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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

(May 3, 2012) — The date is the 29th of April 2012; it’s a Sunday afternoon.  The time is 3:36 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.  I’m speaking with Sharon Rondeau from The Post & Email electronic newspaper.  I am Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, United States Navy Retired.

Back in November 2011, I was called into the office of the chief jailer at the Monroe County, TN dungeon, Capt. Pat Wilson.  He is one of the officers who assaulted me physically on the 27th of October of 2010.  He’s the guy who tried to pull my ear off.  He is one of the guys – he and Trent Prock and Michael Morgan were the team of three; Morgan and Prock are gone – but he’s the one who called me into his office on the 17th of November.  I’ve sent you a copy of the notes from my meeting with him telling me that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is training local law enforcement across the country naming Darren Huff and me as a “sovereign.”  They’re training local policemen and sheriffs.  Wilson told me that there was a training course out there.

On December 6, 2011, after I had been released by mistake and was free, I went to the FBI.  I met with Special Agent Reanna Day for maybe an hour or an hour and 20 minutes, and I told her that I’d learned about the training course and that I was not a “sovereign.”  I told her, “The FBI has painted a bull’s-eye on my back, and I said, ‘Stop!’  This training course is wrong.”  And I got no reaction from her.

The disk is in wide distribution throughout the country, as we understand.  It names Darren Huff, others and me as “sovereigns.”  We are being targeted.  This is huge.  The disk is a production of Obama’s Department of Justice under Eric Holder, and now you have a direct connection to the crime spree here in east Tennessee, having found it in Monroe County, as we’ve already explained, and spreading out.  The White House has just connected itself directly to covering up what’s going on here, to extending the criminal syndicate, to naming Darren Huff and me as “sovereigns,” knowing that that’s not the truth, knowing that there was information out there available to them that, had it been properly examined and reported, would have made our intentions clear, non-threatening and lawful.  There was a full-page article that appeared in the Advocate & Democrat on the 4th of February of 2010, one month after discovering that Mr. Pettway was illegally installed in the grand jury – that assembly of people that’s appropriated the name of “grand jury.”  Once we found out that he was the fake leader of the fake group, one month later, there was a full-page article in the Advocate & Democrat local newspaper announcing Mr. Pettway’s criminal conduct, and the judge had put him there.  And there was no response.

The following month, on the 4th of March of 2010, I met with Chief of Police Gregg Breeden for over an hour.  I went in there to insist that he, Gregg Breeden, Chief of Police of the Madisonville Police Department, place Mr. Pettway under arrest.  He refused.  Then on the 8th of March, I sent out a letter of notification of the necessity, intent and authority to conduct a series of citizens’ arrests, and we wanted to meet with local officials to put together the arrest plan.  That request to meet with local police officers to put together the arrest plan and have them assist me in the citizen’s arrest, and anybody else who decided to participate, was ignored.

In the meantime, Mr. Pettway was, in fact, operating illegally in the group of conscripts known as the grand jury.  It’s been nothing but corrupt for over three decades, corrupt to the moment.  It’s the same thing with TIME Magazine.  Had TIME Magazine talked to me or talked to anybody, they would have found out this information was available and would have been placed on notice that there’s no “sovereign” activity going on here.  What you have going on here is concerned citizens who have found their government operating completely outside of the U.S. Constitution and the Tennessee constitution, and we stood up to take a stand against it.

There’s a quote that I’ve given out to people by William Blackstone which says, “Juries preserve in the hands of the people that share which they ought to have in the administration of public justice, and prevent the encroachment of the more powerful and wealthy citizens…”  [It is] “a duty every man owes his country, his friends, his posterity, himself…to guard with the utmost jealous circumspection against the introduction of new and arbitrary methods of trial, which, under a variety of plausible pretenses, may in time imperceptibly undermine this best preservative of English liberty.”  When William Blackstone talks about the “best preservative,” he’s talking about the grand jury and the jury.  This commentary is from Volume 3, published in 1768 and reprinted in 1772.

