniss is due for release on June 19 which raises the question of Obama’s “identity.”

Obama has reportedly already admitted that one account in the book “did not involve” the “New York girlfriend” allegedly depicted as the focus of the book.  He has also stated that “he compressed several girlfriends into one in the book (as he noted in his memoir’s introduction).”  Then of what value is the book?

Why is the question of Obama’s “racial identity” always raised but never answered?

The book appears to say that Obama experienced an “international upbringing,” perhaps suggesting, as others have, that he spent more time in Indonesia and foreign countries than the four years his public life story claims.  Obama has stated that Indonesia “is part of” him.  How much time did Obama really spend in Indonesia, and how could it have prepared him to be President of the United States, a contention Hillary Clinton had “mocked?”

Is this chunky boy “Barack Obama,” who is described as “skinny” as a child?  Obama’s weight loss has been in the news shortly after he took office as well as recently.  A search for photos of Obama as a child yields very little information.

If he attended the private Punahou School in Hawaii; the “very pricey” Occidental College in Los Angeles; Columbia University in New York; and Harvard Law School in Cambridge, MA, were those not choices he made and which others would have appreciated being able to make?  Why would Obama, who reportedly had a fine secondary and post-secondary education, have been denied “choices” in his life?  How did his “socio-economic situation” hold him back with that type of education?

Some researchers have concluded that Obama never attended Columbia, and a “moral indictment” issued against the president of the university has never been addressed.  Is the book trying to convince the public that he did?  Does it place Obama in New York during a time when others have reported that he might have been 9,000 miles away?  Does Obama’s “New York connection” emanate from something other than Columbia University?

It has been stated that  Obama was actually an “undercover CIA agent” during his so-called Columbia years.

In an excerpt of the book labeled “page 4 of 7,” the author states that Obama had “turned away from the rhetoric of the left, dubious of its practicality and turned off by radical remnants of the 1960s.”  However, that statement is countered by a video of Obama both physically and philosophically embracing radical leftist Professor Derrick Bell while at Harvard Law School in the early 1990s, a video which was admittedly kept hidden from the public until Breitbart.com released it in March of this year.  It is also later contradicted by the author himself when he states, “He had landed his first or­ganizing job for the New York Public Interest Research Group, a nonprofit founded in the state in 1973 and inspired by the national organization created by citizen activist Ralph Nader. Obama had focused his ambitions on organizing since his last year at Columbia, while acknowledging that he was not entirely certain what it meant. He was hired at a salary that was barely more than half what he had earned at B.I., and his job was to organize students up on the Harlem campus of the City University of New York, focusing on environmental and student-­aid issues.”

Community organizing is an activity of the left, and present-day “community organizers” in positions called “fellowships” are attempting to convince the America people to re-elect Obama, despite a birth certificate and Selective Service registration record which have been deemed forgeries by a criminal investigation.  Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals, was the attributed founder of community organizing.

After Obama allegedly left New York City for Chicago, it was to work for the Developing Communities Project in the “Right city. Right line of work.”  Was the director of the program breaking the law when he allegedly “specifically wanted an African-American for the job?”  Obama reportedly asked his would-be employer, “This wasn’t some far-left enterprise, was it?”

If Obama was described as having “sharp edges” in a romantic relationship, what are the chances that any letters written by him were “passionate?”

Why would the leader of the free world want a book about his live-in relationship with an alleged girlfriend published six months before an election?  What effect might that have on his wife and children?

One of the alleged girlfriends, Genevieve Cook, stated that Obama had “emotional scarring.”  From what?  Like the author here, Genevieve was allegedly from Australia.  Are the two writing styles similar?

As of publication time, two pages of comments to the excerpt of the book at Vanity Fair have been submitted, but most are still “under review.”  Of the few comments being displayed, skepticism about the veracity of the excerpt is apparent.

If several girlfriends were made into a “composite,” how much does author David Maraniss know of Obama’s true past?  Could this book be propaganda given to Maraniss by Obama or his campaign to convince the public of his life story?

While the girlfriends are reportedly the subject of the book, a book review posted at his website gives a different impression, indicating that it is about the alleged history of Obama’s family, with no mention of his early romances.  A writer for The Washington Post, for which Maraniss also works, has opined that the book is “likely to affect the 2012 race.”  Is that why it was written?

Maraniss has won the Pulitzer Prize for his biography of former President Bill Clinton.

Is The Washington Post in the habit of trying to shape public opinion about those it might support?

What is Obama’s identity?  Perhaps Pen Johansson knows.

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  1. Yes the multiple ID’s of barry soetero are surfacing everywhere. New DVD saying he is Frank Marshall’s illegitimate son. Of course, many embrace Malcolm X as the father. His bogus forged BC states Barrack Obama from Kenya is his father. WOW! Three fathers one alleged mother. And still no confirmed documentation of his real history. Let us all submit fake ID’s to our insurance companies, the IRS, the DMV, the Social Security administration and see if we can be above the law.

    Then we can act legally as Eric Holder to not reply to the various agencies inquires about our status. We are only following our leaders example. It must be legal since the DoJ can do it.

  2. My goodness, Sharon, you are hot on this guy’s trail! I wholeheartedly concur with your observations. Beautifully penned propaganda, spin, lies, deceit, emotional manipulation, delusion, and of course LOTS of synthetic characters – the ‘stuff’ of which “Obama’s” entire life story has been fabricated – are once again at work.

    His trouble is: this time around it isn’t going to fly.

    I share your question re: the man who purports to be its author. How much does he know?

    What’s more, how much did he write?

    In an ironic and perhaps unintended way, the book will affect the 2012 race, for it is inarguable evidence of ongoing deceit and delusion.