Having studied the issue of juries and grand juries for some time, as you know, I recognized the criminal conduct found here and then stood up for the citizens in the community, exercising a citizen’s arrest as the constitution of the state of Tennessee allows.  And that was turned around and called a riot.  Then it was discovered more fully and completely that Mr. Pettway was never documented.  Then you have the fact that judges have been installing people like Pettway into these populations of conscripts being led by a judge advocate, as we’ve talked about before.  All of this underlying criminal conduct has been reported already at The Post & Email, which is to say that the federal government knew all about this or had reason to know all about it.  They could have reviewed it and vetted it but then refused to do that, and in its refusal to do that, it put together this scandal of a training session for local law enforcement that was a complete fabrication as far as it concerns Mr. Darren Huff and me.  It’s a complete lie.  This is a knowing lie.  It’s prevarication.  It’s mendacity.  This is what the Soviet Union did to indoctrinate its people.  This is nothing but propaganda, and it’s being used to train law enforcement officers across the county with my picture.

Because this is from the Department of Justice, you now have a direct connection between what’s going on here locally – the judges and all the criminal conduct here – and a guy named Barack Obama.  And the agency of his Justice Department is his Attorney General, Eric Holder.  There can be no plausible deniability here.  They have known.  And by the way, TIME Magazine was working with the federal government to put together the TIME Magazine cover story which is consistent with this training plan that they’ve put out, working together to serve each other’s best interests.  And we don’t have to go into the motives as to why Obama or Holder or TIME Magazine is doing this; people can come to their own conclusions.  This is directly connected to Obama, why he would do this… to veterans.

They’re trying to name veterans, people who took an oath to the Constitution.  This is Mr. Obama’s destruction of the Constitution….anybody who stands up to give their lives is going to be paying with their lives.  And this is what this training manual is all about.  We have inarguable proof that this is what Mr. Obama and his regime are up to.  This is huge.


Editor’s Note: This interview will be continued shortly.

LCDR Fitzpatrick has a hearing at the Monroe County courthouse on Friday, May 4, at 1:00 p.m. on an indictment of “tampering with government records,” which Fitzpatrick has refuted.  During a probable cause hearing on January 17, 2012, the court clerk stated that she was not Fitzpatrick’s accuser because although her name appeared on the charging documents, she did not sign them.

The Post & Email has learned today that Darren Huff is in solitary confinement while awaiting sentencing on May 15, 2012, and is not physically well.

On April 20, 2010, Huff had traveled from Georgia to Monroe County, TN to attend an assignment hearing for Fitzpatrick but was not allowed in the courtroom.  Although it was reported by several sources that Huff complied with law enforcement’s request to lock his firearms in a toolbox, he was arrested ten days later for “intending” to do harm while in Monroe County.  Huff was convicted on October 25, 2011 and has been incarcerated since that time, although hospitalized once of which The Post & Email is aware.

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  1. One must wonder just how gullible FBI and sheriffs really are. They do have computers and the simple fact that there is an admission of guilt from both a judge and jury foreman that they conspired to break the law for the last 25 years has to reach a few gray cells in these qualified law enforcers. I certainly hope that most have enough honor to bring their expertise to bear as soon as the DoJ is freed from the grip of Eric Holder.

  2. This entire fabrication obviously comes from the top as they must hate Walt as a Retired Veteran, Patriot and Constitutionalist trying to protect our law and government and being one that has exposed their entire scheme. We need to look at where do we go from here since POTUS has been usurped, criminal assistants are now installed at every level of government and that there are not a lot of us that have followed this from beginning to now. We realized what is happening but know that no Criminal Presentmtents have been allowed to legally reach Discovery and for a reason. They have an agenda and that will obviously override any laws in place with the aid of the judicial to present, which we saw recently with the Carter case and Taitz in California where Hillary, Michelle, Reid, Pelose, Biden and a few others requested/ordered the case to illegally carry a “no standing” rule. That having been carried forward to all Presentments for Treason, Perjury and Election Fraud, it’s also obvious Hillary is running cover for this administrative sham. Holder is under indictmentby Issa and they are beginning to squirm after 1.5 years of holding information back. 80,000 pages yeilded only 8,000 turned over to the committee so we can imagine how much and deep this entire administrative sham goes. Walt is focal because he was the first to see and serve the Criminal Presentments and got no response from any department, thus showing they were ready to start the obfuscation at all levels.